Spooky Snakery Snacking by Roozard

Spooky Snakery Snacking


28 October 2020 at 15:21:57 MDT

Roo absolutely adores Halloween, tons of sweets to eat, and cuties handing them out all over the place! Although.. he doesn't quite seem to understand that not everything is being offered up for him to eat. On top of that, he has a habit of irrepressibly eating anyone he finds too cute, falling head-over-paws at first sight of them in their adorable costumes before lovingly gulping them down into his ample, bulging gut not even a moment later, candy, costume 'n all! However.. When you work in a 'Snakery' and adorn yourself in cinna-buns as part of your absurdly cute outfit you're just begging to be eaten..~ I'm sure Penne won't mind closing up shop early -- not that there's gonna be anything left to sell by the time Roo's done..~💜

This's an absurdly cute commission I got from my amazing girl Geckomania~ Check out more of her awesome work if you're into this sort of stuff! 💛