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I'm Ruizaka
I'm a confident, happy she-wolf!
My favorite colors are lime green and black!
I LOVE the outdoors!
I'm hoping to make lots of new friends here XD

I'm a proud WV fur!
I can often be found kayaking the Cheat when
the weather is nice.
I live in Tucker County now with my fiance
but my <3 will
always be in Webster County.

I have the greatest fiance ever!
He's not a furry, but supports anything I love to do.
He's my best friend and
I couldn't imagine life without him.
(Weddings Sept 19, 2015 - First day of Oktoberfest)

I'm extremely easy to get along with.
I have lots of other little critters that live with me:
a crazy - but cuddly - dog named Mya
one sweet kitty named Isabella
one not-so-sweet kitty named Fuzzball
and four silly ferrets named Lady Sesshomaru, Senna, Pandemonium, and Renji

**Feel free to ask me anything.
Have a great day! **

Latest Journal

Fursuit Commissions Open

I'm needing more projects XD

I'll run this till I have enough to keep me entertained this winter/spring

Fursuit heads - $450
Partials - $650
No fullsuits

In certain scenerios I will do an "art/trade for labor costs" payment plan. Just contact me ahead of time.

$5 off for pimping this journal
$5 off if ya can tell me what critter is in the last photo on my about me section on my website (
$5 off if ya can tell me what type of fish in on that bottom row
$5 off (limit 1) for whatever goofy sketch of Ruiz or Mischa you can come up with in 5 mins or so
$5 off (limit 1) for whatever short story you can write involving Ruiz or Mischa (can add your own characters) in 5 mins or so

Note shipping not included in above prices
Remember these are just base prices. Complex characters, LEDs, etc will increase price


Terms of Service

  1. Refunds can only be given if I haven't started on it. If supplies have been ordered, a refund will be given minus supply cost and shipping and the supplies will be shipped to you..

  2. Don't harass me (updates are okay to ask for). If we have agreed on a deadline, it will be done by then as long as nothing crazy happens.

  3. Payment plans are available. This must be discussed prior to the start of the fursuit.

  4. I DO have a houseful of critters. There's cats, dogs, ferrets, etc. - so if you are allergic you may want to order elsewhere. For those of you not allergic - I do try my best to keep the critters away and will vacuum the suit thoroughly before shipping.

  5. I am not responsible for any injury/damages caused from wearing this suit. Be sure to read up on what goes into wearing one of these - it's not just something you go throw on and dance around in. Especially in regards to overheating!

I reserve the right to cancel any commission if I feel threatened, harassed, or wronged in some way. A fair refund will be given in any case, but you will be barred from any future contact. Period.

Otherwise, I am pretty easy to get along with. Treat me well and I will do the same for you =)

More info is available at my website @

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    darn you dont do fullsuits... can you do floor draging tails? (really huge ones)