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Red Lantern - Conviction - page 3 by Rukis

Red Lantern - Conviction - page 3



This comic is rated R, for graphic violence, adult language, and adult situations. We'll be releasing all plot-relevant pages online, absolutely free, but all graphic adult content will be withheld for the printed release.

The artwork in this comic is a combined effort of Rukis and Myenia, with both artists splitting background/character work. This comic is a labor of love. If you're going to post these images anywhere online, please have the courtesy to link them back to both artists. Thank you!

Red Lantern - The Crimson Divine is copyright rukis and alectorfencer and is available for sale through Sofawolf Press -

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    You know I just noticed how much better the colours "pop" on your art when viewed against a more neutral background like the lightbox on this site. Funny how much context can do that.

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      Do you know how I can get the images to post LARGER, though? They're unreadable at this size. . . .

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        The full resolution is being upload, it's just behind the Download link. I agree that really needs to change. I heard one of the devs saying a while ago that they planned to fix it, you should ask them when that's coming since it's important for your work in particular.

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          We also need post editing.

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    Sadly with this site all the images are made so small.. it makes viewing comics virtually impossible =(

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      I'm noticing that, too. . . .