Sleepover at Roo's by Roozard

As the hours of twilight steadily came at hand, their bronze rays washed across the tree strewn landscape, casting elongated shadows across the hillside, while the countless critters of the night began to once again sound their routine symphony. The sound of crickets among many other little critters sounding through the maw of Jouigi's cave as he stuffed his blanket and pillow into a backpack along with some spare diapers, pulling the shoulder straps over his arms before nabbing his lion plush from his mound of riches, sitting down with him while he awaited his escort. "I hope they come soon Rory or I might just fall asleep waiting for them at this rate." Jouigi yawned and squeezes his little lion cub plushy to his chest, kicking his feet softly while he idly awaited for someone to arrive, watching television and getting cozy amongst his colossal cluster of coins and jewels.

As the evening slowly dragged onward and gave way to night, a thum- thump.. Thump! Approached the mouth of Jouigi's cave, he knew the sound well and happily sprung out from his spot among the coins of his hoard before racing over to see Roo, smiling down at the little dragon and visibly exhausted from the climb up the hillside. "Phew.. H- hey there 'lil buddy, sorry I took so long! I got stuck in the door again." Roo rubbed the back of his head and chuckled bashfully, moths drawn to his tailflame, fluttering around the warm light as the flames licked the air, while fireflies slowly blinked their alluring lights all over the hill. "Wooow I haven't seen these things in forever!" Jouigi exclaimed, waddling just outisde of the cave onto the rocky path, his stubby rapidly wagging to and fro behind him, causing his padding to crinkle constantly.

"Hehe, yeah you're normally asleep by this time, arent'cha?" Roo smiled, reaching down to gently lift Jouigi off the ground and tuck him into his pouch, causing him to blush and wag his tail all the more as he wriggled down and got cozy, his back pressed firmly into that rotund, obese belly. "Well then, lets head back! Lemmy and Drake are waitin' for us and they should be makin' something tasty by the time we get back!" Roo purred at the thought of Lemmy's cooking, his tail wagging as his own absurdly thick, and poofy padding crinkled behind him before making his way down the hill and into town. Jouigi occasionally batted his paws at fireflies that appeared to be within his reach, trying his best to catch one as the two made their way over to Roo's humble abode, keeping his plush held close in one arm at all times. Nearly a half hour of waddling later the two eventually arrived at Roo's home on the other side of town out in the plains, the silhouettes of trees and tall grass, cloaked in darkness, slowly waving in the breeze as the warm summer winds washed across the fields while the two made their way up the flagstone pathway leading to the porch. The porchlight was on, potted flowers of various vivid colors hanging from the trimmed ceiling of the porch between pillars. Climbing the wooden steps with his paw on the wooden railing, each one creaked and groaned in protest to Roo's enormous weight, the loud steps serving as a doorbell, as Lemmy made his way to the excessively wide double doors.

"Now just as a bit of a forewarning, Lemmy can be a bit.. much, when it comes to adorable ones that are smaller than he is, so he might get a bit excited.." Roo looked down at Jouigi as the doorknobs turned "Excited? What do you m-" As soon as the double doors had opened Lemmy had flung himself from the house and wrapped his arms around Roo, squeezing him tightly while Jouigi was firmly sandwiched between their enormous, obese bellies, snout stuffed into Lemmy's navel while he blushed hotly and wriggled in Roo's pouch. "Welcome baaaaaack! You took forever hun, I was getting worried!" Lemmy gushed, rubbing his plump cheek against Roo's, his absolutely enormous, floofy tail wagging back and forth, causing his pink, frilly padding to rustle loudly. "M-mmph! Hehe, we're fine don't worry! Well.. mostly fine-" Roo gestured down to his middle, Lemmy finally noticing the wriggling little dragon pressed between their bellies, taking a step back and leaning down to see him. Upon being released, Jouigi gasped for air and panted softly before looking over at the enthralled lemur staring at him with a big smile. "U-uhhh.. H-hi?" Jouigi blushed and wriggled down in Roo's pouch before Lemmy quickly swiped him from his seat, cradling him in his arms and firmly pressing him against his humongous breasts, purring aloud and rocking Jouigi softly with excitement "He's so cuuuuuuute!" The lemur exclaimed, leaning over to nuzzle and cuddle the little dragon closely.

Lemmy blushed and gently put Jouigi down, his usual shy, and bashful nature taking hold upon remembering Jouigi wasn't a little hatchling, despite his appearance "O-Oh, sorry 'lil guy I couldn't e-erm.. H-Help myself." Lemmy twiddled his paws and folded his ears back before Jouigi regained his senses from the daze of what had happened. "No, no! It's alright I don't mind it one bit!" Jouigi blushed and smiled, rubbing the back of his head. "You sure?" Lemmy inquired, his ears perking up. "But of course, a friend of Roo's is a friend of mi- aaah!" Before he could even so much as finish his sentence, Lemmy once again scooped Jouigi up in his arms and pressed him to his enormous, doughy bosom, purring and carrying him inside while Roo brought in his things behind them. "Hehe, I tried to warn ya. Lemmy's always loved kids, perhaps a bit too much." Roo remarked as he shut the doors behind him with his thick tail after having wedged his excessively tremendous rear and wide hips through the entryway.

Jouigi wriggled and tried his best to get free of Lemmy's loving grasp to no avail, soon giving up his efforts and allowing the colossal, motherly lemur to carry him around the house in his arms. "So then, you've already met Lemmy, and I can tell you two are gonna get along just fine, haha. And this lazy kitty playin' over here is Drake." Roo snickered, leaning over the back of the couch, causing it to tilt backwards, spooking Drake in the process. "H-Hey, I'm playing something here!" Drake yelled, trying his best to make sure the couch didn't flip onto it's back, his tail poofed up. "You can keep playing in a bit ya puffball, come meet Jouigi!" Roo exclaimed eagerly in return before letting the couch roll back to it's normal position, earning a sigh of relief and resentfulness out of Drake. "Fiiiiine. Drake rolled his eyes and rolled his thickly padded rump off of the couch before waddling his way over with Roo to see Jouigi cradled in Lemmy's arms, still snugly pressed into his bosom. Drake perked his ears and his tail poofed up, blushing at the sight of the adorable little dragon being held like a hatchling.

"Hmm.. You know, he's a pretty cute 'lil guy, but I bet he'd look even cuter if we made him into a 'lil hatchling, what do you guy say?" Drake snickered mischievously and his large, floofy tail flicked this way and that behind him as Lemmy's eyes lit up with delight at the idea, meanwhile all Roo could do was simply giggle and wag at the thought, as Jouigi wriggled in attempts to protest but his words were muffled by lemur breasts, and his movements restricted by those thick, soft arms. "So that's three in favor and one..-" Drake snickered as Jouigi wriggled some more "Undecided. So then, Lemmy you wanna go make some food for the 'lil guy while I find his clothes?" Drake asked, starting to head for the hall. "Mmhmm!" Lemmy eagerly replied before looking down at Jouigi, who was blushing furiously, now clinging to the lemur. "Dawwww, you're such an adorable 'lil baby dwaggie arent'chu?" Lemmy purred and rocked him back and forth gently before waddling his way over to Roo "Could you take him off my hands for a bit while I work on dinner hun?" Lemmy inquired before managing to pry the blushy dragon off his chest, tucking him into Roo's pouchy where he immediately grabbed his plush and sunk down out of sight. "Don't worry I'll take cook care of 'em." Roo smiled and patted his diaperfront and pouch before making his way over to the living area, leaving Lemmy to his work.

Tugging open his pouch, Roo peeked inside at the dragon curled up around his plush, laying against his rotund belly "You okay in there 'lil buddy?" he asked, earning a few nods from Jouigi. In his mind he actually wasn't opposed in anyway to being babied and the like, but Jouigi was beyond embarrassed, squeezing his plush tightly and blushing as he tried to hide his red face behind it. "Don't be shy hun, you've seen how much those two adore you, and Drake just likes being a mischievous butt, he's just givin' ya a hard time, but he means well! ..I think. Hard to tell with him sometimes, but he keeps things interesting that's for sure. And Lemmy loves ya to bits, I wouldn't be surprised if the big guy wanted to adopt ya at this rate, haha." Roo did his best to comfort the flustered little pudgy dragon in his pouch, rubbing his diaperfront and pouchy beneath it, before long Jouigi poked his little snout out of the lip of Roo's pouch, before peeking about and popping his head out, looking up at the smiling Roo who held him closely to his middle. "There we go, see? Everything's alright." Leaning over, Roo gave Jouigi a reassuring nuzzle before pulling him from his pouch to hold him gently against his own enormous breasts, being even larger than the lemur's ample chest! However, Roo's grip wasn't forcefully smushing the little hatchling into his bosom, he simply held him against those warm mounds while the two contently watched television for a while, awaiting Drake's return from one of the bedrooms.

Jouigi blushed bashfully but soon melted against Roo's bosom, cuddling into the warm, doughy wall pressed against him while the two relaxed together. After about half an hour of the cuddling Jouigi's eyes began to grow heavy and he began to nod off, pressing his face into Roo's chest before slowly falling asleep. Roo smiled, and gently rocked Jouigi back and forth as he cradled the little hatchling, irrepressibly purring softly while he held his little buddy dearly in his arms. Sure enough however, only a few minutes after Jouigi had fallen asleep, Drake rushed back into the room, eager to play with the little hatchling, a thick, pink, frilly diaper in one arm, and a bundle of pink clothing in the other. "Okay I'm rea-!" Drake shouted excitedly as he stomped into the room only to have Roo abruptly shush him, looking rather stern as he did so, before going back to looking at his little dragon. Drake looked rather upset at being so rudely shushed, but as he neared the two of them his expression of discontent faded, letting out a sigh as he saw the little hatchling, cuddling his plush and cradled against Roo's chest. "'Lil guy must've been exhausted from the trip.. Guess we outta let 'em sleep for a bit before we go playin' with 'em, huh?" Drake quietly spoke, setting the padding and apparel on the table before sitting on one of the three couches, being more of a snug chair to them due to their colossal proportions.

After a bit Lemmy strolled over, curious as to what all the fuss was about. A large pot of mashed potatoes in one arm while he stirred it's thick contents with the other. "Hmm? What's wrong as Jouigi not up for play..- ing..?" Upon seeing the snoozing dragon in Roo's arms Lemmy's eyes lit up and Drake pounced from his seat, covering Lemmy's maw as he attempted to squeal in delight, thankfully being muffled by Drake's plump, fatty paw. Lemmy blushed and rubbed the back of his head at the embarrassing automatic response "S- sorry, I didn't mean t-" Lemmy attempted to explain before Roo softly shook his head and looked over to him "Nah it's alright hun, dun' worry about it." He cheerfully spoke, before looking behind him at the fridge, then back to Lemmy. "Hey hun? Could you get me something for Jouigi if you're not too busy with dinner?" He inquired, Lemmy's ears perking at the request before he gave a nod. "Sure, I know just the thing!" Lemmy quickly waddled back to the kitchen, pouring a bottle of milk before putting it into the microwave to warm it up for the little hatchling, making sure not to let the microwave beep and wake up the little dragon.

Returning a short time later, Lemmy handed Roo the bottle and he gently offered it to Jouigi, his eyes opened narrowly and he began to suckle from it, still mostly asleep while Roo softly rocked him back and forth, the three of them watching the tired little hatchling drink away at his bottle. Lemmy couldn't help but giggle, his massive tail swishing and wagging delightedly behind him at the absolutely adorable sight before jokingly inquiring "Can we keep 'em?" Roo chuckled and smiled, responding with "We'll see, maybe." before handing the now empty bottle back over to Lemmy. "Now then, when he wakes back up we can have plenty of-" Roo perked his ears as Jouigi grunted, squeezing his plush against his chest and rotund belly before lifting his tail, a loud 'Pffffrrrrrt!' roaring from his diaper before the little hatchling began to unload into it, the mush crackling as he pushed out more and more into his bulging, distending padding. Wetting the front and causing the back to sag and bloat with his mess. A few minutes went by before he'd finally finished relieving himself, rubbing his eyes tiredly before looking up at Roo.

Suddenly, Jouigi's eyes opened wide and his face was completely overcome with blush as he looked down at his huge, full diaper, he pressed his hind paws into the doughy, warm mound he'd created before gripping Roo's hoodie and burying his face in his plump chest. He mumbled, muffled by Roo's chest as he spoke "What's that? Hun I can't hear ya while you're doin' that.." Roo spoke, softly rubbing Jouigi's back. He then looked up, some tears rolling down his cheeks "I- I'm sorry.." He sniffled, looking up at Roo who folded his ears back, gently repositioning Jouigi to be sitting on his thick, filled diaper atop one of Roo's arms, his other paw held softly behind his back while he held him to his chest. "Aww Jouigi.. There's no need to be sorry, that's what they're for! Who's my 'lil awsome dwaggie?" Roo smiled and perked his ears back up, rubbing Jouigi's back. "Come on, you know the answer, who is it?" Roo insisted playfully, bouncing Jouigi a bit in his arm while he held him closely. "M- me..?" Jouigi sniffled again, wiping his cheeks some. Roo smiled even more before giving a nod and hugging Jouigi close, pressing him between his breasts while he nestled his fluffy chin over his head "You know it 'lil buddy, the most amazing dwaggie in the world." He reassured him, before giving his forehead a smooch "Now then, you wanna get cleaned up buddy?" Roo inquired, helping wipe Jouigi's previous tears before returning his paw to the hatchling's back.

He nodded shakily, pressing his hind paws into his huge, filled diaper. "I can help with that!" Lemmy responded, waddling his way back over to the three of them. "Drakey dear, could you tend to the food while I take care of this? ..And don't. Eat it." Drake rolled his eyes and nodded as he stood from his seat. "You don't have to say that every time you know.." He responded as he waddled his way towards the kitchen. "Oh but I do, the last ten times I didn't we couldn't even get into the kitchen because of you binge eating everything we had ya fat kitty." Lemmy huffed before letting out a sigh, looking down at Jouigi "Come on now 'lil hatchling, lets get you cleaned up, then it's dinner time." He cheerfully spoke, smiling at him while Jouigi made little grabby paws at the large, motherly lemur, clinging to him after Roo had handed him over. His grip was no longer absolutely crushing the little dragon, more so gently holding him between his breasts. "Oh, Roo? My paws are kinda full here, could you bring those with us?" Lemmy asked, gesturing with a tilt of his head to the pink diaper and apparel. "Oh, sure thing!" he responded, nabbing them from the coffee table and following behind Lemmy to the nursery. "I'll leave this to you, I need to go make sure Drake doesn't eat everything again." Roo spoke, leaving the supplies on the changing table before Lemmy sat Jouigi down and got him out of that soiled padding.

Cleaning him up and laying him on his back, he put the new, excessively thick, pink, and filly diaper around his rear, powdering the little hatchling's padding up before fastening it around his waist. "There we go, nice and clean!" He declared happily while Jouigi unsuccessfully tried his best to sit up. The diaper was so thick.. it pressed his legs apart and prevented his feet from even reaching the ground! He blushed brightly and hugged his plush to his chest while Lemmy slipped some striped, pink thigh-high socks onto the little guy, before putting some booties on over those. gently removing his hat, then his shirt, before pulling a frilly dress over him, along with some mittens. Jouigi had never blushed so much in his entire life, having been dressed up in such a thick, frilly outfit. He squeezes his lion cub plush to his chest and irrepressibly wagged his tail, buried in a thick crater of poofy padding behind him. Despite how embarrassing it was.. Jouigi delighted in the outfit, he loved the humongous padding, and he adored being taken care of like a little hatchling by the three large fluffballs. "Now then, all set 'lil guy?" Lemmy asked, leaning down to gently lift him back up. He nodded and once again clung to Lemmy's chest as he was carried back out towards the kitchen.

Upon leaving the nursery and strolling down the hall Jouigi's stomach growled hungrily, demanding attention and causing him to blush. "Don't worry 'lil guy we're headed there right now." Lemmy cheerfully replied to the hungry hatchling, wondering into the kitchen to see Roo watching Drake like a hawk, eyes narrowed and arms folded. "Erm.. everything alright?" Lemmy asked the two in worrying curiosity. "Yeah, we're all good." Roo spoke, unfolding his arms as he made his way over to Jouigi and Lemmy. "Nothing out of the ordinary, just a fat kitty who can't wait to stick his paws in the food." he added, Drake's ears perking before folding back, his huge tail flicking about behind him. Lemmy sighed and gently gave Jouigi over to Roo before heading over to the overweight feline. "Now dear.. don't worry about it, I know you're hungry, go ahead 'n take Roo 'n Jouigi over to the table 'n help them set up, I'll have your dinner over shortly." Lemmy did his best to comfort Drake before giving him a loving hug, their obese, doughy bellies and breasts squishing against one another.

"Alright, come on you t-" Drake froze as he turned to see Jouigi, adorned in frilly pink attire he blushed and struggled to maintain his composure at the excessively adorable sight of the little hatchling in Roo's arms. Roo looked down and smiled, giving Jouigi a nuzzle to his cheek "Cutest 'lil sissy hatchling the world's ever seen, hehe." He teased, causing him to blush and wriggle some in Roo's embrace "Can you even walk in that thing?" Drake smerked and chuckled softly, pressing his paw into Jouigi's excessively thick diaperfront, causing it to audibly crinkle about. Jouigi's face flushed red, his stubby tail rapidly wagging while he hid his face bashfully behind his plush, too shy to speak a word. Roo continued to smile and softly rocked Jouigi in his arms, keeping him held closely before looking over to Drake, darting his eyes over towards the humongous dining table in the other room along with a soft motion of his head, gesturing for him to head over while he took care of Jouigi.

Giving a nod, Drake waddled his way over to the other room, the mahogany dining table was astronomical, capable of fitting an entire feast, if not two or even more at once! There were no chairs, excluding several sturdy, wide, mahogany benches that were sitting along the walls. Drake found a nice spot and simply sat on the ground, his enormous rear being more than ample enough to act as a doughy, comfortable chair. Roo and Jouigi soon followed, Roo pulled up a bench from the wall for the dragon to sit in, his thick, poofy padding acting as a booster seat and allowing him to reach the top of the large table while Roo sat comfortable next to him on the ground. Despite the table's height, Roo's absurdly tremendous, and plump rear was a bit much, along with his plump middle, being a bit too high, and too fat to fit the table like anyone else as he had to knead and squish his stomach beneath it to get close enough to reach his plate.

Roo blushed and wriggled his way into a comfortable eating position while Jouigi giggled at his troublesome girth "Roo are you sure you need to eat? Any more and you might just be stuck here!" Jouigi teased in return for the earlier comments made to him, causing Roo to swish his huge tail about across the floor "Of course I need to eat! And if I'm stuck, that just means I'm right where I need to be to get more food, it's a win-win!" Sticking his tongue out, he smiled and gave a playful giggle before raising his snout into the air, sniffing a few times before his gaze fixated at the doorway. Surely enough, after some seconds Lemmy came strolling in, paws full of plates and dishes, all kinds of food being placed across the length of the table. Pork, chicken, beef, pizza, pasta, cake, eclairs, fish, fruit, bread, everything you could imagine was there somewhere among the sea of food as dish after dish was strewn across the table.

Roo was shaking, it was obvious it was taking every ounce of restraint he had to not gobble up everything within his immediate reach, his stomach growled and grumbled angrily as he waited for Lemmy to finish setting the table, while Drake simply folded his arms over the table and rested his cheek upon them, tiredly waiting for his food to come to him. After about five minutes or so, the table had been set from end to end with delicious food of every shape, size, and kind. As Lemmy sat down beside Drake he handed him a large plate of fish and herb noodles before the kitty began to dig in, Roo reached over and grabbed a big plate of spaghetti for Jouigi as well before he began to dig into his own meal, being everything he could reach on the table. The three ate, and ate, their stomachs steadily distending as they bloated with pound after pound of heavenly food.

Jouigi finished his plate and wobbled on his thick diaper, pulling over some cake to dig into, his already plump belly pressing against the table while Roo had to somehow manage to pull his obese belly out from underneath the table, rolling on top of it to reach his food as his stomach rapidly swelled and ballooned with the feast being forced into it's seemingly ceaseless depths. Drake happily raised one plate after another, simply letting meal after meal drop into his voracious maw before gulping it down whole, his belly bulging out with different foods, visable bulges of some of the more bulgy foods appearing in his hide as his belly ballooned, meanwhile Lemmy, the only one of the four with any sense of self control simply ate at a 'normal' pace, finishing a plate or two in the time the others had put away a dozen. Jouigi soon found himself too full to take another bite, too full to really even move! His belly has bloated out bigger than the rest of him put together, growling and glorping as it churned away at it's contents, his plump outie pressing against the table as he placed his paws on his taut, distended middle.

The little dragon blushed as his humongous middle rumbled, causing his whole body to vibrate before he instinctively raised his tail and let out a huge, roaring 'Frrrrrrrrrrrt!" trying his best to hide behind his paws afterwards in embarrassment. Roo giggled and looked over at the little bloating, gassy hatchling "You silly dragon, you know sweets make ya gassy!" Jouigi wriggled in his diaper as another bellowing blast of gas was let loose in his padding, his stomach slowly swelling as it filled with all the more. Meanwhile Roo had become a colossal, food-bloated blimp. His stomach huge, and rotund, legs stretched onto either side of his rounded body while his diaper was just barely keeping itself in one piece. It looked as if he'd been inflated like a balloon, with his torso and up being the neck of it, he blushed and pressed his paws into his disproportionately colossal middle "I miiight be sleeping here tonight, haha.." He gave a bashful smile and blushed, before looking over at Drake, his stomach was bulging, creases and sharp corners of food.. and several plates, bulging out of his belly, having eaten a huge feast of his own without taking a single bite. Drake let out a loud, content 'Uuuurrrraaaap!' before lapping across his lips while rubbing over the large bulges in his hide.

"Did you even taste the food?" Lemmy teased, wriggling his obese gut out from underneath the table to wobble over and poke Drake's gut. "Yeah, I got some flavor here 'n there, it was great! Though I think you might be out a few dishes now, my paws slipped." Drake blushed and kneaded at his churning, loudly growling gut. "Hehe, that's why I have plenty of 'em, now come on.. time for everyone to get ready for some sleep before the food comas set in. Lemmy put his arms underneath Drake's and helped yank the bloated kitty's belly out from underneath the table, before wobbling over to heft up the gassy little dragon ball, rubbing over his huge, swollen balloon of a belly. "Hope you enjoyed the meal, 'lil one." Lemmy smiled and gently pat Jouigi's ballooned gut, it sounded like he was patting a balloon, and Jouigi wriggled in his embrace, all flustered from the feeling of that fat paw rubbing over his taut, sensitive hide.

"Erm.. guys? I think we all might be sleeping in here tonight." Drake commented, unable to fit through the door, before looking at everyone else. Lemmy, even with his sensible eating, still was too fat to fit through the doorway, Drake was even bigger, Roo was the size of nearly a third of the room and was completely immobile from the waist down, and Jouigi's diaper alone prevented him from walking, let alone his swelling belly. "Welp.. good thing we're all in diapers! And even better-" Lemmy smiled and strolled over to Roo, rubbing his ballooned, obese belly "good thing we have the most comfortable bed in the house right here!" Roo blushed as the fluffy paw ran over his taut, yet still doughy hide, And before long Lemmy and Drake pushed the table to the side of the room against the wall, before rolling Roo over onto his back, Drake clambered up onto the top of Mt. Roo and helped Lemmy bring Jouigi on board, before the three of them got comfortable tucked into that stretchy, snug, cozy pouch like a humongous, plush blanket hugging around their swollen, ballooned bodies. "Lemmy and Drake looked over to Jouigi while Roo had his upper half laying on the table for comfort, his lower body having lifted him quite a ways from the ground. "S-So uhh.." Jouigi blushed before irrepressibly letting out another huge fart in Roo's pouch, blushing and hugging his plush to his swollen chest. He gulped bashfully and waggled his tail against Roo's belly.

"Thank you all for having me, this's been the best sleepover ever!" He squeezed the little lion cub and smiled up at Lemmy who reached over and ruffled his hair with his plump paw. "Anytime dear, whenever you need a nice meal or wanna visit, you hop right on by, alright?" Jouigi smiled and wriggled down contently in Roo's pouch, holding his plush in one arm while he held onto Roo's pouch lip with his free paw. "So u-uhmm.. S- same thing at my place?" Jouigi looked up at Lemmy who simply smiled and wagged his huge, floofy tail. "Sure thing hun, we'd love to." The three then got nice and cozy for the night atop Roo's humongous blimp of a belly, it's growls and vibrations being oddly comforting as it lulled the four of them to sleep after a long, wonderful day together.

Sleepover at Roo's


27 May 2017 at 02:32:59 MDT

Jouigi has been invited to stay at Roo's for the evening for a night of fun with Drake and Lemmy in tail, who knows what kind of mischievous things they have in store for the little dragon!

This's a $50 commission for my good friend Jouigi it took a while to complete but I'm happy with how it turned out, and I hope you all enjoy it!