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They Won't Lemmy Pee! - 1 by Roozard

They Won't Lemmy Pee! - 1


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Lemmy is an especially bashful boy 'n he tends to shy away from using his padding in front of others, or rather.. he gets so shy just thinking about it that he couldn't manage to go even if he wanted to!

The forested paths outside town seemed like a secluded, surreal spot to waddle about while you enjoy your soggy padding while you take a load off, yeah? Well.. Lemmy wasn't the only one heading out for a relaxing stroll! And after enough meandering about it seems the poor, frantic fluffball has gotten himself stuck, too shy to let it all out, while holding it in just causes his groaning, sloshing, creaking spectacle of a gut to swell and distend further and further, each audibly strenuous inch it bloats outwards drawing more and more of a crowd!

Linework was expertly done by my dear friend Maggie~
Colors, BG, & shading are my doing! Wanted to write a small story for context, too~