[2012] Digeri Dingo - The Cunning Cookie Caper (3/3) by RipRoarRex

[2012] Digeri Dingo - The Cunning Cookie Caper (3/3)


25 May 2016 at 21:49:06 MDT

Dated 14/12/2012

Digeri Dingo's powers of negotiation are tested when Taz discovers an extremely rare and valuable bottlecap that he isn't prepared to trade. However, the crafty old dingo has a cunning plan up his sleeve to swipe the precious item for his own collection...

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A three-page comic featuring a further member of my 'obscure crushes' collection: Digeri Dingo from the Taz-Mania TV series. Here he stars along with the title character Taz.

This comic was a concerted effort by myself to produce something as faithful as possible to the original style of the show. To this day I'm still very pleased with the results on the whole, making this one of my personal favourites in my gallery.