Blobby Roo Fun by Roozard

Blobby Roo Fun


24 March 2017 at 12:37:33 MDT

Roo loves being as fat as roofully possible, this is common knowledge by now~ And his boyfriends Drake 'n Lemmy are far more than happy to help make him into the mountain he was born to be~ But of course what do you do with a mountain? ..You climb it, and explore all of it's 'caves' and crevices, of course! (And also give it lots of snugs, smooches, and snacks to boot, in this case~)

An absolutely, absurdly adorable and wonderful picture drawn by the beyond sweet Cursoryexploration a while ago to help cheer me up, and it certainly has helped time and time again~ <3 Thank you again for this~