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Because by RieselUniverse



I can practically hear the frantic "WHY" screeching in my ear, followed by a cheerfully dismissive "Ayyy, whaddaya gonna do?"

You might think this to be the prelude to The Endless Argument, but rest assured that several such situations have occurred thanks to Runge's cheeky affinity for violently disassembling his and Ramy's targets. At least the contract said "Dead or Alive," right?

I decided on a more simplistic look for this one. No complex shading, no absurdly detailed eyes. On another note, lately I'm focusing more on expressions and thigh-up drawings rather than fullbody (although fullbody is still available for commissions).

Ramy and Runge form a bounty-hunting team and are the "protagonists" of my sci-fi e-book, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. "Tenuous" would be a hilarious understatement when describing their partnership, as they can hardly resist killing each other thanks to their differing personalities.

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Runge Margavo and Ramy Dusotes © Roystonn Pruitt/RieselUniverse