Gecko Gal's Bra Blunder by Roozard

As daybreak steadily arose over the horizon, cresting over the rolling dew coated green hills and rustling trees, they danced and swayed in the cool autumn breeze, meanwhile a small leopard gecko contently slept in her bed, arm resting snugly beneath her pillow while her enormous sentient tail poked out from beneath the unkempt covers, basking in the warm sunlight pouring through the slits in the nearby second story window's shutters. Birds flew by on occasion, chirping daintily to one another without a care, but before long a few subtle taps came from the window. Gecko, still soundly sleeping, didn't even notice the gentle tapping, while her tail lazily leaned up and tugged on the pull cord to the shutters with it's maw.

The thick tail then did it's utmost to look for any source of the tapping to no avail, giving up fairly quickly as the slumbersome noodle opened the window a tad for some fresh air, and once again retired to the welcoming sheets, wriggling beneath them and into a comfortable spot behind Gecko's back. A few minutes passed and before long Gecko's tail has fallen asleep once again, snug and cozy as could be. As it drifted off to dreamland a small mouse hopped onto the windowsill before squirming her way through the narrowly cracked window. "Hehe, I've been wanting to do this for weeks now.." She murmured to herself before bounding into the room, and onto Gecko's squishy tail, she got comfortable and let out a content sigh, going unnoticed by the two of them, before giggling to herself and snapping her fingers. The markings strewn across her body began to glimmer a faint sky blue before becoming progressively brighter, turning into a miniature mouse nightlight before- Fwuh-bam!

A hefty weight pressed down on Gecko's tail and middle as she was abruptly jerked from her slumber. Thick clouds of light blue fog slowly drifted throughout the room as sunbeams from the open window sparkled through it's vapors. Gecko, still trying to catch her breath from the sudden awakening wiped her paws over her face sluggishly. She couldn't see who was perched upon her tail just yet, but she didn't need to, the blue smoke gave it all away and before long Gecko's head was once again nestled in her comfortable pillow. "Helloooo Maus.." She groaned in an obviously sleepy tone, her tail wriggling about to poke out from beneath the covers, only to look up and see a four foot tall mouse had found herself a comfortable cushion of a gecko to sit on. "Hehe, was it really that obvious hun? Come now, you can't tell me I didn't surprise you at least a 'lil bit." She teasingly remarked as she hopped off the bed, as well as Gecko, onto the carpet. "Would it make you feel any better if I got'chu a present?" She added, perking Gecko's interest as she nonchalantly opened one of her eyes before tiredly closed it once more, giving a few soft nods shortly after.

"Well alright, what're we waiting for?" She enthusiastically inquired before tugging the bedsheets off her friend whom tiredly groaned as she sat up, her tail leaning over to rest on her lap as she softly pet it. "Where's this-" Gecko attempted to ask, only to be rudely interrupted by an irrepressible yawn. "..Present you were speaking of?" Hopping out of bed Gecko meandered over to her wardrobe, opening it's doors as she shuffled throughout her shirts and dresses. "It's kinda chilly, you might wanna put on something a bit.. more.." Maus trailed off as she watched Gecko nonchalantly get dressed, pulling off her underwear before tugging her orange t-shirt over her head, meanwhile her tail nipped her scarf and stockings from the rack before handing them over to her. "Chilly? Alright then, I'll probably wear these today then." She spoke as she pulled the long stockings up beyond her knees and up to her thighs. "U- uhmm.. right!" Maus shook her head and did her best to get back to what she was saying "Anyway, I got'cha a 'lil somethin', but you're not gonna get it until after breakfast, I just wanted to come over 'n make sure ya didn't miss it!" She smiled, sticking her tongue out as her tail flicked and swished about behind her.

"Hehe, well.. Lets hope it's an alarm clock so you don't need to do that quite as often." Gecko teasingly replied with a bit of a smug grin. "Maaaaybe next time, we'll see! Anyway though I'm gonna head over to Kylie's place for a bit, she lost her favorite brush in her tail again and I seem to be the only one ever able to find it. Toodles!" Maus waved her paw playfully as the other gripped the underside of the open window, and with one last deafening poof of twinkling blue smoke, she had headed out without a trace, window leaving the window ajar in the process. Gecko waved in return, hoping her friend would see the gesture before returning to her own matters, taking in a deep breath before sighing as she did her morning stretches. Pulling one arm this way and the other one that way, stretching her legs, bending her back, touching her toes, the works.

However as she was doing her morning routine Gecko noticed something she had many times before. A disheartened frown steadily grew across her face as she once more sat in bed, putting her paws on her breasts. "They haven't gotten even a little bit bigger in weeks now. Maus said those potions and herbs were supposed to make them as big as I could handle.. 'and then some!' too." She mourned over her fairly average cup size but before the gloom could ruin her day, Gecko's tail gave her cheek a nuzzle and slurp to take her mind off what was troubling her. "Okay okay-" She chuckled as she wiped the slobber from her cheek and gave her tail a big hug. "I'll try not to think about it anymore, promise. Lets go see what all we have to eat." Gecko bounced from bed with renewed vigor, looking a bit upset at her bed sheets, now strewn across the floor thanks to Maus. "She's magic, why couldn't she have just I dunno.. made the bed or something on her way out." She mumbled to herself, gathering up the disheveled comforter from the ground and spreading it over her mattress once more. Once everything was neat and tidy she eagerly jogged her way over to the door, hopping up to nab the handle before making her way out into the living and dining room.

"Well goooooood morning little miss sunshine!" Cheerfully exclaimed a voice from somewhere in the kitchen as Lana strolled out from it's doorway and into the hall. "Been wondering when you'd get up 'lil sis, breakfast's just about ready, c'mon, take a seat." Lana pulled out one of the wooden chairs and smiled as a kettle began to faintly whistle in the distant kitchen and the oven let out blaring beeps throughout the home, demanding her attention. "Oop, you get settled in, be right back!" She hastily mumbled to her housemate before bolting off once more into the kitchen, her poofy tail swishing and swaying in and out of view over the counter, parting thick clouds of steam as it swished through the air. Loud sizzling broke the constant sound of the whistling kettle as breakfast was prepared in record time.

"Alrighty, I've got everyone's favorites here today, yours, mine..- and hers!" Lana gestured to Gecko's tail from over the counter before coming around the corner with plates and bowls in hand, setting them down one after another in front of Gecko. "Toast with an egg nestled right there in the middle, some nice tea to wash it down, and some bacon to put some meat on them bones. And for our 'lil gal back here-" Lana knelt down beside Gecko, her tail swinging around to look at her eagerly "Some big poofy marshmallows!" Lana leaned in and gave the thick tail a few pats "I know ya got a sweet tooth in there somewhere hun, someday we'll find out where it's hiding." After a few more pats and pets Gecko's tail pomfed itself into the large bowl of poofy treats while Lana returned to the kitchen, munching on a piece of bacon as she cooked her own meal the rest of the way.

The all too familiar clicks from the stove's dials signaled Lana's return to the table, a huge mound of pancakes clumsily piled on her large plate, all in the shape of various animals as well as friends. "You seriously wanna eat everyone you come across now don't you." Gecko mischievously remarked, causing Lana to nearly gag on a pancake as it was stuffed into her maw. Upon finishing it Lana wiped her maw and blurted out "N- no I don't! At least.. not you.. as much.. sometimes.. Look, I just get really, really hu- rraaawrrrrp!" As Lana desperately pleaded innocent, an unwelcome belch roared from her maw before she could manage to clasp her paws over her mouth, blushing hotly. Gecko stared, eyebrow raised with a look of mild pleasure and content. Lana let out a quick sigh and folded her arms with a "Hur-rumph.." pouting quietly for a moment.

Half a minute passed or so before Gecko herself let out quite the hefty belch, nearly causing her to fall backwards out of her chair, only to have her tail prevent her from toppling backwards. The two giggled and snickered before bursting out in laughter "Alright fine, you got me, but it takes one to know one sister." Lana smiled as she returned to her pancakes. Meanwhile Gecko has finished up her meager meal, as had her tail, her belly distended quite a bit with breakfast and dessert as she hefted herself from her creaking chair and gathered her dishes. As she wondered into the confines of the kitchen a sudden ring at the doorbell startled the three of them, nearly causing Lana to hack up some of her hastily gobbled down food again, while Gecko nearly tripped over her startled tail. With the calamity of a mound of broken dishes narrowly avoided Gecko set down her plates and cup in the sink to let them soak before heading over to answer the door.

Upon opening the door a chilled blast of air bellowed throughout the house, causing Lana to shudder in her seat. Nobody was in sight, whoever had hastily departed had left nothing more than an unassuming, fairly small cardboard box on the frosty welcome mat "The world wasn't even awake yet, who would be out delivering packages?" Picking it up Gecko turned it this way and that, finding a light blue envelope taped to one of it's sides. "Oh. That's who." Hopping back up the step into the house Gecko eagerly shut out the cold from outside and made her way over to the couch to read her letter, preventing multiple attempts from her tail to eat the box. "No. Bad. Bad tail. You just ate, cut it out you're gonna make me fat! ...Fatter!" Gecko set the box on the coffee table, safely out of reach from her tail, before clambering up onto one of the soft cushions of the couch with her letter in hand.

Before long Lana made her way over, leaning against the back of the couch, as she looked down at Gecko, her food stuffed gut distended and hung below her, pressing firmly against the back of the couch while she rubbed it with one of her paws. Her breakfast binge having forced her jeans button to pop off at some point while her little strawberry colored shirt found the task of covering over her huge, rotund paunch to be impossible, being little more than a snug bra at this point. "Hurf.. Maybe a few too many pancakes.." What'd ya get in the mail sweetie? Gecko shrugged and held up a the blue envelope, only to have Lana take a few steps back from it "Aww man.. I swear if this thing- whatever it is, wrecks the house, Maus is putting it back together again." Lana cautiously remarked before making her way over to the fireplace in front of the couch, getting a nice fire going to heat up the chilly abode. Meanwhile Gecko tore open the envelope and unfolded the letter to read the following-

"For big breasts.

  • Maus~ <3"

A fairly blunt but.. confusing letter, to say the least. She pondered to herself "Is it more potions or weird herbs for me to try?" Gecko let out a little sigh, not expecting to see anything more than an oddly shaped bottle filled with some strange fluid or some bagged leaves of some sort as she snagged the box from the coffee table and popped off it's lid. "What the.." Gecko was confused, it wasn't a potion, or herbs, or anything to eat for a change! It was a little black bra with frills, she pulled it from the box and looked over the piece of clothing curiously, looking for any weird markings, tricks, or whatever Maus could have thought up, only to come up empty a few minutes later. "Oohhh... frilly, you 'n Maus sending each other clothes now?" Lana teased as she relaxed beside her, putting her feet on the coffee table as she rested her paws over her rotund and distended middle. "W- What? No, nothing like that. I mean.. Look at this!" Gecko nervously scrambled for the letter among the absurd amounts of packing paper from the box before handing it to Lana.

"Oooooooh it's some kind of magic bra that's gonna make ya all big and busty! Daww that's sweet of her. You wanna try it on?" Lana inquired, meanwhile Gecko had already hopped off from the couch to go behind it and change. It felt snug, and it definitely made her breasts look a tad bigger but.. Nothing at all like what she was expecting. Gecko folded her arms and sat down, her tail laying over her lap to try and comfort her as she stared down at her breasts, thinking to herself. "These have to make them bigger somehow, they just have to! ..They made them a bit bigger looking when I put it on, maybe it multiplies what I've already got? Yeah, that's got to it! It's taking a while for Maus's potions and stuff to kick in so she gave me this to speed up the process! But.. It's been weeks, I doubt one little bra is going to be enough. Maybe I should give it a little kick start of my own.."

Gecko paused for a moment to take in a deep breath and prepare herself before she begun to clamber up the back of the couch, her hefty, rotund gut causing her quite a bit of hassle as it squished and groaned against the couch while her tail did it's best to help heft her rotund frame up onto the back of the couch, after a good minute or so of awkward, exhausting wriggling and pushing, Gecko had finally managed to pull herself up, laying on her doughy girth as she peered down at Lana who had gotten nice and comfortable after her morning meal, feet resting on the coffee table, her arms resting comfortably upon her rotund, bloated stomach as she watched cartoons on the television, the groans of both her and Gecko's bellies occasionally making it impossible to hear what the characters were saying.

"Ooh, lookin' good there 'lil sis!" Lana encouragingly remarked as the cartoons took a break for commercials. "Y- yeah it's pretty nice, do you think I look any bigger?" She bashfully inquired with a hint of hopefulness in her voice as she looked down to her breasts. Lana blushed as she stared at Gecko's boobs before quickly getting interrupted by Gecko shakily blurting out "M- maybe you need a closer look?" Lana looked up at the little gecko girl lounging on her shiny, rounded belly before letting out a soft sigh as she hefted herself out of her cozy spot to turn around for her hopeful housemate, sitting on her legs as her rounded belly pressed snugly against the cushions of the couch in front of her friend. "Yep you're definitely a bit bigger than the last time I saw 'em that's for sure, I thought Maus would have sent something a little more.. Explosive over though, ya know? Maybe it just take a bit of time to warm up or something, like heated socks, or.. I dunno." Gecko let out a displeased huff, Lana wasn't the only one who was expecting more than 'a bit bigger'.

And with that, Gecko rolled forward on her doughy belly and opened her maw as much as she could to send her plan into action, Lana reeled and did her utmost to move, but with her middle so heavy and distended she could barely move from one seat to another, let alone out of the range of a ravenous gecko. With nowhere to go Gecko managed to stuff the upper half of Lana into her bulging, distended belly, her arms folded as she grumbled to herself, and after much effort and some begrudging help from Lana, Gecko managed to get her hefty balloon of a belly in along with the rest of her friend. At this point Gecko had rolled off the couch and onto her enormous mound of a belly, her girth having shoved the coffee table across the rug quite a ways while forcing her little orange shirt to stretch and ride up her enormous middle, hardly covering over any of it at this point.

The poor gal hadn't eaten so much in ages, and almost forgot she could! Still dazed from her meal and trying to catch her breath, Lana begun to kick, and push, and pout inside her taut gut, causing Gecko to wince and bury her face in her bosom as she held onto her writhing, bulging belly. An hour passed as the grumpy pushing and shoving steadily died down to steady, slower pushed and the occasional wobble, Gecko let out a sigh of relief as her middle gurgled and churned, now laying cozily atop a warm, sloshing belly that was twice as big as the rest of her put together. Her tail swung over by her side, having grown all the bigger and fatter from the meal, affectionately nuzzling up against Gecko before leaning away to belch up what was left of Lana's clothes, only to return for more snuggles. Gecko drowsily wrapped her arms as far around that squishy body pillow of a tail as she could as it sunk into her sloshing gut before letting out another content sigh and closing her eyes.

As Gecko quickly found, eating and digesting someone far bigger than oneself can take just as much out of a person as goes in, and quickly fell soundly asleep atop her gurgling belly bed. Some time later in the afternoon while her stomach continued to churn and gurgle away her ex-housemate Gecko's content slumber was abruptly disturbed by the chime of the doorbell as well as several knocks jolting her awake, along with her huge tail. "Uhh.. H- hello?" Gecko asked worriedly as she squeezed her arms as far around her thick, doughy tail as she could manage. "Hey G-Gecko, everything alright in there? We've been knocking out here for half an hour now." A concerned feminine voice asked from the other side of the door, her voice trembling from the cold. "Oh gosh! Y- yes, I'm sorry! If it's not too much of a bother the back door's open, I'm in a bit of a.. uhmm.. situation." Gecko bashfully remarked, squishing her paws deeply into her shiny, sloshing balloon of a belly, causing her to let out a soft, pleasured huff.

Moments later a warmly dressed Kylie and Tea appeared at the sliding glass back door barely visible through the slits of the long vertical blinds, Gecko blushed and prepared for the worst as a gush of cold air from outside flooded the room while the two stepped in on the scene of the horrendously bloated girl stranded on her mound of a belly, Lana's clothes still sopping wet with drool as they lay strewn across the floor. As they walked past the chilled sliding glass door Tea gasped, holding her hooves up to her mouth in shock before looking to Kylie to gauge her reaction, she simply stood there, face flushed red with blush at the sight of her bloated, sloshing friend. "S- So uhh.. h- hey there." Gecko bashfully murmured as she squished her front paws deeply into her shiny, groaning balloon of a gut in some vain attempts to hide it just the slightest bit, only causing the soup inside to shift and throw her off balance, rolling forward into an even more difficult position, causing her to let out a soft whine.

Kylie, finally coming to her senses after the initial shock, shook her head firmly before looking down at her dismayed friend, giving a soft smile before finally turning to close the door behind the two of them. "You don't have to be embarrassed about it." She suddenly remarked before taking Tea's hoof, leading the two of them over to kneel down beside their anxious friend. Kylie smiled and gently ran her plush paws over Gecko's distended side as she spoke, her touch as warm and comforting as her words "We've all done it before for one reason or another, might as well enjoy it." Gecko gave a soft, hopeful smile in return before turning to Tea, Gecko's affectionate, gigantic tail cuddled up in her arms as it nuzzles against her while she smiled happily in return. Gecko softly kneaded her paws into her ample frame before beginning to speak "Thanks you two, really I mean it." Kylie gave Gecko's belly one last stroke before getting to her feet as she begun to take off her hefty outdoor attire.

"Well, if you're gonna enjoy being a fat, sloshy gal for a while you've gotta be comfortable while you're doing it, right? So lets get you nice and cozy." Kylie's immense, plush tail swished about to and fro behind her while she began to gather up the discarded clothes and such laying across the floor, meanwhile Tea kept Gecko's tail content and warm in her loving arms. As soon as the slew of slobbery attire had been tended to Kylie made her way back to her immobile friend "Is there anywhere you'd prefer to relax? The cold floor is no place fit for a growing lady such as yourself." Gecko blushed hotly and attempted to hide her hotly flushed cheeks "W- well.. the couch has a pretty sturdy folding bed for when company comes over." Her fennec friend gave a soft, reassuring nod before heading behind her to try and make some room, moving the coffee table and recliner over a bit as Tea made her way over as well to unfold the bed from the couch.

Once all of the preparation had been finished an admittedly comfortable looking bed lay in the center of the living room, directly in front of the toasty fireplace and television. "Alright, we're gonna move you onto the bed now." Kylie warned her "Hope you don't mind." Tea added, as a flustered Gecko twiddled her paws together. "W- wait I don't know if you two can-" The two of them had already knelt down and promptly begun doing their best to scoop Gecko's doughy, sloshing, gurgling gut into their arms. As it turns out, hefting around nearly five-hundred pounds of jiggling gecko girth is fairly difficult, her pudge trying it's utmost to squish out of every possible place as pressure was put on it, as if one was attempting to make a sentient water balloon behave. The two of them slowly managed to heft her over beside the bed, and with a bit of help from everyone, including Gecko's tail, they all had finally managed to get her comfortably laid upon the middle of the creaking mattress.

Once the task at hand had finally been completed Kylie and Tea had found themselves completely exhausted, and wearily flopped and sat down on the bed respectively. Taking advantage of the situation, Kylie decided to lay her head upon the bloated belly of her friend, letting out a soft, contented sigh before her large, plush ears perked against that distended tum. The sound of loud gurgles, groans, and squelches causing the fennec to get all flustered and blush as Gecko did the same. "G- goodness."Kylie remarked simply, moving her paw up to softly press it against Gecko's belly. Tea giggled and softly stroked over Gecko's tail in turn while she laid on her middle, not quite sure how to handle all of the attention. But much to everyone's surprise, despite having already eaten her house mate Gecko's middle let out a loud, ravenous grumble, causing both her and Kylie's blush to intensify several times over. "S- sorry.." she sheepishly remarked. "No need to be, your belly has just gotten used to being really full, so we might as well try and keep it there for a bit, right? Tea replied before looking over to Kylie, who peeked over Gecko's plump back at her friend.

"I'll go ahead and make us all something to eat then, as long as you would be alright with that of course." Kylie added in, before turning to Gecko for approval, who simply gave a few shy nods in return. "In the meantime why don't you tell me what all happened before we came over?" Tea inquired while continuing to pet over Gecko's obese tail which was now sound asleep in her lap like an oversized cat. Gecko's cheeks begun to turn bright red with blush at the request while Kylie headed off to the kitchen to start preparations for the biggest feast any of them had ever seen "W- well, you see.." Gecko mumbled to herself under her breath while she timidly kneaded her paws into her sloshing bed of a belly, her face glowing with blush. Before she could continue any further Tea placed her gentle hoof on Gecko's bloated side and gave it a few loving strokes "No need to be shy about it, I'm here for ya." Tea warmly stated while continuing to tend to her friend's slumbersome, hefty tail.

Gecko gripped a hefty fold of her steadily thickening pudge on her gut and tensed up some as she mumbled to her friend "I- I'm not..-" Before she could continue Tea gently set Gecko's gigantic tail off to the side, doing her best not to wake the sleeping body pillow of a tail before hopping off the bed, making her way around it to sit in front of Gecko before giving her a big, encouraging hug, her plush arms squishing into Gecko's plump, wobbling frame as she continued to blush, at a loss for words. "Gecko, I know how shy you get about this kind of stuff, but you don't need to be. Your friends are here for ya, and we always will be-" She pulled away slowly before giving a playful prod to her friend's enormously distended gut, causing it to let out a loud 'Gwoorrrgle...!' "At least, in one sense or another." Tea cheerily added, her continued support finally causing Gecko to ease up a bit, letting go of her blubbery hide, allowing it to drop down and wobble a bit before coming to a rest.

"Well.. Maus has been helping me while I try to look more, uhh.. ladylike?" She spoke in a reserved, shy tone, still blatantly having difficulty talking about the subject as she gestured down to her breasts with her eyes and a soft nod. "She gave me this magic bra that's supposed to give me really big.. you know, and when I put it on it didn't really do anything, so I thought if I give it a little boost that..-" Once again the poor gal tensed up and sheepishly averted her gaze from her friend, who promptly placed her hoof on Gecko's shoulder. "You thought that if you gave it a boost you might see better results?" Tea replied, causing Gecko to give a shameful nod. "Sweetie, there's nothing to be ashamed of, in all honesty I think it's a wonderful idea, and if you'd like us to, Kylie and I would love to help, you deserve to have a lovely figure that you're happy with, and we'll make sure that happens for ya however we can." Gecko turned back to her friend, teary-eyed before managing a soft smile. "In fact.. Believe it or not Kylie's always loved the thought of being stuffed into someone's gut to be turned into two-hundred plus pounds of fatty girth, even if she denies it every time, maybe we can make both your dreams come true at the same time." Tea whispered to her friend, causing her to once again flush brightly with blush while their fennec fox friend continued to work away in the steamy kitchen.

Wiping her face Gecko mumbled "A- are you sure? I mean..-" Tea leaned in and gave her another reassuring embrace, along with a soft nuzzle to her steadily fattening cheek. "Don't worry about it, between what she's cooking up and your.. 'dessert' I'm sure you'll be all the closer to your dream bod, I'll go check on dinner, you just relax and enjoy yourself in the meantime." Tea smiled as Gecko did her best to reach out and give her a thankful snug in return before allowing her to head off to the kitchen with Kylie, the house filling with an elaborate, delicious aroma of countless different dishes from sweets and meats to baked goods and stews. After another few hours of cooking as the sun began to set on the horizon, dinner had finally been finished as Kylie shouted out "Dinner's ready!". Thankfully by that time Lana had for the most part been turned into a voluptuous layer of fat across Gecko's frame, her gargantuan tail now slightly larger than the rest of her, thickened and engorged with enough calories to feed someone for months. Despite the lack of her bloated belly however, thanks to her tail Gecko was still incapable of moving very far on her own, which she came to find out fairly quickly as she was unable to leave the fold out bed she had been resting upon.

"Aww, that's adorable, someone a bit too big to hop out of bed?" Kylie teased as she made her way over to the bedside with a hefty plate of ribs in one paw, and a large bowl of noodles in the other. The flustered Gecko folded her arms and let out a soft huff, her tail finally waking up from it's nap to find that it couldn't turn or move quite as well as it used to thanks to it's ample size and new weight. "At least I'm not the only one." Gecko added, blushing and bashful as usual as the first few dishes were set in front of her. "Now then, Tea's already eating her food, and once you're set up I'll start on mine, everything else here is for you and you alone, and we're gonna make sure you eat every last bite, so be ready." Kylie smiled and encouragingly stated before heading back to the kitchen for more food. "Oh gosh.." Was all Gecko could manage to say before she picked up a fork and started on her meal, before long Kylie had returned with a large, decadent chocolate cake, adorned from top to bottom with frosting a plenty, sprinkles, and marshmallows strewn across the tops of it's layers, placing it in front of Gecko's tail Kylie gave it an affectionate few pets and pats. "Plenty of sweets for a growing gal's hungry 'lil buddy too of course." After giving her paw a loving lick, Gecko's tail shoved itself into the cake and began eagerly eating away.

Between the two of them it didn't take long before her stomach began to look rather rotund and bloated, each bite that was shoved into it causing some sort of growl, grumble, or groan in protest to the absurd amounts of food being stuffed into it. As the two continued with their meals Kylie happily smiled and turned to go eat her own alongside Tea at the dinner table, Tea having laid out mounds of buttered rolls, pots of noodles, among other delicious, fattening foods spread out in a mouth watering display. "Thank you for your help hun." The delighted fennec remarked as she did her best to get comfortable in her wooden chair as Tea reached over for some buns, both of them eagerly filling their plates and bowls with pound after pound of food while Gecko was beginning to feel a little bit full over on the couch. It had only been a few short minutes but the hefty bowl of noodles she'd been given was already empty, while the cake her tail had been working on was nearly polished off as well! With the short but ominous warning of her grumbling belly, Gecko quickly and in vain attempted to cover her mouth with her paws as a hefty, irrepressible belch forced it's way out of her distended middle, everyone stopped what they were doing as the embarrassed lizard once again slapped her paws over her mouth bashfully.

Tea laughed as she set down the bun she has been working on before getting up from her chair, the plate with a mountainous pile of buttered buns in hand "Seems someone just made room for seconds, or did I hear that wrong?" She teased, making her way over to the couch. "O- oh, I really don't know if I-" Gecko nervously murmured, twiddling her paws as the plate was set down behind her on top of the previous one, which had been licked clean by her gluttonous tail. "Nonsense, your 'lil buddy here seems to think you've got plenty of room left!" Tea added in an encouraging, yet still teasing manor as Gecko's tail promptly scarfed down several hot, buttery rolls. Gecko let out a huff and another soft, irrepressible belch in attempts to relieve some of the pressure mounting inside her middle, her belly swelling even further with each bite shoveled into it. "There ya go, keep that up and you'll be looking ladylike in no time!" Tea giggled, petting over Gecko's thick tail as it gorged itself further on dozens of buttery dinner rolls, Gecko's middle distending and ballooning beneath her with more food than she could have ever fit in there on her own.

Kylie giggled to herself as she watched the little blushy gecko rise atop her swollen middle as if it were a food-stuffed balloon, heading over beside Tea with the second towering plate of rolls for the two of them to enjoy in the meantime. As Gecko's belly began to swell far beyond the size of the rest of her body her tail found itself beginning to get full as well, slowing down it's pace quite a bit. "Aww, are you two getting full? Not to worry we'll help ya out." Tea remarked mischievously, picking up one of the fattening rolls before stuffing it into Kylie's maw. "M- mmph!" The fennec's middle already looked as if she'd eaten a beach ball from dinner, as did Tea's, but none the less she did her best to encourage her fluffy friend to continue. "I have a plan, trust me I think you'll like it." Tea whispered to Kylie as she gulped down the roll that had been shoved into her mouth. "Alright, but I hope you know I'm gonna put on a lot of weight after this.." Kylie mumbled as she grabbed a few more rolls along with Tea. "Oh don't worry about that one bit, it'll all work out, promise!" Tea responded gleefully as she took some more rolls for herself, Gecko's tail watching in curiosity as the two stuffed themselves silly, polishing off both plates of rolls in no time at all.

By the time the two of them had finished they both looked just as plump and bloated as Gecko, hardly even able to move due to their ballooned middles having distended a good three feet out in front of them. Between her panting and soft belches Tea managed to mumble out to the others "Alright then, now that dinner's finally been polished off, I think it's about time we move on to dessert, Kylie help me out with this real quick." She gestured to Gecko's tail and opened it's maw despite it's efforts to close it, Gecko was stuffed taut and neither of her maws wanted any more food shoved in them, but none the less..- "Alright Kylie can you hold this for me for a second?" Tea inquired, Kylie doing her best to waddle over, her rotund middle pressed firmly against the bed while she stood on her tip toes to reach. Before long Tea had managed to waddle off behind her friend, pressing her hooves to the fennec's rump before giving a hefty shove! With that push Kylie was sent forward, rolling over her enormous, groaning paunch and into the maw of Gecko's tail, kicking her legs and flicking her own floofy tail about in the air as she yelped and grumbled from within. Only half the job was done however, as only Kylie's upper body had been shoved in thus far. Pressing her hooves against her fluffy friend's rear, Tea did her best to continue pressing her in deeper and deeper while Gecko's tail was far too fat and loaded down with the hefty fennec to do anything about it.

As Kylie only seemed to disappear further and further into the bulging, obese tail Gecko cried out and panted "S- stop I'm too full already, I can't hold anymore!" But much to her dismay Tea only continued the daunting task of stuffing Kylie's ample frame inside, causing Gecko's tail to instinctively swallow and rapidly send her further into the depths, as it did though Kylie had managed to wrap her enormous, plush tail around something, she huffed and folded her arms as her muffled words emanated from Gecko's tailmaw "You sneaky doe.. If I'm gonna end up staying in here for a while, don't you dare think I'm doing it alone." Kylie squeezed her impressively strong, plush tail around Tea, causing her to be slurped up and gulped down right alongside her, at least five-hundred pounds of critter and stuffing being shoved into Gecko's already disproportionately massive, strained stomach. Sweat dripped from the exhausted, distraught gal's face as she let out hefty, constant belches, her brightly blushing stomach desperately attempting to alleviate some of the pressure, her hide taut and creaking with each movement her two friends made inside her mountain of a belly. "I t-told- BRAAAARRRP!" Gecko panted and tried her best to rub what little of her enormous belly she could reach as it groaned angrily "O- oohh.. Told you two to stop, I'm gonna b- burst!" She added, letting out a worrisome whine as she massaged her enormous, stuffed gut.

Before long the unbelievable weight of the now even more immobile gecko caused the bed beneath her to give way, wooden supports snapping and crunching as springs flattened and turned to nothing more than metal pancakes, and in a sudden instant the entire couch simply gave way, plopping Gecko down atop the broken, yet still fairly comfortable bed, the couch having been flattened in the process, all of it's internal supports having been crushed, cushions flattened with stuffing spewing out across the ground, being nothing more than a furniture flapjack now. The drop caused Gecko to let out yet another belch, along with her tail maw as she let out a whine, her belly shifting and bulging as her friends did their best to try and get comfortable after the fall. Although muffled, Gecko heard the two of them speak through her ballooned frame "Don't worry about it too much, it'll pass and when it does you'll feel like a new woman, promise!" Tea spoke in an encouraging, comforting tone, while Kylie was still sitting, arms folded, and somewhat pouty in that apartment of a stomach. With a sigh and a roll of the eyes Kylie turned to Tea and spoke "Ya know, with a little convincing I would have been on board for this anyway, ya silly fluffball." Giving her mischievous friend a soft bop on the snout before letting out a sigh and snuggling up to her side, one arm wrapped around her back with their bloated bellies pressed against one another, while the other gently rubbed Gecko's gut from inside in an attempt to help it relax and stop giving her such a nasty stomach ache.

"I'll be sure to warn ya next time hun" Tea responded, giggling to herself as the two of them got comfortable in that surprisingly cozy bread-stuffed gut. "And Gecko?" Kylie added, as she returned to gently rubbing Gecko's belly. "Don't worry about a thing, I know how it feels to not be comfortable with your body, but you'll be okay, and you'll get there, I'm sure of it." With the massaging and comforting words of her friends in her belly, Gecko's stomach began to relax a bit. Although still being quite a bit achy from the absurd amount that had been forced into it, the rubbing was calming, relaxing, and within a few minutes the poor bloated gal had dozed off into dreamland, all that food and excitement having really worn her out. As minutes turned to hours and steadily into the passing of a few days, Gecko lay in peaceful slumber, her belly churning away and changing from an enormous, taut blimp, into a doughy, sloshy, soup-filled balloon. Her tail having awoken several times to hack up clothes and accessories, among other things. As the days passed a mound of slobbery, partially digested attire piled up beside the remains of the now flattened couch, accompanied by the occasional upheaval of a bare skull or some bones from their previous meals. Tea's false antlers having been bleached of the vibrant paint she'd adorned them with, while Kylie's glasses had become bent and cracked from the clenching of Gecko's hefty gut.

After days of unbeknownst digestion and rest, the voluptuous gecko finally awakened, roused by her now gargantuan tail hacking up the last remnants of their most recent visitors. The audible clanking of bone against bone resounding throughout the house as Tea's skull tumbling onto the pile of remains beside the destroyed couch. "G- gosh, I'm gonna need to clean up all this now." Gecko blushed hotly as she tried her best to look back at the mound of bleached, slobbery bones and partially dissolved clothing before trying her best to stand. Her distended, sloshing stomach proving to be quite a bit to handle, each movement causing the soup inside her to slosh and lose balance. After some minutes and several fruitless attempts, Gecko stumbled once more falling backwards into the base of her own enormous tail. She sighed, simply laying there for a time, disheartened by her inability to so much as stand up straight, but before long her tail curved around and pressed itself lovingly against her ample, thick hip. She smiled softly at the comforting nuzzles and reached her paw out to give it some thankful pets, only to have her paw squish and sink deeply into it's immense frame.

Opening her eyes, Gecko finally looked over, shocked to find her tail had grown enormously out of proportion since she'd seen it last, having doubled or even tripled in size, easily four and a half feet thick and twelve long, she blushed, pulling her paw from it's quicksand-like pudge before giving her tail soft pets over it's enormous girth, looking over to her arm which had also put on quite a bit of girth itself. "Oh my.." She murmured to herself, now inspecting her now obese, doughy frame. Her sloshing, fat gut distended and hanging out in the air in front of her while her hips had doubled in size, her love handles fighting for space with her doughy arms and enormous thighs. Unable to see beyond her girthy gut, Gecko wiggled her plump toes, her tail offering her the best support it could with it's squishy girth as she held onto it. Wriggling her ankles and moving her legs as best she could before noticed a breeze.. her once pristine stockings having torn in various places due to the impossible task of containing Gecko's obese, sumptuous legs, fat pressing out from anywhere it could manage, muffin topping over them and bulging from every tear. "O-oh.. oh my.." She continued, looking up to her chest as she tried in vain to tug her snug shirt down over her belly, sunlight shining off her rotund, engorged belly as the sun began to peak over the neighboring hills and woodland behind her home, causing the entire room to glow the same shade as her enormous frame.

Gecko huffed and let out an embarrassed whine, the blinds had been left open, scooted off to one side from when Tea and Kylie had entered some days ago, allowing her barely clothed girth to be viewed by any random passer by! Softly pushing off from her tail while desperately attempting to maintain her balance, the determined Gecko tried as hard as she could to reach the pull cord for the blinds, only to find her paws sliding across the carpet. Not only was her sloshing soup balloon of a belly causing balance to be a daunting trial in itself, her gluttonous behemoth of a tail was simply too heavy to allow her the luxury of movement around the house. With another sigh Gecko resigned herself to her fate and simply flopped back into the warm and comfortable embrace of her doughy tail, her eyes closed as she took a moment to relax before turning her attention to the reason all of this started, her breasts. They had grown a tad bit larger once again, but compared to the rest of her body it was no improvement what so ever, if anything they looked smaller by comparison at this point than they had prior. The poor girl sniffled, distraught by the lack of progress she had so yearned for as a tear rolled down her plump cheek. "But why..? Why isn't it working..?" She whimpered in defeat, covering her face with her doughy paws as she sobbed into them while her tail curled around her as best it could in a comforting coil.

A half hour passed as Gecko let out her frustrations before the distressed gal calmed down, cuddling up to her supportive tail as she wiped the streams of tears from her face, and the droplets from the back of her tail. "Thank you.." She said softly to her faithful companion, simply laying there on her tail to think as the sun rose higher into the sky. Before long Gecko's tail began to shift, moving it's maw over to a long forgotten yellow crayon that had been dropped on the ground, before nuzzling off one of the papers from the unkempt coffee table while it's owner continued to contemplate silently by herself. Taking the crayon to paper Gecko's tail, although unwieldy in it's present, insanely obese state, did it's utmost to draw a gift for it's disheartened friend. Minutes drifted by as the sound of the scrawling crayon occasionally caused the forlorn Gecko to peek over at her tail before closing her eyes and continuing on by herself, thinking that it was simply eating something it had found amongst the rubble of her living room.

But much to her surprise, after some time Gecko was nudged by her tail, a slightly drooled upon paper held in it's maw. "What's this?" She inquired as she gently took it from it's maw, tearing up immediately upon seeing the child-like crayon drawing of a plump, busty Gecko. It was a rough, crayon drawing but her tail knew what she dreamed for, and wanted to do everything it could to support her. Her paws quivered as she held the paper, a tear drop falling onto the colored page before Gecko wrapped her arms as far around her tail as she could reach, giving it the biggest hug she could possibly manage. "Thank you.." She uttered softly, her voice trembling as she repeated herself "Th- thank you.." Her tail smiled silently and contently as it pressed itself against her, the two of them relaxing together for some time with Gecko's spirits having been lifted out of the brooding depths.

As the sun steadily arose into the overcast Gecko and her enormous tail relaxed together, watching their favorite shows on television until they regained the ability to move about their home freely once more, unable to do much else in the meantime given their current size. "At least I don't have to lounge about on the cold floor." Gecko remarked to her tail, giving it some loving rubs and pets while she lay over it's back, having sunken quite a ways into it's thick, mushy frame. Just as she began to let out a long, contented sigh a few stern, yet soft taps came from the sliding glass back door. Gecko stumbled in surprise, wobbling about atop her immense tail before looking over to spy a confused looking little river otter through the glass, her pink scarf twisting and writhing in the cool breeze before she let herself in. "Goodness Gecky, what on Earth did you do?" She blurted out as she looked up at the now enormous, looming girl before her, making her way up to the yellow wall that was her blubbery tail before squishing her webbed paws deeply into it's girth. Gecko's face flushed bright red with blush, she knew she must have been an absolute sight to behold at that point, barely clothed in little more than taut, torn stockings and a bra of a t-shirt.

The flustered gal pressed her thick arms into her tail as she hugged it for comfort before bashfully doing her best to explain how she came to be this doughy mound in her living room. "..And so Tea shoved Kylie in, and then she pulled her in and.. now I'm here. It means a lot to me that they wanted to help but-" Gecko did her utmost to continue despite the difficulty before Dee hushed her, giving her tail a few consoling pats and rubs "I know just the thing Geck, wait here for a bit and I'll be right back!" The little river otter remarked, cutting off her friend mid-sentence before bolting for the back door. "Dee, w- wait, what are you-!" She yelled, but it was too late. The headstrong otter had already closed the door behind her, and dashed out of view without so much as a hint to her plans. "Deeeeee.." Gecko brooded to herself, the little otter always having a habit of doing her own thing regardless of anyone or anything else, perhaps telling her wasn't the best of ideas Gecko pondered to herself. But she waited regardless, unable to do much else still given her predicament, watching the television as she awaited for her little friend to return.

As minutes drifted swiftly by into hours while Gecko bided her time with television and short naps as the sun passed overhead, beginning it's decent towards the horizon once more. However, as she was on the verge of falling asleep on her cushy bed of a tail the back door once again flung open, it was Dee! "I'm baaaack!" She exclaimed, jolting Gecko from her slumbersome position atop her tail. "And I brought help, don't worry!" Dee continued as she jogged into the house, pouncing up onto the side of Gecko's tail as she did her best to scale it. Meanwhile the sound of something heavy sliding across the grass outside grew closer, before an enormous dark grey snake peered through the doorway, her dark hood and enormously thick frame just barely capable of squeezing through the door as she filled a large portion of the room with her lengthy, pudgy body. "It's Ash!" Dee excitedly remarked, pap-papping her paws on Gecko's tail while she lay over it. "She's all about magic 'n making people big, and I figure if anyone could help you be the lovely gal you wanna be it's another hefty gal who's gone through the same thing, herself! Ain't that right Ashy?" Dee turned, her tail swishing about eagerly.

Ash gave a warm, yet contemplative smile, obviously happy to help though still considering what to do for her friend. "Yess that'ss correct, I've gone through jusst the ssame thing mysself quite ssome yearss ago.." She spoke slowly as she slithered around behind Gecko, slowly coiling around her with her enormous, warm body. "Dee hass told me everything up to this point, and I believe you've been along the right path all along, dearest.. You jusst need a little.. push." She continued, pressing her powerful paw softly into Gecko's voluptuous tail, causing it to blush and wriggle about some, as she did so a soft hum came from the jungle goddesses paw while she continued on "You wissh and sstrive for what you do not have, though it'ss merely a few ssteps away with the proper.. motivation." She snickered, Gecko's gut letting out a rather abrupt, angry growl. She could feel herself getting rapidly more hungry as Ash continued to rub and stroke her large paw over her vast frame. "You ssee, I didn't get to where I am today without a little help. And now I assure you that Dee and I both will eagerly do our part in helping you along, dear." Ash remarked, causing Dee to tilt her head curiously. "Hmm? Aren't you able to use some sort of spell or something to-" Dee inquired before getting shoved over by Ash's thick, dexterous body "H- hey, what are you doing?" She shouted with displeasure as she was shoved over to the front of Gecko's tail and pinned there as her belly once again let out a savage growl.

Gecko gulped and blushed hotly opening her maw as Dee was stuffed inside by Ash. "No, no, no! Not okay, I am not okay with this, spit me out! Now!" Dee squirmed and shouted as the immense snake shoved her in deeper, bulging out Gecko's cheeks and gullet as she was forced downwards, trying her best to fight back, but there was nowhere to go but down. And after a few difficult gulps and pushes to her throat Gecko managed to send her little otter friend down into the depths of her rotund gut. it having become so plump and doughy that her little friend didn't even leave any bulges in her ample frame, just causing her gut to bounce and jiggle as she continued to struggle inside. Each kick and shove causing Gecko to wince or whine softly, letting out soft belches from time to time as Ash watched on from the sidelines. "Yesss.. you ssee, sshe wass merely an appetizer before the main coursse, though I hope sshe prepared you for the resst of your meal, becausse thiss..-" She smiled mischievously as she slithered her way over to where Gecko was facing. "Iss the push you need." She concluded, promptly poking the end of her tail at Gecko's muzzle before pressing it into her maw. Gecko's head felt fuzzy, in a daze and paralyzed, as if she was unable to focus and could only sit and watch as the gargantuan before her slowly slid herself down her gullet, bulging out her throat enormously as her steadily thickening body forced itself into her own! She could do nothing but do her best to gulp her down further in this hypnotic state, her insatiably hungry gut welcoming of every inch of Ash's lengthy body that was shoved into it as it rapidly distended and filled out beneath her.

After about a minute of this Ash hefted Gecko up and set her on the ground for ample room to grow as she licked over her lips and grinned delightedly. "Oh dearesst.. you really sshould ssee how you're growing.. it'ss abssolutely divine.." She hissed with glee before beginning to pick up the pace with her stuffing, Gecko's body swelling and bulging outwards as Ash's body coiled inside her stomach, each thick, doughy coil blatantly visible through Gecko's already taut hide while Ash still had two thirds of herself left to go, slithering over to rub over the poor starved gal's frame as she forced more and more into it. "You sshould jusst barely be able to fit me darling.. Don't fret one bit." She softly hissed while teasingly running her claws over her friend's strained hide, listening to it creak and groan in protest as the once pudgy, yet small Gecko began to fill the room. As Ash had finally shoved everything but her torso into her dazed friend Gecko's back pressed firmly against the ceiling, causing her to let out a muffled whine over Ash's frame. "Don't worry, jusst one more big gulp now.." She spoke reassuringly before smirking once more "..Before you'll be the biggesst girl you could have ever dreamed of, forever.." She spoke in a teasing manner before wriggling down further into Gecko's exhausted maw, Ash's plump breasts posing a final challenge as she squished them down inside and finally set the enormous jungle goddess down into her mountain of a stomach, layer after layer of her thick coils having caused her belly to fill nearly the entire room, her tail laying over the side of her enormous gut, exhausted as well from the ordeal they had just been through.

Gecko was still in a slumbersome daze, panting heavily now through her maw with a tear rolled down her cheek, both from overwhelming exhaustion and hope that his was the answer she sought for so long as she slowly, and shakily brought her paws up to rub over what little of herself she could reach, her belly groaning and creaking loudly with any movement she or her friends made, as Ash appeared to find Dee, very upset and ready to fight, only to have her be eaten once again, now inside two bellies. Gecko's vision steadily darkened as she passed out atop her mound of a belly as it did it's best to churn away at the unimaginable meal it had just been served while once again the now enormous gecko drifted off into a much needed deep sleep. It wasn't much more than a day or two before Gecko was abruptly awoken by the sound of tearing fabric, the elastic in her stockings having finally reached their limits as they popped off her now huge, doughy legs, while her t-shirt shredded off her chest from her vastly fattened figure! Thanks to the magic Ash had cast on her, Gecko's enormous frame had fattened rapidly, and grown even larger than she was previously! At this point she was a mountainous blob, filling every part of the room from corner to corner, her back pressed against the now cracked and groaning ceiling while her tail had completely filled the kitchen, threatening to burst out of the walls at any second!

Gecko huffed, her enormous body having made the room fairly hot as she panted and did her best to peer over her now doughy innertube of a neck at her breasts.. they were still the same, tucked away in that frilly black bra Maus had given to her a week or so prior. "D- damn it.." She huffed and mumbled to herself, before hearing a soft squeaking sound, like a small door hinge.. It was the mail slot being forced open! Gecko let out a sigh, knowing that only one person she knew would use the mail slot for anything other than mail. And sure enough she felt the small sensation of something wriggling and squirming over her enormous mountain of a body before finally popping up betwixt her breasts and over her tire of a neck. "Heyas there ya mountainous gal, you!" It was Maus, eager and energetic as always, seemingly unfazed by Gecko's colossal appearance. "Golly you really went all out trying to pack on the pounds, hun? Any reason you wanted to turn into a blubber ball sweetie?" She whimsically inquired, laying on her back on Gecko's ballooned neck, arms folded with one leg folded over the other in a reclining fashion. Gecko grumbled to herself and looked past her at the bra still snugly wrapped around her.

"You sent me this, right? I thought it was supposed to make my boobs bigger, and I wanted to give them a little push, but nothing I've done has worked! I've put on three tons and my milk mounds haven't put on a single inch!" Gecko blurted out angrily, causing Maus to open her eyes wide, pondering for a second in bewilderment before relaxing with a drawn out sigh. "Ooooohhh.." She moaned, rolling her eyes. "No, no, no.. You got it all wrong hun! This thing doesn't make your boobs bigger, I gave it to you for when you had bigger boobs!" She continued, causing Gecko to raise a brow in confusion and disbelief at the misunderstanding. "You see.. these are hammerspace wear, I made 'em myself! They're so when you had massive ba-donka donks that you'd actually be able to wear normal clothes if you felt like it. For when you had bigger boobs." Maus rolled over towards her friend and stuck her tongue out "Honestly those baps of yours are probably big enough to be wrecking balls at this point, sweetie! Judging by how strained the bra is at this point, I'm surprised it's still in tact!" She giggled to herself while Gecko let out a soft growl.

Before the little mouse could do much Gecko lurched forward as best she could, scooping her little friend up in her maw before sending her down into her gut with one powerful, forceful gulp. "I ate five of my friends because of you! ..Make that six." She yelled and pouted "Next time you send something, make sure you're a tad more clear on what it does." She added, letting out a huff as she rested her chin on her doughy neck with a sigh, pondering what to do next for some minutes. "Welp.. now wha-" As Gecko was on the verge of giving up once more the little mouse she had eaten began to digest, despite her size the magical 'lil gal was absolutely brimming with untold amounts of compressed magic calories! Within seconds Gecko's frame began to expand and swell with more girth, bursting out the back window first as the counter to the kitchen caved and crumpled like cardboard, one wall after another cracking and groaning before exploding outwards from the pressure of dozens of thousands of calories being packed on with each second, allowing doughy yellow blobs of pudge to press outwards! Within a minute Gecko had caused the entire house to burst and crumble away to nothing but rubble in her folds, her face flushed as bright as a rose as the entire neighborhood now had front row seats to her expanding body as the bra that she'd been given so long ago had finally reached it's limit.

Gecko's breasts squished around the cups, begging for release as they pressed outwards and swelled rapidly, and before she knew it.. a sharp ping was felt behind her as the clasp of the bra snapped off and flew away, causing Gecko's breasts to explode out in size at last, those enormous, rotund, sloshing mounds now resting on her ballooned belly, obstructing her view as they and the rest of her grew and expanded further. Her absolutely colossal blob of a gut filling out everything from her ex-living room to the street while her enormous rear ballooned outwards and filled her entire her backyard, her tail continuing to grow even further, itself. But after some minutes, the short, violent surge of growth finally slowed to a halt, her radiant body coated with sweat from the ordeal, seeming to glow in the light of the sunset. Gecko smiled and cried out "Boooooobs!" excitedly, staring at those glistening orbs in front of her as she did her best to playfully shake and wobble them a bit in excitement before finally realizing.. She was completely naked, and not only that, she was bigger than two houses put together, including her tail. And let out a loud girly yelp in response. "I- I- U- uhmm.. Can someone get me a towel? Or two? Or ten, please?" She inquired to any onlookers beyond her vast sea of self as she sat there, flustered as could be, but happier than she could have ever imagined.

Gecko Gal's Bra Blunder


20 March 2018 at 03:48:30 MDT

My half of a trade with Geckomania took a really long time to finish but I'm glad I've finally got it done 'n I hope ya all enjoy reading about a 'lil Gecko growing into a wonderful gal with a bit of help from her friends~

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