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My Mii giantess (transparent colour experiment) by ReptileFetishGallery

My Mii giantess (transparent colour experiment)


26 September 2014 at 14:46:14 MDT

Here's my Mii character in a Mario Kart Wii overall. It's kinda funny how these suits make a Mii pudgier than they already are so I was inspired to doodle this one, just to try colouring it with transparent colours and this is what came out of it.
Hopefully you like it though.

And remember: No mean or rude comments, please!

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    I've never raced in Mario Kart as a Mii. I guess I've always used Yoshi or a Koopiling. Yes there are some clothes that make you look pudgier. I often ask "Does this make me look fat?" To which I get a reply like "No, it's all that fat that makes you look fat!" haha! shiny and purple is pretty cool no matter what!

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      LOL XD I remember the last quote from Al Bundy! Maaaan, that was a funny show. And Yoshies are cute, I pick them too in the Mario Kart games. :D Heh, the costume was supposed to be blue but it does look more like purple now that you mentioned it. :P

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        I'll have to ask my friend if he heard it there. however I gotta give him credit, if he didn't say I looked fat, I'd know he was lying!