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Gelle The Trainer by rushforza

Gelle The Trainer


Gelle: The special pokeballs I ordered have arrived, I love to try them on someone and get my own pokemon she heads out to find her target

15 mins she found her target, Rob was standing around looking at the scenery unaware of Gelle behind her, she takes aim and throws the pokeball at him. She watches the pokeball hits him on the head

Rob: Owww......Wat the hell before he had a chance to find out what hit him, the pokeball opened and slime shot out of the pokeball and stuck on to him spreading over his body aswell as pulling him closer to the pokeball HEYY..........LET ME GO as his glasses fly off him IM NOT A POKEMON.......STOP now all only his hand was outside the pokeball and pulled in by the slime, the pokeball closes, shakes afew times, then successfully catches him

gelle come over and picks up the ball, smiling on who she caught my first pokemon, u will be turned into a great pokemon Rob's body and mind was being destroyed by the slime Rob: NO.....I...........I.....I..........I order from my master *he was now broke and changed in to a gooda

Gelle: Now lets see you my pokemon she throws out and the goodra sexually poses in front of gelle what a sexy Goodra u became, u will be a great help to help me to catch other people, u will be my favourite pokemon and helper for it.

Goodra/Rob: goo.....goodra (I serve only u mistress Gelle) after saying that Gelle returns her into her pokeball and makes her journey to catch more people for her work

This was done by ChaosCroc :iconchaoscroc:

Gelle/art belongs to ChaosCroc

Rob belongs to me

Goodra belongs to pokemon

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