[2013] Cassie - Nine To Five by RipRoarRex

[2013] Cassie - Nine To Five


25 May 2016 at 21:57:53 MDT

Dated 22/03/2013

It's tough being a working girl, but thankfully Cassie has people working below her who can regularly relieve the stress of the nine-to-five.

(Alternative 'clean/non-musky' version available - click here)

An all too rare appearance of Cassie, my female canine character, produced back in 2013. Of the few pictures I have done of her down the years, this is to date my favourite by a long way - and indeed the most popular among viewers of my gallery elsewhere.



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    Great to see you uploading all these here. ^_^ This one has to be one of my personal faves. :3

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      Thanks! And yes, I'm spreading myself around a bit again. :)

      I've been meaning to draw Cassie again soon. Might just about get round to it at some point!

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        Yeah, I think everyone has opted to start spreading out a bit more after that last outage fiasco. And drawing is good! Cassie's a really nice character - pretty, confident, a bit dommy - lots of fun play potential.

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          There is. I think my neglect of her is down to two things really - 1.) Lacking confidence in drawing female form, and 2.) Sheer laziness through the fact that when I'm in the mood for girls, I end up just indulging in the human side of things rather than exploring furry females instead.

          (And I'm still staying on FA at this point, by the way. Just making sure I've not got all my eggs in one basket, as it were.)

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            Didn't think you were leaving - FA is still were 90% of the action seems to be, and until the failures cross the annoying tolerance point, I imagine it will stay that way. :/

            And aww - too bed for the female, thing, but understandable. Well, all we can hope for is that the proper inspiration strikes eventually. We're ever grateful for whatever we get, whenever we get it.