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World Guardian Rooth


27 March 2020 at 21:21:02 MDT

HanMonster drew this for me back in late 2016, and I remember it well. I randomly popped into Picarto, and saw Han was streaming (but not the thumbnail), and hopped in. And there was this dragon that looked an awful lot like Rooth, cradling some magical ball. I instantly had one of those very early senior moments where I was thinking, "Oh god, did I commission something and forget it was happening? Play it cool, your memory will return, just pretend you know what's going on." Well, that went on for a few minutes before Han realized I was there and was all "Noooooo! It was supposed to be a surprise!"

Imagine my relief -- I wasn't (yet) demented! Woot! But also, WOOT there's surprise art of me!? WHY? Well you see, ... well, heck, Han's description says it all. Check out her post here:

I'm so touched by this piece, moved by the spirit in which it was rendered. That they figured my protective/helpful macro nature so poetically means they really get me. Thanks, friends. :)

Character (c) Rooth
Artwork (c) HanMonster
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    This reminds me of a guardian watching the destruction, chaos, cries, sadness, everything that has gone wrong. And he watches it in sorrow, seeing what is happening to the poor humans, that did not deserve this in the first place. (Especially an outbreak).

    You can fit this into any worse scenario and you won't have to explain it to people through this piece of artwork.

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      Hmm, good perspective. It works on many levels, doesn't it? So pretty. :)

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    I don't have an FA, so let Han know I threw this a fave! I love how majestic this is; and also the wings, both how well drawn they are, and the way they attach as a second pair of shoulders.

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      I will let her know. :) She did such a splendid job!