Akane Origins by Roozard

As morningtide broke over a moderate estate in the country, the first shining rays of light bathed the world in their brilliance, stirring the local critters to spring to life. Birds chirped and swooped from their tree abodes without a care as rabbits bounced about, seeking their morning meal, all the while in a nearby, large, lavish home seated in the middle of the estate lay a slumbering feline, exhausted before the day has even begun. The deafening, unceasing silence throughout the dormant home eventually broken by the sudden unwelcome buzz of an alarm clock, startling the poor, tired kitten in her bed.

Her thin, fluffy tail poofed up in surprise beneath her bed sheets as her fluffs stood up in surprise before she quickly calmed down, realizing it was simply her alarm clock on the nearby nightstand causing such a ruckus. Akane, the still slumbersome feline let out a troubled sigh and papped the 'Snooze' button on the alarm with her small paw before recovering her glasses that rested beside it. Akane breathed on the lenses and rubbed them off with her blanket before adorning the flawless spectacles that rested over her snout, throwing her blankets off her and clambering out of bed.

She opened the curtains, unveiling the windows, hit the power button on her nearby computer, and television, made her bed, and went to go freshen up for the day. As the doorway to the bathroom creaked and granted passage, the television sprung to life, having been left on the news channel from the previous night with an overly dressed male wolf, and female cat reporter listing off traffic, the weather forecast, rather boring yet important things Akane needed to know if she wanted to head out anywhere today.

Akane was listless, paying little to no attention to what was being said as she entered the bathroom, flicking on the light before looking at herself in the mirror. She was thin, excessively so, cheeks sunken slightly, limbs like poles, she couldn't have been but half the weight she was supposed to be. Her thick tan and yam colored fur, as well as her long, thick hair, being the only things that kept her from being paper thin. "Anorexia they say..-" Akane sighed once more, reaching for her toothbrush "Well at least there's a name for it, I'm not nuts." She stated to herself in dismay before brushing her teeth. Grabbing a brush, she strolled back into her room and sat on the bed, staring at the television whilest she groomed her unkempt hair, and touched up her messy fluffs.

"Three weeks ago today, 'there's not much we can do' they say, pfft. Well, oh well I guess there's not much anyone can do if the doctors don't have anything for me. Best thing I can do is just try and take my mind off it I suppose." Akane sighed once again and shook her head, allowing her brown, flowing hair come to rest in it's natural position after the grooming. She set her brush on the foot of the bed and meandered downstairs, logging into her computer before leaving. As she reached the base of the spiral stairwell, she looked down at herself, taking note she was still in her pink pajamas, causing her to blush. "Erm.. oops. Eh I'll change later no biggie."

Shrugging off her carelessness, Akane wondered into the kitchen, grabbing herself some sugary cereal before climbing back upstairs, plopping her fluffy rear down in her luxurious computer chair before pushing her keyboard gingerly aside to set down her breakfast, looking through emails and listening to videos as she ate. There were plenty of 'Get well soon' messages from friends, loved ones, family, even co-workers from down at the company she worked at. She was a businesswoman there, and mostly sold fruit products and medicines her company distributed.

Though among the dozens of thoughtful emails there was one from the chief of staff in the science department from her work. It was peculiar to say the least.
"We heard what happened, and we know what you're going through. We can help. Come in to work at around noon, we'll be expecting you, don't be late. - Hendrick, Chief of Staff"

This email gave Akane both great interest, and distress. Her curiosity peaked as to what they were referring to, and why were they being so secretive? Why on Earth was the chief of staff himself messaging her, he'd never gone so far as to speak a word to her in the past. But then she concluded that regardless of why they asked for her presence, it was mandatory, if nothing else she would be paid for coming into work. Giving a shrug Akane finished off a little over one third of her breakfast before setting it aside, playing some games on her computer before eventually getting burnt out on them.

Flopping back into bed on top of her sheets to recline, and relax for some time before work. After a brief cat nap, Akane had a satisfying stretch, groomed herself once more, and got dressed for the day. It was nearly 11AM at this point as Akane clambered over her work attire, the red button-up jacket being slightly too large for her, while her black shorts and skirt were also somewhat oversized for her unbelivibly thin frame. Finding clothes in her size was nigh impossible, and asking her workplace to supply such a thing, even more so.

She tugged up her clothes, grabbed her purse, and strolled downstairs, heading out the front door and into her red convertible. Taking a moment to look at the lush gardens she'd planted some time ago, as her green apple eyes shimmered in the sunlight, taking in a deep breath of the fragrant air, she started up her car and made her way to work, her hair twisting and flowing in the breeze. The drive through the country to her place of work was always so peaceful, secluded, and calming.

After half an hour of driving, Akane had made it to her place of work, a rather unassuming looking building about a dozen stories tall, housing countless workers from salesmen, accountants, you name it. If they had anything to do with business, they were there. Parking in her usual preordained parking spot, Akane was greeted by the desk clerk who was strangely waiting for her. "Good day miss Akane, I hope you have been doing well!" The desk clerk was an exceedingly perky male fox, he was also rather rotund, overweight, and unbelivibly fluffy. Someone that looks like you could use for a bed if you were small enough.

"Oh, hey there Jerry, what's up?" Akane was fond of Jerry, he was always so sweet, bought people doughnuts from time to time, even though he always ate the majority of them before they even made it through the front door. The two gave one another a quick hug before they began to head towards the front door of the building. "Well, as you may know if you checked your E-mails this morning, you're supposed to be meeting with Mr. Hendrick today, yeah?" Jerry asked curiously, tilting his head with one ear adorably flopped over.

Akane giggled and gave a nod before petting him, earning some purrs and wags from the pudgy fluffball. "Hehe, yeah ya big silly, though he didn't say much, hardly anything really. Is he always so..-" Akane paused, trying to find the utmost 'polite' term to come up with. "Weird?" Jerry replied. Akane chuckled and nodded "Heheh, yeah." Jerry nodded back nonchalantly and shrugged "Eh, yeah kinda. But the guy's head of a super secrety science department, what're ya gonna do?" The two strolled through the front door, the cool air conditioned breeze hitting them like a brick wall from the scorching outside.

Akane gave a relieved sigh as the blast of cool air flowed through her thick fur, she wagged her tail and strolled on into the main room. Jerry smiled and gave her a gentle pat-pat on the back to wake her up from the enthralling cool breeze before pointing over to one of the several main elevators of the building. "Say, you've never been to the science wing before, have ya?" Jerry inquired curiously with one brow raised. "Erm..-" Akane scritched behind one of her large orange ears that twitched softly to the touch. "Nope, don't believe I have. Is it different from the business section?" Jerry gave a single chuckle, more like a sigh and shook his head softly "It's.. well.. you'll see hun, dun' worry about it."

The two entered the elevator where Jerry then pulled out a key from his back pocket, sticking it into a slot between the upper normal buttons to go to the higher, business floors, and the lower buttons to go to the restricted floors. Hitting one of the very bottom-most buttons. Akane leaned against the wall of the elevator with her cheek in her paw, tail flicking idly about to the elevator music as they descended for what seemed like an eternity. She looked up at the floor counter, single digits went to doubles, tens went to twenties, and eventually they finally stopped, and the doors slid open.

Akane got up from her relaxed position to start heading out the door, but as she hit the maw of the elevator Jerry put his thick paw on her shoulder. "Hold up a sec, you gotta know the rules first before you head on out there. Firstly, always stay with me, this is a restricted area and there's not a whole lot of people allowed down here without an escort of some kind. Secondly, if there's a window or door open anywhere in here.. don't look in it, or go in it, a lot of this stuff is secret testing and if you want to keep your job just look at the ground, ceiling, or somethin'. And lastly, whatever happens just know I'm here for ya alrightys? Well.. last one's not a rule really, but you know what I mean."

She gave a flustered nod of acknowledgement and gently folded her arms, looking down at the ground as she was lead this way and that through the abnormally large floor, finally being lead through a door into a large room. "Now then, just hop up onto that table in the middle of the room and relax, alright? I've been through this same thing before, a lot of people here have actually, and it can be scary for a bit but it's not that bad." Jerry then closed the door, the sound of it ringing through the several story tall, unbelivibly sensory depriving room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were all white, flat, and without texture, excluding a single large window on the second story of the room.

Akane, understandably nervous at this turn of events, bashfully climbed up onto the slightly slanted metal hospital bed and stood there, before long a voice rang out over a loudspeaker. "Hello there, Miss Akane. I understand you might be a bit worried by the current state of things, both in this room and your life outside this facility. Though we may not be able to make this room more accommodating, we can certainly fix the other problem for you. My apologies though, where are my manners? I don't believe we have been formally introduced before. I am Mr. Hendrick, chief of the science wing."

Flustered and clinging to every spoken word, Akane tilted her head out of curiosity and inquired to the disembodied voice "Excuse me, what do you mean by you can.. 'fix the other problem I'm having"? D-Do you mean my-" Before Akane could finish the loudspeaker interjected "Anorexia, yes." Mr. Hendrick replied, accompanied by the sound of rustling papers. "You were diagnosed several weeks ago, and it's very apparent that you've been suffering for quite some time from this condition. Fortunately, or rather.. unfortunately, many of our staff have suffered from the same problem, stress, genetics, all sorts of things can lead to the loss of weight my dear, and that's not healthy, not one bit."

As Mr. Hendrick continued on, iron restraints clamped themselves around Akane's arms and legs, causing her to wriggle and panic for a moment. "Now, now, calm down! Jerry himself told you this was all going to be scary for a moment, didn't he? It's fine dear, just relax." Akane shuddered, and took in a shaky deep breath before exhaling "O-Okay, I'm good." The loudspeaker once again clicked on with Mr. Hendrick's voice "Very good, now then, I'm prescribing you one generous session of Blue V7.2-" As he spoke, a trapdoor slid open from a tile near the base of the hospital bed, where a dexterous robotic tube then jutted out from, extending out and forcing itself into Akane's maw.

She looked around and her tail poofed up in surprise, as a glowing, blue, gooey liquid forced itself down her gullet. "Blue is our newest remedy for anorexia, as well as countless other weight issues, and I promise you that you'll be as happy with the results as we are." The loudspeaker clicked off as the goo continued to surge forth, Akane letting out a whimper as she felt her middle distend and swell, her once barely manageable apparel now rapidly tightening around her thickening frame. Her hips surged and widened as her limbs steadily grew from mere twigs, to girthy tree trunks.

The metal restraints from the table creaking and groaning in protest to the rapid, immense weight they were now forced to bear as dozens, then hundreds upon hundred of pounds were poured into Akane, every last pound immediately becoming part of her fattened frame. She winced as her irises and maw transformed from their previous natural color to a bright sapphire blue and her clothes now incapable of the impossible task any longer, shredded and tore around her swelling frame. She had grown to at least eight times her previous width before the clamps finally released her, allowing her to fall flat onto her now obese, rotund middle, her much larger breasts wobbling about over her paunch as she tried her best to cover herself, blushing furiously.

"Wh-What on E-Earth did you do to me?" Akane asked, trying her best to look over her body that was far too immense to see all of regardless of how she tried, noticing the change in her eyes and maw in her reflection from the spotless tiled floor. She tried her best to stand, and simply couldn't, the new proportions being too new to her to manage without help. The loudspeaker clicked on again as the door in front of her began to open "The test has been a success, Miss Akane. You've been infused with a generous helping of Blue V7.2, it will nourish you by feeding off oxygen, give you your appetite back, and make you stronger than you ever were before." Akane huffed and teared up softly, pressing her paw into her now obese, doughy side as Jerry came waddling in with a new set of clothes for her, it was at this point where Akane noticed his eyes were also a bright, shining blue.

"Y-You've been through all this, too?" she asked hesitantly, still trying her best to cover herself as Jerry strolled over and gently helped her get back on her now plump, doughy feet, it felt as if she were attempting to walk on huge, clumsily filled water balloons. "Yup, though it seems they gave you quite a lot more than they did me, you sure did need it though, you were thin as paper!" Jerry remarked, huffing and grunting as he did his best to lift Akane, who was now double his size. "A-Am I stuck like this forever now?" she asked morosely with her head hung low as Jerry helped clothe her.

"Yup, but don't look so down hun, it takes a bit of getting used to, but give it a day or two and you'll see how much better you feel, how much easier it is to live life. It may or may not look it to you, but you're a heck of a lot more healthier now than you ever were before." Jerry did his best to stay positive for her and gave her a big hug once she was fully clothed again, where she happily returned the favor, still having difficulty with her new waddling as she was lead to a room to sit and discuss things with Jerry.

"Now then.. Please sit hun." Jerry gently helped Akane onto a couch, which barely fit her now immense rear, causing it to creak and groan loudly from the weight, making her blush brightly and twiddle her fat paws as she stared at them. "It's policy after every Blue infusion treatment that the company supplies you with a few things. Money for a new wardrobe, of course, a few weeks of paid vacation so you can acclimate to things, as well as a new house and some help." Jerry stated as he sat down in a large armchair across from her, pouring the two of them some tea.

Akane tilted her head curiously and rested her thick paws on her tremendous fluffy paunch as she leaned forward in disbelief "A-A new house? I liked my house though, it-" Jerry shushed her gently and offered her one of the cups of tea to calm her down, she sighed and relaxed back into her chair as she sipped away. "I'm sure you loved your old house, but how do you think you'll go about sitting on a chair, or laying in bed? Those are practically toothpicks to you now." Jerry stated with a caring tone. Akane giggled softly and nodded.

"That's true, I suppose, heh.. Who woulda thought I'd ever 'outgrow' my home, literally." Jerry smiled softly back and gave her a pat on the lap "Heheh, I know the feeling dear, I've been through the same thing, myself. It can be a bit jarring at first, but I can tell ya I've never been happier than I am now, and I'm sure you'll learn to love it just as much. Besides, I can do this now without worrying about squishin' ya!" Jerry waddled over and gave Akane a bit, fat hug, making her giggle and wriggle in her seat, earning the first sincere smile since her treatment.

"There ya go, that's what I like to see! Go ahead and head on home, if you need any help just call me okay? You'll be shown to your new home where your new help will be waiting for ya, and anything you'd like moved over from your old house will be moved over tomorrow as quick as it can be done." Jerry helped Akane out of her chair and the two began walking back to the elevator together, unable to fit both of them side by side in the hall anymore. "Thank you so much Jerry, hope ya know how much of a sweetheart ya are." Akane gave him another few pets and rubs with her now massive paw, making Jerry purr much louder than earlier before the two squeezed themselves into the now snug elevator.

Akane was lead out to her car and then to her new home, the drive was familiar for the most part because it was down the same road as her previous house, where she stopped for a moment to wave goodbye to it, before moving on to her new home. It was at least double the size of her last house, the doors were wide enough to easily allow even her to enter, however, as she was on the verge of opening the door, it was opened from the inside by two short, green reptiles. "O-Oh! Goodness, hey there you two, you spooked me! Are you my help they said I'd have around the house?"

The two nodded, the male wearing a white cap that looked like the lower half of a broken egg, adorned with a face and black horns, his belly was white as well with a black dot on his belly. While the other had reversed colors, and white balls on her cap instead of black horns, while her tail was much longer, and the male's was much shorter. "Oh, you two are eggons, right?" Akane curiously asked as she got on her knees to get a better look at the two, who proceeded to nod once again, then holding up little signs with their names written on them.

The male was named 'Yang' while the female was 'Yin' "Yin and Yang, hmm? Hehe, you two are pretty adorable!" Akane smiled and gave the two a hug, Yang was happy to hug back while Yin rolled her eyes before doing the same. Akane then did her best to stand up, to no avail, before the two eggons stepped in and helped her back to her feet, making her blush quite a bit "O-Oh, hehe, thanks you two! Guess I should take a look around the place now that I'm here, huh?" The eggrons nodded and gestured her inside before closing the door behind her, Yin ran off to the kitchen to prepare dinner while Yang lead Akane throughout her new abode.

The furniture was huge, and rock-solid, strong enough that she could jump onto her bed if she wanted without having to worry about it splintering to bits from her size, the house only had one floor, and the back yard even had a pool! Akane, needless to say, was absolutely overjoyed with the lovely home, it was even better than her previous one, with an even bigger garden to enjoy. Once the tour was over, Akane came to rest in her bed as she waited for dinner to be finished, where Yang then came and pulled the covers up for her.

"Oh, Yang could you come here for a second?" Yang turned and jogged over to her bedside before he was then gingerly grabbed and snuggled with a kiss on the cheek by Akane before being set back down. Thank you for being so sweet and for showing me around, give Yin my thanks too, okay?" Yang was blushing furiously, slightly wobbly from the heavenly snugs and smooch before giving an acknowledging salute, then bolting off to the kitchen to see Yin.

Akane signed and smiled, more than content with her new body, her new life, and two little new friends. Whilest she lay and take a lovely little cat nap.

Akane Origins


21 August 2016 at 13:30:00 MDT

A commission for my good friend Jouigi introducing his new, lovely, floofy kitty character 'n how she came to be how she is~

You can look at her; Here~

Akane belongs to: Jouigi.
Story written by me.