Big Rooberry's Strenuous Syrup Swelling by Roozard

Big Rooberry's Strenuous Syrup Swelling


26 December 2020 at 14:22:36 MST

This's an amazing gift I received from my dear friend Maggie she's beyond sweet 'n draws up positively precious cartoony padding, inflation, weight gain, and even more cute stuff in her unique, adorable style! If this kinda stuff seems up your alley I implore you to go give her gallery a look 'n maybe even give her a Watch~ ^w^

When you love blueberry syrup as much as Roo does you're bound to eventually get into some shenanigans as a result of your lust for that thick berry sweetness.. However when you're Roo those shenanigans often tend to rapidly grow out of hand until nobody can possibly hope to put a stop to them..~ As Roo's body steadily becomes swollen, straining fruit flesh, leaves sprout at his distending tail's tip, now resembling a lit bomb flower at this point with his relatively tiny tailflame sat cozily on top the towering berry. His hide strains desperately as veins bulge through that tenuously taut blueberry skin and his juice-soaked diaper squeezes snugly around his girth, fervently sweating sweet berry juice while desperately trying to keep himself in one piece, so much so as to form a large pool around his preposterously colossal, exuberant, spherical body..

He creaks, groans, and sloshes deafeningly while vastly more syrup is forcibly pumped in, his cheeks distended either side of his head, fighting for space with his swollen innertube of a neck with the massive marsupial berry utterly drunk with the intoxicating bliss of his taut, tingling hide expanding for untold miles, feeling each individual bead of juice sweat rolling down his straining frame as the pressure mounting in that ever-swelling berry orb balloons in tandem with his rotund body. Each cautious inhale feeling as if the meager contribution to his ludicrously titanic body will finally make his hide split..

There's no telling when, or if he'll burst, but one thing's for sure.. with all that syrup in there this berry's a juice-producing machine 'n even if the constant stream of syrup being pumped into him stops his body's just gonna keep on growing bigger and faster.. The snowball has been rolled down the hill 'n now there's no stopping it 'til it either explodes or outgrows everything there is! Perhaps one, then the other! πŸ’™