They Won't Lemmy Pee! - 2 by Roozard

They Won't Lemmy Pee! - 2


7 October 2019 at 17:29:49 MDT

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After some hours of steadily swelling and bloating to his limits Lemmy's stage fright prone bladder eventually couldn't hold it all in any longer.. Lemmy's eyes opened wide as the floodgates let loose and his pull-up diaper suddenly exploded in size, and continued to swell! A myriad of gasps (along with several cheers and claps) emanated from the gathered crowd while the now constant hissing sound of the lemur's bloating, soggy seat being used pierced through the noise, that already astonishingly swollen diaper ballooned and grew as tall as the very trees that surrounded them, blocking out the sun for half the spectators by the time Lemmy had at last managed to stop!

Some spectators simply went along with their day now that the 'show' was over, meanwhile Lemmy sniffled and began to cry from the utter embarrassment he'd just endured, now perched atop a waterlogged, soggy diaper over a story tall, unbeknownst to him that he'd even managed to go as far as to trap a member of the previously enthralled crowd member beneath his looming, warm seat.

After some time, remaining spectators offered a helping paw however, freeing the buried crowd member beneath Lemmy's titanic tush before the big fluffball managed to call up Roo for some help, and a fresh change.

Linework was expertly done by my dear friend Maggie~
Colors, BG, & shading are my doing! Wanted to write a small story for context, too~