A Day at the Beach by Roozard

As noon hit, the sun was lingering high in the sky as it's brilliant rays shone over everything in sight, seagulls cawed and swooped through the air as several found their way to a comfy wooden support on the docks. Nearby lay an insurmountably voluptuous, and excessively overweight kangaroo hybrid, his immense fire-tipped tail swishing this way and that through the fine sea of sand surrounding him as the cool, salty sea breeze fluttered the segmented skirt of his pink, tropical themed umbrella. It's shade did seldom little to hide his immense body from the sun, the shadow narrowly covering the roo's tremendous breasts and torso as he reclined, arms casually resting behind, and supporting his head.

He yawned and stretched before steadily rolling himself onto his mountainous rear, blushing as he yanked up his pink and red tropical swim trunks that were stretched taut as a drum around his generous figure before staring out to the sea, eventually spotting his friend Jacob splashing about playfully in the waves. Roo watched and giggled, watching the goat ride the waves, having to hang onto his green and yellow bathing suit to prevent the thieving waves from swiping them away from time to time. "Hey Jaaaaacob! You doin' good out there buddy?" Roo exclaimed, doing his utmost to shout over the roaring tumbles of the waves clashing against the sandy shore. Jacob, was barely in earshot of Roo but incapable to discern what he was shouting, so after some well fought tumbling with the waves, he made his way to the searingly hot beach.

"Phew! I have no idea how the heck you just lay there and enjoy this Roo, it's like two-hundred degrees out here!" Jacob danced on the scolding hot sand in his best efforts to take off some of the heat from his hooves before clumsily clambering over into the infinitely more welcoming shade of the umbrella, letting out a relieved sigh at the far cooler, more manageable turf under his feet. Clenching his hooves, Jacob shook himself off from head to tail, flinging drops of sea water this way and that! Before giggling to himself and blushing brightly at the sight of the now slightly sodden Roo. "E-erm.. Heheh, sorry about that buddy." Jacob reached down to pick up another towel before handing it to Roo, who then proceeded to dust himself off, mopping up the majority of the water before draping the towel over a small portion of his spacious paunch. "Well hot stuff has always been my preference, you can have fun in your fancy 'water' all you like, I'm good up here. Glad to see you had fun though, hehe." Roo giggled and pulled the relatively little, chubby goat into his tremendous doughy fluffs to give him a great big hug, causing the brown, sopping wet fluffball to sink into his doughy pudge quite a ways.

"Now then, since you've had your fun in the water, once ya dry off what do ya wanna do?" Roo inquired, pulling Jacob up onto his vast bed of a belly to relax and dry after setting down a towel on himself to soak up all the water. Jacob sighed once more at the comfort of the pillow middle before wrapping his arms as far around that gut as he could, looking over to his friend. "Hmm.. Well maybe we could-" Jacob paused, hearing his middle let out a disconcerting, greedy grumble and growl. He blushed once more and laughed, scratching bashfully behind his head as he tried to regain his composure. "W-Welp, guess that settles that!" Still flustered, Jacob rolled off of Roo's paunch and gathered up their things, before he could finish though, he himself was gathered up by Roo, who then happily tucked the goat down into his lavish, plush, crimson pouchy. Packing in the majority of their supplies right along with him!

"The ground's way too hot for ya to wonder around without shoes on, ya silly goat. You just stay in there for now 'n I'll do the walkin', okay?" Roo smiled, peeking past his immense breasts at his snugly tucked in buddy, who gripped his pouch lip and smiled back, still blushing bright. "Hehe, onwards, to adventure!" Jacob pointed towards to pathway leading to the nearby boardwalk, and so Roo began to waddle his way in that direction. A carefully fashioned wooden pathway of sun baked wood lay between two slightly raised sandy hills, coated with spindly, tan beach grass and berry-laden bearberry shrubs. The grass lapped against Roo's gargantuan thighs, causing him to blush and irrepressibly giggle at the ticklish feeling, letting out a relieved sigh once he'd managed to make their way to the boardwalk some minutes later.

"Now then, see anywhere nice that you'd like t-" Before Roo could even finish his thought, he too was interrupted by his obese, greedy middle ordering immediate food, growling and rumbling against Jacob in Roo's pouch. "U-Uhmmm.. I blame you, your hunger's contagious." Jacob giggled and squished his hoof into Roo's middle before gesturing to a nearby pub. "You're always hungry you big fatty! No worries though, this'll do!" Roo blushed and purred, enjoying being called fat as he strolled towards to pub's entry, lifting Jacob from his comfy spot in the pouch before setting him in front of the door once they had reached their destination. "You go ahead inside and get us a table, I'll be there soon." Jacob nodded and quickly rushed inside, eager to stuff himself after such a fun-filled afternoon.

"Good day to you hun, now what can I do for ya?" Jacob was greeted moments after entering the refreshingly cool seaside restaurant by a somewhat chubby skink waitress, dressed in pirate themed attire that went along with the rest of the pub, her red tipped tail swishing about happily behind her. "Table for two please, my friend and I are ready to eat until we burs-" As Jacob was on the verge of finishing his sentence, a loud crash had suddenly sounded behind him, wood snapping and glass shattering as Roo had managed to trip whilest trying to wriggle his immensely thick body through the entryway, now laying flat on his belly, blushing brightly in the rubble of what was once the front of the pub. Customers were in awe, mouths agape at the scene from the sheer sight of such an immense kangaroo, let alone what had just happened.

The waitress, doing her best to be professional, shook her head and regained her composure before jogging over to help Roo back onto his feet, along with Jacob's help. "Now, now, you okay hun? That was quite the tumble you just took there, along with half of our store, to be honest." Roo blushed bright and poked his paws together before dusting himself off shyly. "E-Erm.. y-yeah I'm fine. I'll pay for that, this happens a lot, sorry." The waitress gave a soft sigh and gave Roo's thick thigh a reassuring pat-pat "Don't worry hun, you think you're the first to damage the place? This's a bar, we got damages in here all the time, nothing new. But anyway, while we fix this mess up a bit why don't you two fix yourselves a seat and I'll be right with ya mmk?" The two smiled at the kindness of the waitress before nodding and making their way into the pub, finding a nice open table in the middle of it all.

Roo took his chair and simply added it to a nearby table, sitting down on his immense rear while Jacob took his seat on the opposite side of the table. Sure enough, not too long after the waitress from earlier came along, poured them some ice water, gave them their menu's and made her way back to the storefront. "Well, I'd have to say that's the nicest anyone has ever reacted to that before!" Roo blushed and giggled nervously to himself. "Hehe, one thing's for sure, that payment's coming out of your pouch, maybe ya should stick to getting a salad or something?" Jacob teasingly remarked before prodding at Roo's middle with the folded up menu.

"I already know what I'm gonna eat, how about you?" Roo asked, earning a nod in response from Jacob. Roo looked behind him at the now familiar sound of the waitresses shoes hitting the floor, and sure enough- "Phew! Sorry about the wait you two, now then, what'll ya have?" Roo pokes his paws together, still nervous about his big entry before replying. "Erm.. three of everything please?" The waitress was only.. somewhat shocked from the order. Roo's behemoth size making it rather obvious to see he would order a lot. "W-Well then, three of everything you'll get! How about you sweety, fancy anything?" The waitress asked Jacob after turning to him.

"Hmm.. I'll have the same, thank ya!" The waitress shook her head in astonishment before writing down the orders before giggling softly to herself. "Heheh, well if that's what yall want then I hope ya have a good meal! Be back soon now." The skink made her way to the kitchen with the order, where you could easily then hear the cooks scrambling to fill it. Pots clanging, orders being yelled across the bustling kitchen, food being cooked, chopped, stirred, and after some time dinner after dinner began to arrive for the two of them!

Fish, chicken tenders, shrimp, pasta, sandwiches, subs, nuggets, fries, union rings, more and more began to pile onto the table as the to happily began to pack it away into their maws! Jacob and Roo stuffing as much as their hooves and paws could carry into their maws, gulping down pound after pound of the absolutely delectable food. Calories flooding their bodies as the pounds began to make themselves prevalent, their bellies distended, bulged, and groaned as they rapidly began to fatten and swell. Causing the table to steadily become enveloped in brown and yellow belly fluffs, as their rears fattened, thickened, widened even further than they were before, causing Jacob's seat to quickly give way to the dozens, hundreds of pounds being rapidly packed onto his frame!

Their limbs thickened, necks bloated, cheeks rounded, as their entire bodies gained layer after layer of hefty, doughy pudge. They huffed and only continued to fill their seemingly ceaseless hunger as the very floor itself groaned in protest to the mounting weight. And before long, the table had been sandwiched so thoroughly between those now blobbish, mountainous bellies, that it had followed it's chair predecessor and was now crumpled up into a gnarled, splintered mess between the two.

Finally done, their appetites satisfied, the two let out a loud, earth quaking belch before sighing and relaxing, completely immobile from their seafood binging spree. "Well then, I thought this was some kinda prank order, but you two actually did it! I hope you enjoyed your meals!" The waitress had returned, although she was hidden from sight by the now bloated innertubes that Jacob and Roo had for necks, their vision severely limited by their seas of wobbling flab. "Here's your bill, I'll be back soon while you two get things in order." The waitress stuck the bill to Roo's middle, he couldn't read, or even see it, but he could tell by the length of the paper that it was a biiiiig bill.

"So then.. you're buying?" Jacob playfully inquired. Roo laughed and his belly growled hungrily in return "Don't worry, I'll just eat anyone who tries to make us pay it, sound good?" Jacob laughed back and did his best to pat his tremendous brown gut "Deal."

A Day at the Beach


18 August 2016 at 14:38:39 MDT

A commission for the always awesome Yoshidude47 of his adorable goat, and my large rooey roo out for a little beach day~ I hope you all enjoy it~!

Jacob belongs to Yoshidude47~

Roo belongs to me, 'n story written by me~