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Roobs by Roozard



Joanne is a heckin' great 'lil sis to have around, and with how big the difference is between her and Roo's size, they have to come up with some more.. innovative means of hugging from time to time, not that either of them are complaining~ I'm sure the view from up there, as well as being up there in general is nice 'n cozy! Just make sure ya don't slip down too deep or the big doughball may not be able to find ya!

Joanne made the lines for this as a gift and I loved it so much I just had to finish it~ Always means the world to me when she does wonderful stuff like this 'n I can't thank her enough for being such a sweetheart! <3

Of course Joanne did the linework, as I said~
While I did the colors 'n shading, myself!