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Roo(wiz)zard by Roozard



Gonna be playing some Dungeons 'n Dergs with some heckin' awesome cuties in the near future 'n my wonderful girl Geckomania drew up a linework picture of the most adorable, poofily padded magical beast you've ever witnessed~ I colored, shaded, 'n drew the rune circle, myself, 'n I hope you all enjoy the big fluff as much as I do! <3

(For clarification, Roo's belly is blue because it's filled to the brim with sloshing, liquid mana, which he gets via eating. Because he's such a glutton he has an exorbitant excess just sloshing about in his gut which swells bigger whenever he baps the runes on his belly to cast spells, lets just hope that robe is as stretchy as his conjured up diaper or we may need a tailor after every spell~