Fat Pampered Roo by Roozard

Fat Pampered Roo


12 January 2016 at 12:46:16 MST

Part of my Hourly Commissions from Tato~

Their Submission: Here.

As always, Drake adores to pamper and fill Roo as big as he possibly can, and this's no exception~ Plus he let Roo take a nap on his huge poofy rump before, might as well return the favor and be a big doughy bed for a poofy kitty~


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    These pics are adorable, but yet the diaper always makes me go "Why am I turned on" at the same time. But still adorbs~!

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      Because diapers are just fantastic like that~ X3 Super adorbs 'n all around fantastic <3

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        I suppose =^^= Not much into them like that myself, as in don't expect me to draw very much, but still nice sometimes :3

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          I love diapers, myself~ Though that's probably pretty obvious X3