Sleepover at Jouigi's by Roozard

Some days after his initial visit, Jouigi remained at the humble abode of Roo, Drake, and Lemmy, having gotten themselves too fattened up and full to even leave the dining room, let alone waddle across town to the little hatchling's cave. One day after another passed, as their bodies steadily resumed something close to their original weight, although their bellies were still fairly more rotund than normal, and their frames were still rather plump, movement was once again a possibility, and the wide doorways of the home no longer confining them to any one, single room. They could finally sleep in their own beds again, while Jouigi continued to use Roo's obese paunch as his own personal mattress, content among the warm, welcoming, fatty fluffs each night.

As the house lay slumbering in hushed content the all too familiar sound of muffled birds chittering amongst themselves beyond the walls of the home broke the deafening silence, the occasional sound of woodpeckers digging into trees echoing throughout the home. Every now and then as the sound of beak hitting bark filled the home and Roo's ear would twitch and flit at the sudden, rapid onslaught of tapping. Eventually it all became too much, like a natural alarm clock, the lumbering, ponderous Roo was roused from his sleep, letting out a long, slumbersome yawn as he stretched and groaned. All the while his still excessively large, rotund belly jiggled in the air in front of him.

All of the shaking and sloshing of Roo's bloated stomach waking Jouigi in the process, as he squeezed his lion cub plushy against his chest and rolled over tiredly onto his side in Roo's snug pouchy as much as his pudgy, doughy middle would allow him to. Mumbling softly to himself "Just five more hours.." before hastily passing back out once again, the little dragon's stubby tail wagging softly, causing his thick padding to crinkle about. Roo smiled and let out a content sigh before laying back down in his oversized cat bed, rubbing his obese, bloated balloon of a stomach, slowly rocking Jouigi back and forth as he lay on top. As minutes passed Roo slowly grew bored of laying around in his bed, unable to fall back to sleep from the surrounding wildlife, reaching over his bedside, he grabbed the television remote and hit the power and mute buttons in rapid succession, making sure not to wake his slumbering guest in the process. Letting out another relaxed sigh, Roo watched cartoons and left Jouigi to continue to napping for as long as he pleased, meanwhile Drake and Lemmy stirred from their beds in the other room, coming out soon after into the living room where Jouigi and Roo lay, before making their way into the conjoined kitchen.

Thankfully Lemmy peered over the counter at the two of them to see Roo rather upset with a 'hush' gesture before pointing to the still slumbersome dragon as he wriggled and mumbled in his large, fluffy pouch. Lemmy blushed and covered his mouth with his paws before Drake waddled up behind him, continuing to talk, before Lemmy put his paw over his mouth as well. Pointing to Jouigi soon after before the oversized, obese feline let out a sigh and gave a nod, he pointed behind him with his thumb at the fridge with a raised brow, silently asking Roo if it would be alright to begin preparation for breakfast, he gave a nod but placed his finger to his lips again, asking the two to do so quietly and let Jouigi sleep. Drake pounced away out of sight before the creaking of cabinets being opened could be heard throughout the house as the fat cat cautiously, yet eagerly pulled out several skillets and cooking utensils. Lemmy shook his head at the cat and rolled his eyes before looking back to Roo and giving a thumbs up, he then walking away towards Drake and the ruckus soon quieted down.

Roo smiles and let out a soft, content huff as he softly leaned up in his bed, leaning his back against the mound of pillows behind him as he watched cartoons and let Jouigi sleep well into the late morning as breakfast was prepared for the four of them. As the credits to his show ended Lemmy smiled and called out "Breakfast is ready!" Jouigi narrowly opened his eyes before letting out a long, tired yawn, stretching and rolling over in Roo's snug pouchy before grabbing onto the plush lip of his pouch, lifting his snout into the air and sniffing as his tail furiously began to wag at the scent of crispy bacon and eggs, with the sweet tinge of warm maple syrup. "Yay breakfast!" Jouigi exclaimed, bouncing eagerly in Roo's pouch, his plump middle bulging out Roo's pouch and padding as it crinkled and rustled from the excited little hatchling.

"Hehe, settle down or I won't be able to get up with you bouncin' like that! Maybe you've spent a bit too much time in there, you're turnin' into a 'lil joey with all this hopping." Roo teased, leaning into his immense, disproportionately huge gut to reach over it and ruffle Jouigi's hair, causing him to blush and wriggle down deeper into his pouch, holding onto the plush lip as he bashfully hid himself. "Then I'll be a 'lil Roo, because it's way too cozy in here to come out." Jouigi huffed and rested his chin on Roo's plush pouch lip and the thick waistband of his padding while he peeked out across the house, soon enough Roo managed to roll himself to his feet, grabbing his pouch lip to help heft up his gargantuan balloon of a gut before making his way over to the dining room, sitting down on his rump to where Jouigi had access to his plate, waiting for Lemmy and Drake to come in with the food.

Jouigi played with his silverware as he waited, while Roo placed a large napkin over what little of his ample bosom it could hide, and sure enough within a few minutes in came the two plump fluffballs with several plates for each of them. Lemmy placed Roo's on his enormous belly, being far too large to actually reach the table, while Jouigi's was placed in front of him on the table, immediately being coated in syrup before being gobbled down. Despite the normal eating habits of the household, in order to get to a more mobile size the four of them cut back to a more reasonable amount of food for their meals so they could lose enough of their extra pounds to move around once again. Lemmy was for the most part back to his normal self, save a few dozen extra pounds of paunch and hips, as was Jouigi, excluding his still rather rotund tum, Drake was a little bit more so than the other two, still wobbling with each step, while Roo.. Well, he snuck snacks. A lot of snacks. ...Constantly. So despite the 'diet' he still had a paunch bigger than a recliner, but at least he could move.

After having eaten their breakfast and licked the syrup from their plates, the four of them decided to watch a bit of television and relax before heading out to their hatchling's home, Jouigi stayed comfortably in Roo's pouch, letting out the occasional sugary belch as his belly grumbled from the meal, wagging and smiling while he snugged his plush. While Roo sat in his bed, and Lemmy and Drake sat in their on respective couches, that barely managed to fit either of them. "Ooh, I wanna play this!" Roo exclaimed, rolling forward a bit on his stomach while he pressed his from paws deeply into his doughy girth, looking over at the flatscreen with delight. It was a commercial for the new Splatoon game coming to the Switch, Roo's tail wagged rapidly behind him, flinging a pillow this way and that. "Oh! I have that back at my place, we can play it with mom when we get there!" Jouigi remarked, turning around to squish his paws into Roo's middle to get his attention.

"Ooooooh what're we waiting for then!?" Roo excitedly replied, huffing and pressing his paws deeper into his middle while he tried to stand "H-Hhrrrrf..! I.. Uhh.. Might need a bit of help." He mumbled through his exhausted pants before flopping over his breasts tiredly. Drake rolled his eyes and waddled over while Lemmy wriggled himself free of his couch's grasp before the two of them grabbed Roo's arms and helped pull him to his feet. "Okay then, let me call mom and tell her we're coming home." With much effort Roo managed to waddle his way over to the phone, nabbing it from the wall before holding onto the line and letting it slowly slide it's way down his paunch to Jouigi. He quickly put in the number and wriggled down comfortably into Roo's pouch, with only the cord poking out from within. His voice muffledly emanating from the bulge in Roo's pouch and padding "Hi mom! I- ..Yeah I'm fine. Yeah, they've been taking great care of me. ..Yes I've had breakfast. ..Yes, I can walk, kinda. No I- No mom, we're fine, we're coming over right now don't worry about it. Alright, love you too mom, bye!" Jouigi's paw poked out of the pouch with the phone in hand, tugging on the cord Roo slowly fished it back up within reach before placing it back on the wall.

"Alright, we're good to go!" Jouigi eagerly yipped as his torso popped out of Roo's pouch. "We can go in my truck, it's the only thing big enough to fit this guy here." Drake remarked, leaning on Roo's obese paunch, causing it to sway softly and Roo's plump cheeks to flush red. "A- alright, lead the way Fluffybuns." Drake huffed and flicked his tail about in resentment at being called by his middle name before heading out to the driveway, clambering into the driver's side seat as Lemmy lowered some steps for Roo to get into the back of the truck and help him get his large seatbelt fixed over his dome of a belly. "Jouigi sweetie, I dunno if it's safe for you to be in there while we're driving." Lemmy remarked worryingly remarked, poking his paws together. "Why dont'cha come and sit up front with me 'n Drake, hun?" He offered, and gestured to the passenger side seat.

"What're ya talking about? This's probably the safest place I could be! Built in seatbelt-" Jouigi tugged on Roo's pouch lip, causing him to blush "Safety padding-" he added, as he pressed his paw into Roo's diaper front, earning even more blush from the massive marsupial "...More safety padding-" he pressed his paws into Roo's obese paunch, causing him to hide behind his paws sheepishly. "Well, you have a point. Alright, just be careful hun!" Lemmy replied before giving the little pudgy dragon a loving nuzzle to his cheek, then heading off to the front of the truck, wedging himself inside beside Drake. "Alrightys hun, it's at the hill on the other side of town, and no stopping for snacks this time or we'll never make it there, okay?" Drake huffed and folded his ears back at the comment before Lemmy gave him a big hug. "I'm sure Jouigi has some snacks at his house, we'll feed ya then, okay sweetie?" He smiled and looked up at the fat cat before he gave a soft huff and smile in return, giving the large lemur a kiss on the forehead.

"Alright, lets get goin', I dunno how long the truck can handle all of this fluff." Drake spoke, causing Lemmy to blush, his absurdly humongous tail wrapped around himself while he cuddled it against his chest. "Not you Lemmy, you're fine." he added, giving his plump friend a few pats before backing out of the driveway. Meanwhile in the back of the Truck Jouigi was having the time of his life "Ooooh this's like some kinda amusement park ride!" Sitting in the back of the truck, all snugly tucked into that enormous pouch was quite the strange feeling, each bump causing him to jiggle and wobble with that bouncing belly, waving at cars and furs as they passed through town, and being able to watch the road and buildings appear beside him before slowly being distanced, it was strangely satisfying and definitely the little hatchling's favorite way to get across town to date! "Do it again, do it again!" Jouigi eagerly bounced in Roo's pouch as they drove up near the mouth of the cave. "We can when we go back to my house 'lil buddy, don't worry." Roo cheerfully replied, peeking over his belly at the excited little dragon, his stubby tail wagging furiously.

"Promise?" He inquired, pressing his paws into Roo's paunch while he looked hopefully up at the looming kangaroo. He chuckled and smiled, leaning over his bosom and belly to ruffle the little dragon's hair "Promise." Roo lovingly replied, before hefting the little dragon out of his pouch to cradle him in his arms against his bosom, letting Lemmy unbuckle his seat belt once he'd gotten out of the front seat, while Drake set up the stairs once more, and with some effort and wriggling, the colossal Roo managed to free his rump from the snug grip of the truck, making his way over to the maw of Jouigi's cave. "Mooooom we're hoooooome!" Jouigi shouted from Roo's embrace, sitting up on his belly while he was tucked snugly into Roo's plush bosom, blushing and wagging happily, causing his padding to crinkle aloud.

Mere moments later Switchmom padded her way out to the entrance of the cave, perking her ears and giggling at the sight of Jouigi tucked snugly in between those fluffy mounds, reaching up on her tip toes to lean over Roo's belly and gently pick up her little hatchling. "Oh thank you all for taking such good care of my wonderful, dear 'lil Jo, I know he can be a bit of a pawful sometimes, but I'm glad to see you all had fun!" She grunted softly, the pudgy puppy mother hefting Jouigi up to cradle him in her arms, holding him close before giving the little dragon lots of loving nuzzles, happy to have her hatchling back in her arms. "M-Mom you're embarrassing me. Jouigi wriggled softly before simply hiding his face bashfully, his stubby tail shaking in shyness. "My apologies sweetie, I'm just so happy to have my baby back home." She blushed and gestured towards the interior of the cave with her snout "Come on in everyone, I'll fix you all something to eat." Drake's ears perked at the mention of food and his plush tail wagged rapidly behind him, as did Roo's, while Lemmy led the two of them inside.

As they got settled in, the sun overhead had steadily sunken low on the horizon, hiding behind buildings from the town and casting their looming shadows across the landscape as the crickets and other night time critters began to make their nightly music. As the five of them strolled into the large cavern Switchmom gave Jouigi's forehead a loving kiss before setting him on his mound of gold and trinkets, giving him another adoring squeeze before making her way to the kitchen. "Please, make yourselves at home, would any of you like something to drink?" She graciously inquired, pulling some mugs out from the cupboards before heading over to the fridge. Meanwhile Roo sat on one side of the coffee table, being far too large for any of the traditional seating, while Drake took up the entire couch and then some, with Lemmy leaning over Roo's mound of a belly, getting comfortable in the doughy fluffs. "Oh, can I have a Yoohoo?" Jouigi bounced in his coins and wagged his tail eagerly, earning a giggle from Switchmom "Yes dear, but only one, it's not too far off bedtime after all. How about you three?" She spoke while pulling Jouigi's drink from the fridge, shaking it up before poking the straw in the container and handing it down to her little, chubby hatchling.

"Oh erm.. Some tea would be nice, if it's not too much of a burden." Lemmy poked his paws together and blushed bashfully, hiding behind Roo's bloated middle "Oh it's no trouble at all dear, I think I could go for a cup right now, myself!" She smiled, pulling out some tea bags while she began to fill the kettle under the faucet. "You got any soda, by chance?" Drake bluntly asked, trying to peek back at Switchmom from his spot on the couch "Sure do hun, we only got grape flavor though, so I hope that's alright." She pulled a can from the fridge door before heading over and giving it to the ample kitty who eagerly popped it open and began to drink. "And you dear?" Switchmom inquired, strolling over to Roo to rub his distended middle some. "Oh e-erm.." Roo pondered and scratched the back of his head "I'll have what Jouigi's having, I suppose." He gave a little smile before Switchmom went and grabbed him a little carton to drink from, shaking it and poking a hole in it for him as she did for Jouigi. "Here ya go sweetie, and thank you for taking such good care of my 'lil Jo this past week, I'm glad he had fun." Switchmom smiled and gave Roo a hug as best she could, while he held her to his side in turn, letting out irrepressible purrs from the affection of the sweet-hearted, plump puppy.

Jouigi sluuuuurped on his carton of Yoohoo and continued to wag his tail happily before his ears perked suddenly "Oh, Roo you still wanna play Splatoon?" He excitedly asked, pressing his paws into his distended belly while he held onto his drink. "Ooh, yeah!" Roo's huge tail swished and swayed across the floor, while Switchmom giggled at his side "Okay boys, but remember not to get too worked up with bedtime right around the corner. I'll go find the game while you enjoy your drinks, 'n whenever you're all ready we can start." Switchmom gave Roo's doughy dome of a middle a few pats before waddling over to Jouigi, ruffling his hair affectionately as she padded past towards the game rack near the television. "You guys are gonna love this, mom makes the games feel so rea-" Switchmom padded back to the gang, waving happily "Okay, found it! You all good to go?" She eagerly asked the lot of them. "Go? Go whe-" Roo attempted to ask before abruptly getting interrupted by an excited little hatchling "Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes!" Jouigi eagerly bounced in his seat, a bit worked up from the sugar, that much was obvious.

Moments later the entire cave seemed to get scanned, wireframe lines appearing on every surface, the walls of the cave, the coffee table, even the four of them got scanned. And before Roo, Drake, or Lemmy knew what was going on, a huge burst of light blinded their vision, they winced, and shielded their eyes, but it only lasted for a mere instant. Once their eyes opened once more they noticed that they felt a bit strange, looking at one another to see that their appearances reflected such an odd feeling! They had grown features akin to a the Splatoon Squidlings, various parts of them having become, or grown plump, doughy looking tentacles in a rather cute fashion, while Roo's tail had also gained several suckers on it's underside, the three of them blushed, looking at each other with the little black squidling mask on each of their faces, each now adorned in Splatoon attire. Or in Roo's case, the game attempted to dress him, but nothing was quite in his size. Jouigi smiled and bounced over, hopping up onto the squid-a-roo's stomach with a playful smile.

"Hehe, told you she makes the games feel real! Come on lets go to the versus mode, come on, come on!" Jouigi tugged on Roo's arm, he blushed brightly and did his best to stand before the four of them waddled over to a building, the word "VERSUS" above it in big, bold, red letters, seemingly having been splattered with several colors of paint on each end. "So e-erm.. What happened exactly?" Lemmy asked Jouigi as they wondered into the pitch-black door, winding up in a waiting room with a floating list of options from game modes to their fine tuned options, such as time limits, team numbers, among other things. "Oh, we're playing the game in virtual reality mode, it's something only Switchmom can do, I think. But it makes you feel like you're right inside the game, and it makes it a lot funner!" Jouigi smiled and stood up on Roo's plump middle to slide this option and that, fine tuning their match to the perfect settings before hitting the big, green button in the corner with "GO!" written on it.

Upon hitting the button a timer popped up above each of their heads that started at 10 and began counting down. "You all know how this works, right? Just gotta cover as much terrain as possible in your color and you win! See ya on the other side!" Jouigi waved before he poofed into a bunch of sparkles, soon after Roo did the same, along with Lemmy and Drake both. Before they knew it Lemmy and Drake were on one end of the arena with Jouigi and Roo being on the other, they looked at each other, somewhat confused, but before long an arsenal of paint based weaponry opened up from panels along the walls waiting for the four of them to choose their preferred tools of massive, messy destruction. Jouigi chose himself a rapidfire blaster, Roo swiped a massive paint roller from it's holster, while Lemmy grabbed a sniper from it's rack, and Drake snagged a paint sprayer along side it. Another huge countdown appeared in the middle of the arena, 10, 9, 8, 7, the four of them got to the gated exits of their spawn locations and readied themselves. 6, 5, 4, Drake smirked at Lemmy, unbeknownst to him, the fat cat had his own agenda to fulfill this round. 3, 2, 1, ..GO! Jouigi hopped up on Roo's obese belly for a better vantage point while he waddled out of the spawn area, bouncing and jiggling as his huge paint roller coated the ground in front of him everywhere he went.

Meanwhile Lemmy took up a position waiting for the two of them to round a corner while Drake coated everything in sight with paint, splashing Lemmy with it as well before long. "Hey, what're you doing, you know we're on the same side ri-?" Lemmy turned to Drake, and when he did so the plump cat began to blast paint into the plump lemur's maw, his belly bulged out beneath him, tinting red as his eyes opened wide in surprise, he dropped his gun and attempted in vain to bat his paws at the unceasing torrent of paint as his gut rapidly ballooned beneath him, spreading his legs and arms as he was lifted from the ground. His arms becoming too thick and inflated to contest to filling any longer as his belly steadily tinted red with the paint of their team, the lemur's hide growing thin as he became a massive paint balloon, looming over the nearby terrain. Drake had finally finished filling his teammate to the brim and then some with paint, he moaned and let out a roaring, colossal belch that echoed throughout the entire arena, causing Jouigi and Roo to look at each other before heading in it's direction.

Drake patted the drum-taut hide of Lemmy's belly, his puffed cheeks pressing against his blimped neck, face splattered with paint "Hehe, there we go, I'd say I've done my jo-" as the plump kitty toyed with his big balloon the two others rounded the corner, ready to fire, only to drop their guns in astonishment at the colossal paint balloon sitting before them. "Oh, thanks you two! Saved me the trouble of lookin' for ya!" Drake mischievously remarked, a large, toothy grin stretching across his face as the playful, fat cat blasted Roo's maw with the paint sprayer, he flailed and pawed at the paint only to follow in his friend's footsteps, his middle surged and groaned, sending Jouigi tumbling off of the rapidly expanding frame of his friend as Drake waddled up closer and closer until he popped the nozzle of the gun between Roo's lips. Filling him up bigger, and fuller with each passing second as his cheeks blimped either side of his head, his neck distended and bloated, pressing around his head like a hugely over inflated innertube while his body rounded out like a colossal ball. His paws bloated and filled with paint as they cratered deeply into his filling body, growing to the size of his fluffy friend and soon rapidly going beyond that, the terrain around him cracking and crumbling from his growth, climbable towers being toppled, bridges being broken, waist high cover now flattened.

Jouigi did his best to scamper away and grab his gun, but by the time he'd managed to get to a safe hiding spot Roo had grown so large that his huge frame pressed against the distant ceiling of the arena, he'd blocked off the vast majority of the other half of the arena, all of his features having sunken deeply into his enormous frame, while his tail filled whatever his body didn't of the remaining areas the other three weren't in. Jouigi's mouth was agape in awe as he looked up at the huge, red Roo, looking like a colossal cherry that had blimped across the entire arena. Pulling his gun from Roo's maw Drake patted the drum taut hide of his friend before turning to Jouigi, narrowing his eyes and trying to blast the little hatchling in his maw as well. He ducked behind cover before popping out the other side, blasting his own green paint at Drake's maw, the cat winced as his belly blorped and groaned, sloshing as it ballooned in front of him, but despite it's growth Drake pointed his gun towards the little squid-dragon and fired, blasting paint into his maw and causing his middle to suddenly explode in size, he winced as his now rather rotund balloon of a stomach distended heavily in front of him and forced him to roll onto it's hefty, sloshing girth. Now immobilized Drake neared the ballooning hatchling to do the same to him as he did to Lemmy and Roo, only to have his gun smacked from his hand by Jouigi's before it was stuffed into the large kitty's maw.

Drake's already bloated middle suddenly surged in size, pressing firmly against the hatchling as his belly steadily grew more taut with each passing second. His apparel stretched and strained around his growing frame, giving way to his swelling girth as he whimpered and whined, belly groaning and grumbling in protest to the seemingly unceasing filling as Drake's body began to turn transparent from it's ballooning size, belly tinting green with the countless gallons of paint being pumped into him as his body began to overtake his swollen limbs. His paws sunken deep into craters as his enormous frame rounded out, and overtook Lemmy's in size while his neck inflated like an immensely oversized innertube. Minutes passed and before long Jouigi's gun had run out of paint to continue packing into the oversized kitty balloon. Pulling the paint gun from Drake's maw, the large kitty hurfed and his cheeks blimped before he let out a colossal, ground-shaking belch, followed by another, and yet another still! "Urrrrr-rraaaarrrp! Brraaaaaap! H- hey, this actually doesn't taste- Urrrrrrrrp..! As bad as I thought it would, it's kinda like apple j- urrraaaap! J- jelly. I like it!" The cat remarked through his irrepressible burps and belches, albeit muffled through his enormous frame, Roo attempted to reply, but his enormously swollen body prevented him from doing so as it sloshed, groaned, and growled loudly. Lemmy belched and huffed, his floofy tail swishing this way and that, being the only part of him still capable of moving at this point.

After a little while of kneading his own bloated, doughy, sloshing middle in the shade of the immensely bloated cat paintball in front of him, Jouigi perked his ears and looked up as a loud buzzer emanated across what was left of the paint splattered, mostly crushed arena. Switchmom's voice came across the loudspeaker "It looks like Red Team has been rendered unable to continue the match with Green team having covered a total 62% of the map and Red at 27%, that means Green Team wins! Congrazzles my 'lil Jo, you're MVP of the match! Now then, time for all of you to get some sleep." Roo did his best to contest, wanting to stay as he presently was, before a large burst of white light once again filled their vision, and before they knew it, the lot of them were once again in Jouigi's cave right back where they were prior to playing. Jouigi belched and flopped over in his mound of coins while Roo pressed and kneaded his belly, wanting to fill it up like it had been previously, Lemmy was leaned over on Roo's stomach, still dazed from his previous filling, while Drake was sitting on the couch, tongue sticking out with the poofy-rumped feline also being quite disoriented from the recent filling. "Not the most conventional win, but a good one none the less!" Switchmom teasingly stated before heading over and picking up Jouigi "You okay my 'lil balloon?" She asked, sitting down in Jouigi's mound of gold while she cuddled him to her chest, cradling the little hatchling in her arms "Y-Yeah, just exhausted after that crazy round. Still feel pretty- u-urrp.. f- full." Jouigi blushed and hid his face in Switchmom's chest, doing his best to hug up to his plump puppy mom. "Aww I know, you did good though sweetie, and you can play again tomorrow, alright? Who's my wonderful 'lil Jo? Hmm?" Switchmom smiled and rocked her little hatchling back and forth slowly, causing his stubby tail to wag, making his diaper crinkle loudly before it slowly settled down as the tired, pudgy dragon fell asleep in her arms.

The rest of them watched as she rocked him to sleep and cuddled him close before setting him atop his mound of gold, gently tucking him in and giving him a kiss on the forehead once more. "Okay, lets get you all ready for bed then." She whispered, helping Drake get off the couch before converting it into a bed for herself, then helping the other three make a nice big bed out of pillows and blankets, letting Roo lay down amongst them before Lemmy and Drake took up a comfortable spot in the massive marsupial's pouch. They soon fell asleep, content and delighted after their long day of play at Jouigi's fun, little cave, Switchmom smiled, looking over at her snoozing little hatchling, before peeking over at the snoozing mound of fatty fluffs and pillows, she let out a content sigh and got comfortable, plugging herself in to be charged as she slept before pulling up the covers and falling asleep, herself. The five were so happy to be together on such a wonderful night, to have had such an amazing day together, and without a doubt planned to do it time and time again in the foreseeable future.

Sleepover at Jouigi's


14 June 2017 at 18:34:53 MDT

This is my half of a trade between Jouigidragon and I~ Hope you all enjoy it as much as he did!

His half: Here.

After Jouigi's previous fun over at Roo's humble abode with Drake and Lemmy in tow, the four of them decide to head over to the little hatchling's house to meet up with Switchmom, Jouigi's loving guardian, to continue the fun and have another sleepover together. Fun things are bound to happen with all of these plump, poof-balls together!

Jouigi & Switchmom belong to: Jouigidragon~

Roo, Drake, and Lemmy belong to me~