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Blissful Liberation by RieselUniverse

Blissful Liberation


You know that feeling when you finally swat the fly that's been buzzing around in your room for the past week? Now imagine the "fly" being an obnoxious blue housemate named Runge.

This is a speculative illustration of what Ramy's life would be like without Runge, or at least him being on a long solo mission. She never really dolls herself up, being a tomboyish gun-for-hire on an urban planet filled with roughneck scoundrels. On any other occasion, she would not be caught dead with lipstick or a hair/fur treatment.

Ramy Dusotes is a bounty hunter and one of the "protagonists" of my dystopian sci-fi e-book, Riesel Tales: Two Hunters. This illustration is the most accurate depiction of her proportions; previous entries made her seem too short (she's nearly 6' tall). It's also a shading test, a clothing test, a glass/fluid test, a portrayal of Lonkapi podiatric anatomy, and an excuse to exhibit Ramy's very real ability to, you know, smile.

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Ramy Dusotes © Roystonn Pruitt/RieselUniverse