Damn cops ! by Rexxwolfe

Damn cops !


18 October 2015 at 16:25:38 MDT

A wolf can't just do his job these days in peace plant the trees rebuilding after certain well "incidents". YOur minding your business, when this cop thumps over handing you a ticket and this strange smile. Of course your going to be freaked out! And flustered. They ship bad macros to these islands except hose who can like get away with it. And this guy he well he looks familiar.

( Please stop Tweaking my tags its goddamn annoying a fuck I really want Weaysl to be my new home for art since FA is a dang mess and this is discouraging me greatly)
Drawn by WFA and characters Myself and Stan c Bahamutsic of FA

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    Being stop by a cop means one thing through a massive tenis ball!

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    always good to see a handsome wolf :)

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    Rexxwolfe: Humming joyfully, digging deeply, turns "AAH!!! :-O!" He sees a happy-as-rain cop with a paper slip in hand. Rexx says out to him: "Hey! Please, not ANOTHER ticket! That's the fifth one you gave me this week! I didn't bury anyone this time. (Not anyone important, anyway he mumbles.) Honest, officer! Can't ya cut me a break?!" Then the good cop chuckles and replies: "Hey, this isn't a ticket. It's my cousin's number. Call her. Maybe she'll help straighten you out. But until then, hand me your shovel." The cop dog stretches out his paw. Rexxwolfe sighs in regret then reluctantly gives the cop his gardening shovel. Then the cop tips his cap to Rexxwolfe and continues: "Good boy. Now, run along. Have a nice day and stay out of trouble. And remember, I've got my eye on you. So NOOO funny business, ok? Ta ta!" The cop strolls off down the street, whistling a happy tune and avoiding a little pedestrian driver passing through. Rexxwolfe then sighs again and thinks to himself after that, My, my. Aren't they uppity on their rounds? He then reaches into his pocket and pulls out the governor's wife and grins mischievously. Good thing he didn't frisk me. Now, where shall I bury you, my little mistress? Hmm . . .