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Gelle The Trainer PT2 by rushforza

Gelle The Trainer PT2


1 March 2014 at 17:38:41 MST

Gelle: hmmmm the goodra I caught is doing well I think its time I get a new pokemon for my team, gelle sees vanilla the rabbit in the distance and I think I found who its going to be.

gelle slivers towards Vanilla Well hello Vanilla

Vanilla: who r u and how u know my name

gelle: u will find out soon holds her pokeball out Come out Goodra the goodra enters from the pokeball and towers over Vanilla, she knew she was in big trouble, with sonic and his friends fighting dr.eggman she was completely defenceless

gelle: Get her my goodra the goodra didn't waist anytime mess around as she covers vanilla up in her slime and goo, it keeps wrapping round vanilla and slowly absorbs her into her stomach, vanilla tries to fight it, but she couldn't resist and get absorbed into the goodras stomach

Gelle comes over and pets the goodra on the head well done goodra. The goodra smiles as she feels vanilla keeps moving around, slowly changing her appearance and her mind slowly being melted away.

30mins pass when the bunny finally slowly appeared out of goodra, her body has changed to a lopunny......

Gelle: well, well, well.......wat a cute sexy bunny u become my little bunny pokemon. *The goodra looks at the lopunny aswell with a smile

Vanilla/Lopunny: lopu....lopunny (I only serve u mistress)

gelle smiles and looks at both the goodra and lopunny. Gelle: come my pokemon, we have more work to do

As she returns them to their pokeballs, she smiles and looks at her 4 pokeballs. Gelle: that's two down, four to go *does an evil smile and moves along to find her next victim

Oh dear, seems vanilla is next to be caught by gelle with her special pokeballs

Artwork belongs to ChaosCroc :iconchaoscroc:

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