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Hello I am a crime fighting Robot Katsuma that was created by Dr. Strangeglove himself I don't even know how that dork created me but he did I was sopposeto be evil but I backfired then I ended up running away and finding a rag tag group of robots Bonnie the Bunny Bender and C3PO Yes they are all males but as I was saying where most people saw dork in these guys I saw them as a crime fighting crew so I trained them up in order to help me fight Strangeglove and his Glumps so after months and months of training and finding out way too many times that Bonnie seems to have a taste for Katsumas I trained them into a crime fighting team and we call ourselves the robo 4!

Robot: Fighting for Good Justice!
Bonnie: And Pizza!
Robot: No And for the Good of the Robo Universe!



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About the Fox

Hello there my name is Vixy Karaline if you didn't already see that but I just wanted you all to know that I am on here cause I was looking for other sites to spread my art to one thing you will see about my art is that I am a very active artist and it's very rare when I'm not active on my websites but another thing you will notice about my art is that I rarely ever use the rating above general cause I want my art to be for people of all ages just like th_neez on furaffinity although my art can get up towards 13+ rating every once in awhile the only reason it does is cause of behavior and slight violence never profanity or anything horrible but if you talk to me I will not bite I'm pretty level headed it's only if you get mean to me and peeve me off I will bite but most of the time I am a nice person so don't hesitate to send me a note or comment and we can talk of course I RP as well I find that when I RP while I have artists block I can relieve it better and my fursonna is a pink fox with the special power to cook and make anyone fat wether it be robots or living although she has a preference for fat robots but she also prefers fat males cause she thinks their cute! But she can fatten females she just doesn't prefer it anyways that's all you pretty much need to know about me so enjoy my company and don't hesitate to start a talk I won't bite most of the time but anyways bye!
~Vixy Karaline

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