A Filling Spa Trip by Roozard

As the chilled months of Fall came to pass amongst the residents of a small neighborhood the days progressively grew shorter and the temperature steadily plummeted down to frigid levels. Most birds had left for warmer conditions, while few hunkered down in their nests and quietly rested there most of the day, maple leaves snapping off branches one by one with the occasional chilled gust of wind bellowing between houses before skipping down the sidewalk, finding it's home among the other fallen of it's kind. With a loud, crispy crunch beneath his claw, Sephoix, a dark cyan sergal adorning a thick, tan turtleneck sweater and teal undies, strolled from the warm confines of his humble abode to fetch the mail. Each step through the chilled dew-coated grass and fallen leaves sending a shiver up his spine, until he finally made it across the lawn, hastily nabbing the envelopes and magazines from inside the mailbox before trying his utmost to make it back inside in as few steps as possible to keep his feet from getting completely soaked and chilled to the bone.

Letting out a relieved sigh once he'd finally landed back on the porch Sephoix blushed and held the small pile of mail up to his chest as he saw Vokun, a large zorgoia sitting idly in the doorway, awaiting his return. His black, dark cyan tipped ears flit swiftly while he stared down at the sergal, blinking curiously a few times before looking down at the mail, staring at it intently. Sephoix looked at the mail before offering it to the towering fluffball sat in the doorway who gently nabbed it in his mouth and turned to stroll back into the warm interior of the house. "Goodness, what am I ever going to do with you? If the bills are coated with drool again you'll be the one sorting them out this time ya know." Sephoix spoke across the entryway and livingroom, earning a muffled "Mmm-hmmn." In reply as Vokun continued to stroll off with the days mail. Sephoix in the meantime, retires to the living room, flopping onto the couch to watch some cartoons while breakfast was prepared.

Sparky was fast at work in the kitchen, flipping pancakes, cooking up bacon, making some mac 'n cheese, getting a delightful morning feast prepared for the three of them before spying Sephoix on the couch, legs draped over one of it's arms. "Oh Sephy, could you come in here real quick?" He announced over the kitchen counter, causing Sephoix to hop out from his cozy place on the couch and drowsily make his way into the kitchen. "Yeah?" He sleepily replied before nearly slipping on the tiled kitchen floor, his feet still sopping wet from outside. Sparky sighed and draped a towel over Sephoix's head. "Dry off your feet or you're gonna break something, either something in the kitchen or yourself, maybe even both if you feel lucky." The large fluffy dragon teasingly remarked before turning back to the food he was preparing. Sephoix nodded from beneath the towel before sitting down and drying off his damp paws as well as the tiled floor where he'd nearly slipped before looking back up at his plump friend. "So then, what's up?" he inquired, chucking the towel up as for it to plop into the empty sink.

"Oh nothin' much, I was wondering if chu would like to go get Vokun for me, breakfast is nearly ready and I still gotta set the table." He requested, not turning from the bacon popping and sizzling wildly in the pan, a literal tower of crispy bacon sat beside the stove on the counter top, threatening to cause a breakfast-based tidal wave at even the slightest disturbance, like some sort of delicious version of Jenga. "Alright, be right back." Sephoix remarked as he hopped up and strolled behind his breakfast buddy, attempting to stealthily nab a piece of bacon, only to have his wrist abruptly grabbed by Sparky. "..You know my price." He bluntly remarked, before the two turned to each other and gave one another a loving hug. "Alright.. take a few for the road, breakfast will be ready by the time you two get back. And for goodness sake put some pants on." Sephoix nabbed a handful of bacon strips before running off through the living room and down the hall, stuffing a few crunchy strips of bacon into his maw along the way, only to find Vokun curled up over his bed, sorting through the mail like he always did in the mornings. His ears perked as the door creaked open slightly and Sephoix chucked a strip of bacon at him through the crack, nipping it out of the air and hungrily scarfing it down. "Breakfast?" He asked, earning a few nods in response from Sephoix who was poking his head through the door. Vokun lept from the bed eagerly and bolted out the door, squeezing his way past Sephoix to the dining table where Sparky had already set up their seats, towers of eggs, toast, bacon, a heaping bowl of mac 'n cheese, as well as pancakes, everything you could ever want set up in a delicious display that certainly wouldn't last long with those three at the table.

Despite his utmost interest in the culinary delights awaiting him in the other room, Sephoix gulped down the rest of his bacon, wiping the crumbs and grease off on his sweater before piling up the days mail and taking it out to the coffee table in the living room for everyone to look at after breakfast. "Ahem.." Sparky audibly, and blatantly cleared his throat with disapproval, earning a sigh from Sephoix as he quickly jogged back off down the hall to his room for a new shirt and pants. The sliding closet door let out an awful ear wrenching shriek due to the well worn moving parts of the door as it slid open with much protest, finally allowing Sephoix to grab a light grey long sleeved shirt, black jacket, and blue denim jeans. Clumsily doing his best to put them on as quickly as possible while he made his way back out to the table for breakfast, Sparky sat at one end on two chairs while Vokun sat on the floor at the opposing end of the table, both their plates, as well as the one intended for Sephoix filled to the brim with a mountain of food at least three feet high. His eyes lit up at the delicious sight sat before him as he bolted over to his seat, nabbing a fried egg off the top of the mound before gleefully dropping it into his maw, cheeks blushing with joy as he marveled at the flavor. "Mmnf.. Thanks Sparky, this's great!" Sephoix happily blurted out before he began to fully stuff himself with one morsel after another. Vokun was snout-deep in his own mound of munchies before he nodded and gave a muffled "Mmhmm!" in agreement, causing Sparky to blush brightly and let out a pleased giggle.

"Oh, thank you Sephy, and you too Vokun, I'm glad you two like it!" He warmly replied before beginning to dig into his own breakfast, each of their bellies slowly distending with each mawfull they eagerly gulped down, thousands of calories being stuffed into their guts as Sephoix's jeans button pinged off and shot out from beneath the table, causing him to blush while his shirt slowly found itself unable to fit over his ballooning middle any longer, his as well as Sparky's chairs creaking beneath the rapidly mounting weight as dozens of pounds of food was piled into their stomach's. With a pleasured belch and a few belly pats Sparky had finished his food, while Vokun lapped what little remained off his own plate, dark furred belly pressing against the ground, while Sephox finished up his own delicious breakfast. His belly now looking like a plump, taut, blushing beach ball, pressing firmly against the lip of the table while threatening to tip it over. The bloated sergal rubbed over his taut hide and let out another content belch with a sigh as he relaxed in his creaking chair. "Hehe, we should get you off of that thing before it snaps like a toothpick ya breakfast balloon." Sparky teased before managing to heft himself out from his seat, waddling over to Sephoix to help pull his chair out and get him on his feet, before leading him over to the couch to lay down and relax after all that food.

Sephy took his place loafing on the couch, bloated balloon of a belly sticking out into the air, groaaaning and churning while Sparky sat his his own hefty armchair, the arms of which permanently bent outwards due to the huge rump the chair often attempted to accommodate. Meanwhile Vokun found his way over to his oversized cat bed, curling up around his bloated dark cyan belly and letting out a loud belch before purring and softly lapping at his fur after his large meal. Sephoix grunted as he leaned over the edge of the couch, his looming belly threatening to topple him over with every precarious second that ticked by as he extended his arm over to the coffee table carefully pulling the television remote closer to him with one of his claws before finally getting it within his reach, quickly swiping it and rolling fully back onto the creaking couch. Letting out a relieved and tiresome sigh the bloated sergal flicked on the television and rested the remote upon his ballooned midsection while Sparky let out an exerted huff as he reached out to grab the various letters and envelopes clumsily piled on the closest corner of the table. Ripping one open after another to read through their contents, sorting the bills from other matters as Sephoix let out a distinctly displeased groan, pushing his paws firmly into his tight, swollen stomach, causing it to loudly groan and a belch to force it's way out under his breath. "Is there anything to do around here?" He asked the room, kneading and sloshing his churning belly. "What do ya mean Sephy?" Sparky inquired while flicking through some of the magazines that had come in the mail.

Sephoix turned his head to look over to the large dragon idly flicking from page to page "Every day we do the same thing, we eat and loaf in front of the television until bed time 'cause moving after breakfast is a pain in the tail. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just wanna go do something different for a change, ya know?" Grabbing one of the small, plush pillows firmly wedged between his side and the back of the couch, Sephoix fluffed it and tucked it behind his head for a more comfortable position to watch the television from. "No money." Vokun dryly stated as he squeezed and played with his oversized balloon of a gut, only to have Sephoix reply with a disheartened sigh. "Fair enough." he replied before looking up at the ceiling. Moments later a loud creaking could be heard as Sparky managed to free himself from his chairs grasp on his ample rear before shoving a coupon into the sulking sergal's field of view. He reached up and took it in his paws as Sparky returned to his chair "What's this?" He curiously asked, flipping over the rectangular scrap of paper to look over it fully. "No, no, the other side." Sparky immediately corrected him as Sephy flipped it back to the previous side. "Okay, but what is it?" He reiterated, squinting as he looked at it more closely.

"FREE WEEK OF SPA! Come to our spa for a week of rest, relaxation, gourmet food and pleasantries as you let the troubles of your life vanish forever!" it read, before listing off the address below in the right hand corner. "It's a free spa trip, I thought with how much fun food and loafing are it could be nice to be pampered for free while we do it, ya know?" The large dragon inquired as he nearly placed the sorted mail on the table. "You're not allowed to bring any electronics or anything because they want a stress free environment, so we have to leave our cellphones and such here, but they have TV's, and I'm sure the rooms are nice, the place is brand new after all." Sephoix's ears perked before with his utmost efforts he pulled himself from the comfortable couch he'd sunken so cozily into. "Well what're ya waitin' for? Lets get packed!" He exclaimed, giving the coupon back to Sparky before hastily waddling off to his room, his belly sloshing and glorping as it swayed to and fro, steadily shrinking slightly in size as the rest of his body put on a thick layer of pudge. Sparky sighed before taking in a deep breath, pulling himself from the grasp of his chair once more to head over and help Vokun regain mobility, both of them steadily becoming pudgier as well from their hefty morning meal.

Off in Sephoix's room, he quickly packed his attire for the week into a light grey duffel bag, stuffing in a few bags of chips and sweets for the road before managing to zip up the overladen bag and heading across the hall into Vokun's room to help him pack some snacks and a few brushes as well. In the meantime Sparky was at the opposing end of their home in the master bedroom, packing up what he thought he'd need in a rolling duffel bag before heading out to check on the others, who were eagerly sat at the door, Vokun holding the car keys in his maw, letting out a muffled inaudible sentence that Sparky somehow seemed to discern. "No, for the last time you can't drive the car, you can't even manage to hit one of the peddles at a time your paws are so big. Besides, if you're driving who's gonna cuddle with Sephy all the way to the spa?" Sparky replied as he held out his paw, Vokun seeming reluctant to give up the keys. "You know.. if I'm in back I'm going to get all the wonderful Sephy cuddles all the way to the spa." Sparky added, raising a brow as he looked up at the large fluffball sat before him, Vokun looked over at Sephoix at the sudden realization before back to Sparky, back and forth a few times before muttering back to Sparky again in the unintelligible mumbles while he kept the keys in his closed maw. The large dragon sighed and shook his head "No.. he can't cuddle you while you drive. You've gotta pick one." Vokun snorted at the difficult decision before eventually dropping the somewhat drool coated keyring in Sparky's open paw before heading out the door to the large back seats of the red convertible car, his tail swishing and wagging about as he found himself a comfortable place to lay down, half on the floor of the car with his upper half sat on the seat.

"Well, better not keep him waiting or who knows what he'll do." Sparky added before heading out to the car with both their luggage in hand, popping open the trunk while Sephoix made his way over to help with his own as much as he could before waddling his way over to the seat beside his large affectionate friend, who promptly wrapped his arms around the chubby sergal, resting his large head on his doughy lap. "Nice 'n comfy?" Sephoix asked, hugging Vokun's plush head to his belly while he softly pet over his companion's dark grey fluffs, earning plenty of purrs in return. He nodded softly and contently replied "Very cozy.." before closing his eyes to rest for the trip. As the two got settled in Sparky had managed to fit all their luggage into the rather cramped trunk before heading up to start the car, shaking off some of the stubborn Vokun drool which coated the keys before they finally left the driveway and at last were on their way to a lovely week away from home.

Sparky waved goodbye to the neighbors as he left the driveway with Sephy and Vokun in tow, soon leaving their cozy little end of town to head out into a seemingly seldom traveled part of the area. There wasn't a single other car on the road in either direction as they rode along the leaf-strewn street, heading into a heavily forested area with Vokun having fallen asleep on Sephoix lap, and him having dozed off as well over Vokun. Sparky sighed and relaxed in his seat, the peaceful drive was already a nice change of pace from sitting around the house all day, and in a few short hours passed the three of them had come to find themselves at their destination. "Wakey wakey." Sparky spoke, softly placing his paw on Sephy's shoulder to make an attempt at waking him. He gave a gentle shove, then a slightly more forceful one, and another after that. Placing his paw on his chin, he pondered for a moment and rolled his eyes at his 'usual' solution before folding his arms and announcing in a somewhat displeased tone "Breakfast." causing the two of them to spring from their naps, looking hungry as ever, despite their humongous breakfast binge a mere few hours ago.

"Where, wh- oh. Darn it Sparky, that's not fair!" Sephoix whined before slumping tiredly back into the car, arms folded at the apparent lack of food. Vokun idly padded out from the car, causing it to heavily rock back and forth before heading out to curiously sniff and play with numerous fallen leaves that laid across the dirt parking lot of the spa. Sparky held up a bag of cookies and shook them, as to gain Sephy's attention. He sprung at the cookies only to fall flat out of the car while Sparky tucked the snacks back into his bag. "You'll have plenty of time to eat when we get inside, we don't want you getting yourself stuck in the car again, do we? When we check into our room you'll have all the snacks you could ever want, plus room service." Sephoix's ears perked before he managed to pry himself from the ground "Room service you say?" he inquired while dusting himself off. "As you would say- What're we waiting for?" Sparky replied, heading around to the trunk of the car to gather up their luggage "Ooh, lemmy help!" Sephy blurted out eagerly before heading around and handing out their baggage to each of them, the three then made their way up the stepping stone strewn grassy pathway to wooden deck and large sliding glass doors of the quaint little spa.

The second the doors opened the three were hit with a blast of cold air, despite the fact of it being Fall, the foyer of the building seemed to have it's air conditioning turned up to high and then some sending a shiver through Sephoix and Vokun's bodies, while Sparky delighted in the chilled air, letting out a content sigh. As the two of them visibly attempted to hold back any sort of shivers, a small red fox wearing a white coat padded out of one of the doors near the front desk, her ears perked and tail poofed up in surprise at the sight of the visitors. "O- oh, oh! You're out new u-uhh.. uhmm.. You're our..- You came here for the coupon deal, right?" She spoke hastily, although with difficulty, as if her mind was clouded with too many thoughts at once as she meandered behind the tall desk, patting her poofed tail back down to it's normal size until she was out of view, only to bounce up onto the chair behind the desk moments later. "Yeah that's right, we saw the ad in a mag-" Sparky attempted to interject with a reply, but it seemed to go unnoticed to the busy little fox behind the desk.

"Yes, y- yes.. Magazine, coupon, spa week..-" She mumbled to herself with her paw holding her chin, her voice soft yet twitchy, as if she'd drank her entire weight in coffee but mere moments ago. "Alright, alright, alright my a- apologies about that! We've got plenty to suit your needs here at Grand Paw Spa! Everything f- from exotic and plentiful foods to pedicures and facials, all thanks to Fancy Fluff, the fur shampoo 'guaranteed to g- give unmatched volume and softness'." She spoke, putting in visual air quotes around the part about the guarantee. "S- sorry, was told to tell that to anyone who c- came here for the c- coupon thingy." Hopping onto top of her desk, she strolled over and bounced from it's top to the floor, gesturing for the three of them to follow her. "Any reason why the foyer is so cold?" Sparky asked, a sigh of relief coming from Sephoix and Vokun, having been wanting to ask the same thing. "Oh y- y- yes, that.. Nothing to worry about, n- nothing at all! P- place just opened up not too long ago you see, we're still figuring out how to get things working properly around here. Like a bunch of kids on a playground they are, got no clue how stuff works." The fox's twitchy disposition seemed to relax somewhat as she opened up about her grievances. "They?" Sephoix inquired, only to have the fox's tail poof up again at the question, her twitchy speech and anxious disposition coming back to her like the flick of a switch. "J- just my co-workers is all, no worries! With the uhh.. th- the uhmm.. Thermostat and such, that's right. Don't mind me, long day, thinkin' to myself and all that."

As they strolled away from the entry to the spa, the temperature gradually became far more welcoming, and thankfully so, as the three were introduced to their living quarters for the week, the little fox bouncing and jumping in attempts to stuff the key card into the lock which lay far beyond her reach before Sephoix offered to do it for her. She panted a few soft breaths and begrudgingly handed the key over to him. "These doors, I tell ya. Couldn't even give me a step ladder or somethin' to open the things." She griped once more before heading into the room after the door had been opened. "N- now then, you've got two king sized beds, a couch with a fold out bed encase it's needed, fully stocked fridge and mini bar, closet's over here behind the door, bathroom's over there-" She pointed and gestured to one closed door after another, the light in the room dimmed for mood lighting before the little fox pounced up and swatted at the dimmer switch, turning them up bright. "Dimmer switches, I always wanted one in my room." She thought aloud to herself before heading over to the bathroom door, patting it a few times. "Ya got plenty of everything you'll need for stuff in here, towels, shampoos, etcetera. P- personally, I'd take a shower before heading to the s- spa, use plenty of that Fancy Fluff shampoo, makes the massages feel worlds better." She gave a thumbs up and a wink before heading out to the hallway once more. "The p-
pool's down that-a-way" She pointed down one side of the hall "Just take a right and then a left. And the spa is the same way, j- just keep goin' right. And on your way there is where ya can get plenty of food if whatever is in your fridge ain't enough to s- s- satisfy you." She shook her head softly, obviously somewhat flustered from her less than perfect speech. "A- anyway, you three have a lovely time, and make yourselves at home!" She cheerily spoke, before quickly padding off to the door she exited from previously.

Sephoix, and Sparky turned to look into their room further, Vokun had already pounced onto a bed, ruffling the covers while he got nice and cozy in a big coil atop the plush blankets, his tail tip wagging about as a loud purr emanated from him. "Well Vokun seems pretty content, hehe." Sparky remarked to Sephoix as he tucked his suitcase beneath the other bed along with Sparky's. "Glad he's nice and cozy, I'm gonna eat and hit the shower real quick before heading off to the buffet!" Sephoix eagerly exclaimed, opening the fridge and pulling out nearly half it's contents "Could you make me something too? I'll go ahead and shower first, then you can head in, and head off while I help Vokun get nice and floofy too." Sephoix simply pulled out the remaining contents from the fridge, freezer, and pantry. Pizzas, ice cream, cereal, ramen, crackers, nothing too fancy but it'd be enough for a snack for the three of them. Sephoix popped a couple frozen pizzas into the oven, and several pots worth of ramen onto the stove while Sparky went off to the bathroom, the sound of the shower door sliding open could be heard through the less than sound proof wood door, before the inevitable blast of water gushing from the shower head, and some accompanied humming from the overweight dragon to go with it. Sparky pulled out quite a few of the relatively small bottles of shampoo from the pantry and headed into the shower before emptying a good dozen or so of them, his body feeling a bit tingly as he bathed, Sparky simply assumed it had been due to the change from the frigid foyer to the steamy shower making his body feel a bit funny and shrugged it off before continuing his shower, his body steadily growing increasingly more plump and volumptuous as the shampoo ran through his fur, belly and hips occasionally pressing snugly against the shower walls as he bathed. Before long the plump dragon found himself happily cleaned, steam bellowing from the shower and across the ceiling of the small room as he slid the door open.

Wiping his face off with the plush towel hanging over the shower wall, Sparky attempted to exit, finding his gut was having some difficulty allowing him to leave. It had seemingly grown nearly twice as large as it had been prior to his entry, along with the rest of his now ample figure. "Wow that stuff really does fluff up your fur! Gotta.. just..-" Sparky grunted and after several exhausting minutes, just barely managed to wriggle himself free of the shower's grasp before letting out a sigh, putting on some of the spa's huge, plush robes before heading back out to rejoin the others. Sephoix, having already gorged on half of everything in the room hastily headed in next while Sparky and Vokun ate. Using a few more than a dozen bottles of shampoo on himself, Sephoix rubbed it through his dark cyan fluff as he felt the same odd tingle, pausing for the briefest of moments to ponder the strange sensation before nonchalantly dismissing the odd feeling and continuing. His body growing more plump, his already rotund, food laden gut gurrrgling as it distended further, his pudgy frame packing on all the more weight as his rear fattened and expanded until his huge, doughy cheeks pressed firmly against the sliding glass door of the shower, while his belly and breasts squished snugly against the opposing wall. His ears perked at the sudden realization.. He was stuck! He grunted and groaned, trying his best to leave, but his body only seeming to expand further. "Uhhh.. Sparky? Could you-" A hefty belch forced itself from Sephoix's pressured gut mid sentence, causing him to bashfully cover his maw with utmost haste. "E- erm.. could..- Could you come in here? I think I need a bit of help." Sparky tilted his head with curiosity as he managed to heft his obese body from the bed, causing it to creak with relief before he wondered over to the bathroom door. Steam bellowing out and revealing Sephoix, pinned between the shower walls due to the girth of his own doughy frame, his enormous rump pressed firmly against the glass sliding door for all to see. Sparky sighed and put his head in his hands for a moment "Did you really have to overdo it so much? You were going to the buffet anyway you know." Sparky wriggled his own plump frame and ample hips through the doorway before unhinging the shower walls, finally releasing Sephoix's butt and belly, he was now even fatter than Sparky was, to the point where it made waddling quite the hassle as he quickly found out.

"I didn't know I ate this much!" He remarked, a bright red blush flushed across his face, attempting to grab the towel from the counter only to have his bloated paunch thwart any efforts he made. Sparky grabbed the excessively plush towel and began to run it over Sephoix's rotund, bloated belly, causing it's obese frame to sway and jiggle as Sparky's paws sunk deeply into the doughy orb sat before him. Sephoix stood there, requiring aid from the counter to keep his balance, his face now blushing all the brighter as his gargantuan frame was groped and shoved, his ample breasts being lifted for Sparky to dry him further, folds being grabbed and moved while that plush towel ran over the seemingly endless expanse of his frame. Sparky sighed and wiped his forehead before chucking the towel into a nearby laundry basket and helping his friend adorn a rather large, and stretchy robe much like his own. "There, now how about we head on down to the spa once I get Vokun all cleaned up, and just ask if they can bring us some food, huh? I have a feeling if we go to the buffet we might never leave, haha." Sephy thought on the suggestion for a moment before giving an agreeing yet reluctant nod and accompanying sigh, he was right, he had to admit.

Once the matter had been settled Sparky backed up out of the bathroom, being far too large to attempt turning around at this point in such an enclosed space, before helping Sephy make his way out after him. Their bellies squishing firmly together, fighting for space against one another as they grabbed paws to steadily try and fit him through the snug doorway. The two grunted and blushed while Vokun curiously watched from his position on the bed, one paw resting on the covers, the other squishing into his once again hefty, rotund, and food-stuffed gut, a few more minutes of the exhausting game of squish and tug and Sephoix had finally been freed from the doorway's grasp. The two panted and sat down on the free bed, nearly breaking it in the process from their added, tremendous weight. "I'm.. gonna.." Sephy huffed and rested his doughy paws over his enormous ball of a belly. "Go ahead and rest for a bit." Sparky nodded with a "Mmm-hmm." in agreement, too tired himself to add much. "I'll clean Vokun in a minute or two, rest sounds nice." Sparky added, only to have Vokun bounce from his spot on the bed, taking a second to get steady footing from the momentum of his hefty girth pushing him forward before heading into the bathroom, padding back out with a bottle of shampoo in his maw as he waddled over to Sparky and sat down, his tail wagging about behind him. "Floofy clean!" He eagerly spoke, placing the bottle on Sparky's distended gut before wagging some more.

Sparky laughed softly to himself and caught his breath from the earlier panting before petting over Vokun's snout "Okay, okay. Floofy clean it is, lets go ya big cutie." Vokun eagerly bounced up and waddled over to the bathroom, his round, distended belly swaying beneath him with each step as Sparky hefted himself from the creaking bed with much effort and followed him shortly after into the still hot and steamy bathroom. Meanwhile Sephoix managed to heft himself from the creaking bed to nab a pair of his underwear from his bag beneath the bed, barely managing to grab his luggage due to his obese gut limiting his reach, panting and exhausted from his rather filling shower as he pulled the snug unders up around his waist, tugging the plush belt of the robe around his ample paunch before tying it tight to keep his ballooned middle nice and warm, and at last, finally flopping back down onto the resilient bed. As he began to relax and flicked on the television via the nearby remote Sparky got to work removing the remaining walls of the shower before setting them aside to allow Vokun his turn to bathe. The shower head began to gush steamy water over the large, bloated ball of fluff as he rolled around on the shower floor, presenting his plump, balloon of a belly to Sparky for cleaning. He giggled and shook his head softly before grabbing a dozen little bottles of shampoo, pouring out one after another onto the delighted, purring fluffball's belly before rubbing it through his soaked fur. Vokun paused his playful wriggling abruptly and sniffed at the shampoo, feeling his gut tingle at every touch and rub it was given, but just as the others had, he simply scratched his belly for a moment before the cleaning promptly continued, disregarding the odd sensation washing over him.

Before long Vokun's belly began to gurgle and groan, steadily bloating up further in size as the rest of his body followed, steadily packing on dozens of pounds in mere minutes as the shower continued, his plump haunches forcefully being spread by his growing, swelling gut as it began to press against Sparky. "Goodness, you're getting a bit bloated there, guess you might've eaten a bit more than ya thought, huh?" Sparky giggled and gently gave the engorged gut a big hug, pressing himself against the doughy orb that sat before him, causing Vokun to purr all the louder over the sound of the water bouncing off his ample frame, blushing brightly as his belly was massaged and rubbed over for a few more minutes. When the water had finally come to a halt, Sparky tried his best to stand up, finding it to prove rather difficult.. His frame had become just as hefty, voluptuous, and obese as Sephoix's! Sparky hadn't done anything but bathe for the past half hour, and found himself perplexed a to how on Earth he had managed to gain even more weight. With a little bit of help from Vokun, the obese dragon managed to get to his feet, before helping tug and roll Vokun onto his own.

The two then made their way out of the bathroom with quite a bit of difficulty, Sparky finding himself wedged in the door for several minutes while Vokun pushed and shoved behind him to fit him through, and Vokun finding himself unable to reach the ground with all four paws simultaneously due to his rotund, and absurdly bloated belly. "Geeze Vokun, you look like a pudgy water balloon!" Sephy teased, his thick tail swishing over the bed sheets, earning a bashful blush and purr from the doughy fluffball. Sparky huffed and tied his robe around his ample middle after a few tries before heading over to the door leading out to the rest of the facility "Welp, before we find ourselves too plump to get there.. Lets head on down to the spa! Come on you two." Sparky smiled and grabbed the room's keycard before opening the door and waddling his way into the hall, followed by Vokun and Sephoix as they carefully did their best to keep their balance, a cool blast of air washing over the three of them one by one as they departed their hot, steamy room for the wide, carpeted hallways.

"So.. What all did you two eat while I was in the shower, I didn't think there was that much food in the room." Sparky inquired, looking at the others as they meandered down the hall, Sephy and Sparky's robes feeling more snug than previously as their belts sank deeply into their squishy, obese bellies. "Same thing you did, you're looking like quite the bed there, yourself!" Sephoix replied, causing Vokun to snicker to himself. At that point the three stopped at the sudden sound of ripping fabric, Sephoix grunted as his robe tore and shredded around his seemingly even fatter body before Sparky's did the same shortly after, their bellies bouncing and jiggling once freed from the snug apparel's grasp while Vokun rested on his beanbag of a belly. The two huffed and removed the tattered robes before setting them against the wall of the hall "Geeze either we put those on too tight or those are some pretty cheap robes." Sparky huffed, dusting off his ample frame before the three slowly began to make their way to the spa once again, Vokun finding it harder and harder to move as his belly seemingly became more and more swollen beneath him. Once the three had finally gotten in the door to the spa Vokun found himself immobile, unable to reach the ground with even one of his paws! He whimpered, folding his ears back as he looked over to Sephoix, who couldn't manage to clamber onto the spa table due to his engorged frame, before peeking over at Sparky, who was met with the same dilemma.

"Good day there you three, I'm sincerely sorry to see you're having a bit of difficulty with those, let me and my assistant be of service." Spoke a grey wolf while he adjusted a small pair of glasses sat upon his snout. "I'm in charge of the spa treatments here, my name is Miles, and I hope that you've been finding everything to your liking so far-" Miles paused, letting out a discontent sigh as he dusted off his long, white coat and called out "Vix, get that tail of yours in here right now!" before looking back to the three with an apologetic smile. Within seconds the same little red fox from earlier bolted down the hall and into the room, skidding across the floor as she did her best to catch her breath. "Y- yes sir?" She spoke, twiddling her paws nervously around a clipboard. "The patients are in need of seating arrangements.. Please go get the mats for them, I doubt any tables we have on hand would suffice for their ample.." The wolf cleared his throat in an obviously joking manner "Ahem.. At any rate, go get the mats, along with everything else we'll be needing." Vix gave a single, quick nod before dashing off fast as lightning once again, quickly disappearing from sight. "Lovable 'lil one she is, tends to get distracted though.. Now then!" The wolf spoke, giving a sudden clap of his hands before moving the tables out of the way.

"Vix will be back soon with a place for you three to relax, in the meantime allow me to explain. Here at the spa we'll be taking care of your every need from food to bathing to relaxation and more. We ask that once the treatment has begun that you relax, breath deeply, and allow us to do our work to the fullest of our ability, just close your eyes and get lost in yourself as your world expands with our relaxing shampoos and techniques." The fox spoke in an oddly quiet and deep tone, as if to reassure the three of something they weren't quite aware of. In rather hasty fashion as the fox so happened to be accustomed to, Vix bolted back into the room, hidden entirely by three large mattress like mats for the three to lay upon, placing one out for each of them before her and Miles hefted Vokun onto his mat and helped Sephoix and Sparky lay on theirs. "Well that took long enough, go get the supplies and other helpers while I begin." Miles said in a stern tone to Vix, whom bolted off once again as quickly as ever. "Now then.. close your eyes, take a deep breath, and relax." He quietly spoke as the three did so, putting a generous amount of shampoo onto each of them before rubbing it through their fur, the strange tingling sensation once again came to the three of them, however this time it didn't seem to go away as quickly as it did previously.

In fact, it seemed to become increasingly more apparent as it spread across their bodies. Sephoix opened his eyes to see that his belly had now lifted the rest of him off the ground quite a few feet, his eyes opening wide as he pressed his paws firmly into his quicksand-like paunch, squishing his digits deeply into his doughy hide as he called out in surprise "W- wait what's going on? When did I become a mountain!?" Sparky opened his eyes to the sight of his own frame growing before his very eyes, looking over to Sephoix and Vokun who were in the same situation, all three of them fattening and bloating at a rapid pace. "F- Fat! So much fat!" Vokun exclaimed, squishing his paws into the enormous ball of a belly he rested upon, his hide bloated and doughy, pressing his paws into it like an enormous marshmallow. Miles strolled out in front of the three, shaking off some of the shampoo from his gloves before giving a concerning smile. "Well now.. I guess there's no hiding it any longer. You see, we've not been entirely truthful with the three of you." Miles folded his arms behind his back before pacing steadily around the room as the three of them only continued to slowly grow, unable to move or stop what was happening in the slightest as their cheeks began to fill out, obscuring their vision while their limbs grew increasingly more obese, becoming more and more difficult to move even the slightest bit as their bodies became heavier and fuller with every passing second.

"We have been developing something for a long time here.. A substance that at the slightest touch can multiply the amount of fat in any living thing it touches. Just imagine it, a single touch of the fingertip and by the end of the day.. Boom! They would be an enormous blob, unable to stop us from doing whatever it is we please. We just needed to do a bit of.. stress testing, you know how it is. How much can we feasibly subject others to it before something unexpected happens." Miles continued on as he made his way behind the three, all of them unable to tell if they should be delighted or horrified at their situation. "Before now we've only had smaller test subjects to experiment on, it's a shame how quickly tiny foxes throw in the towel sometimes.. But hey, it was easy enough to lure something a bit bigger into my grasp to play with, eh? Now then.." Miles strolled over to a bookshelf placed against the room's back wall and pulled a false book resting upon one of it's many shelves. The room then began to rumble and shake as the walls quivered against one another before lurching outward, the ceiling raising rapidly in height, the walls running away from one another, revealing bright lights that engulfed the room, tables sprung from the floor, panels opened from walls, and at last the room's metamorphosis had been completed. The original 'scene' of the spa was now nothing but panels strewn against opposing ends of the gigantic white room and before long Vix, along with a dozen other little foxes of varying fur color bolted into the room.

"Ph- phase one has been successful sir, shall..- sh- shall we proceed?" Vix held up a clipboard while on her tip toes that Miles nonchalantly grabbed and glazed over before strolling into a newly revealed doorway on one of the extended walls "Yes, I'll be in the observing room. Commence testing." He bluntly replied, before exiting the room, leaving the speedy little fluffballs to do the rest of the work. Before long Sephoix, Sparky, and Vokun found themselves with a hose being stuffed into their muzzles, maws tied shut over the newly introduced hoses, and with a few button pushes on a nearby panel from Vix, pudding began to surge down the tubes and into their maws, forced to gulp down one hefty maw full after another as their bellies bloated and inflated with the sugary chocolate sludge. "C- Commencing part two of phase t-t-two." Vix announced, pressing a few more buttons as wall panels hissed and opened, revealing hoses and mechanical hands that leaned down to the three of them, spritzing them with a mix of water and shampoo before rubbing it into their fur. The tingling sensation immediately became stronger as their bodies felt warm and strange, a sudden surge of growth came over them as their frames nearly doubled in size within a minute! Sephoix grunted through his nose as his underwear strained and stretched over his colossal cheeks, the task of containing those enormous mountains of flabby fluff growing increasingly more impossible with each surge of fat that engorged them. And with one more of the many gulps of pudding sent into his frame, Sephy's underwear snapped off, the elastic sending the hugely stretched tatters across the room, causing him to let out a sheepish whimper, although happy to be relieved of the pressure around his enormous frame.

As the filling continued their bodies only continued to expand, all of the pudding being forced into them causing their stomach to inflate and blimp outwards like enormous, taut balloons, Vokun's lifting him higher and higher from the ground, as their breasts fattened, necks thickened, cheeks swelled, and their entire frames from head to toe gained layer after layer of fat. Their digits becoming too plump to bend, as their necks bloated up like enormous innertubes around their plump heads and hefty cheeks. The three of them were now enormous blobs of rolls and fluffs at this point, many features unable to even be determined as they were buried in the colossal mounds of pudge that were once their figures. However as the testing went on and the three of them steadily filled the room, something changed. With every dose of the fattening shampoo spread across their bodies, they began to fatten faster, and fuller, growing more and more with each passing second. Miles' voice came over the speaker yelling an immediate order to shut down the test, but by the time Vix had attempted to shut down the machines it was already too late to stop the inevitable. With every bottle emptied onto the three of them over the course of their stay a snowballing effect had been mounting within them, each dose of the fattening shampoo multiplying it's effects to untold levels beyond what Miles and Vix had ever thought possible.

Vix, along with the other foxes realized that there was no longer anything they could do as the control panel for the machines was engulfed by Sephoix's ballooned gut and squished flat as a pancake beneath his enormous girth, all of them quickly bolted from the room, sealing the large door behind them with Miles still sat in his observation room. The door to which was now engulfed by Sparky's pudge as the main exit was taken over by Vokun's while he himself was pressed firmly against the ceiling from his colossal pudding-stuffed belly, the machines were still doing what little they could as the room only continued to fill with seemingly endless amounts of flab and pudge, their stomach's ballooning out of control as the rest of them fattened to unimaginable blobbish proportions. With Sparky's flab blocking all view as it pressed firmly against the glass of the observation room Miles sighed and slumped in his chair. "Welp.. I guess that answers that." Within moments the walls of the room began to creak and groan as the room had finally reached it's capacity, their still fattening frames causing the walls to bend and shake before finally exploding outwards in one sudden surge of sheer pudge. With the large walls no longer containing their enormous frames, Sephoix, Sparky, and Vokun's pudge engulfed the entire spa, leaving the only thing visible to be their enormously ballooned and fattened girth.

As the walls tumbled away the hoses popped out from each of their maws, tugged away by the crumbling frame of the room, allowing Sephoix let out an enormous, much needed belch that was loud enough to rile the birds in the surrounding area from their nests before letting out a content sigh. Despite being tricked into their current situation the three of them couldn't be happier, this was just like what they did at home, but on an entirely new level! And they couldn't have asked for a better vacation, except..- "Hey, Miles you still down there?" Sephoix loudly blurted out as best he could, his enormous cheeks and flabby chin muffling his words quite a bit from within the crater where his head was buried. Despite Sephy's enormous frame making speech difficult, Miles managed to hear him from beneath Sparky's colossal, blobbish rump, pushing against those fluffy folds in response. "Yup" Sparky replied. "Good, because we were promised a full week of spa treatments, so you and your helpers better be prepared for six more days of this!" He cheerfully exclaimed, earning purrs from Vokun and giggles from Sparky, as well as a disheartened sigh from Miles in turn. "Oh, and be sure to send us home with plenty of that lovely shampoo too, okay?" He smiled and tried in vain to wag his tail, it being far too enormous and heavy to move what so ever at this point, while the three of them steadily continued to grow and grow over what little was left of the spa.

A Filling Spa Trip


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This's a commission for Sephoix that took me quite some time to complete, but none the less I hope you all enjoy the fun trip him and his companions head out on for the week~