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DA Point commission: Kitsune Rena x Roth the (ex) Rat king by ReptileFetishGallery

DA Point commission: Kitsune Rena x Roth the (ex) Rat king


15 January 2017 at 06:59:16 MST

In my fantasy world I'm working on for my future book projects, not all anthropomorphic animal races exist. In fact: In my fantasy lore there used to be a big war in the eastern provinces, where there's mostly deserts, and a lot of races died out, like Minotaurs, Foxpeople, Catpeople (not sure how to name them yet, don't want them to sound unoriginal), Dark elves (even though they just got turned into Shadowwalkers which took eons upon eons...), etc... So Rena needed to be re-written. I would have turned her into an actual human, but then a lot of people wouldn't know who that woman was supposed to be so she is a part of a Kitsune clan, a race that was bred between humans and foxpeople. There might be the case that there are some more of them out there, but they have been reduced drastically, because human and elven DNA is more dominant over other sentient mammal races. That's how it goes. ^^; So yeah, hybrid races do exist, which is why there's even Xanktheels! =)

Kitsune Rena © Julio
Roth the Ratking © me