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Scaly Feet by ReptileCynrik

Scaly Feet


That's something new, isn't it?

Well, I usually don't draw a full body shot of Reptile that often... because I'm too lazy or whatever. And that's a shame because most of the time I have to crop off his feet.
So... this artwork here is a special surprise and dedication to all my fans who love feet! In this case... Reptile's feet! He'd certainly appreciate a massage or some gentle rubbing.
Dedicated to everyone who loves scaly feet/paws/toes!

Drawing media:
VEIKK drawing tablet and PHOTOSHOP 7.0.1

Working time:
about 18 hours

Artwork and character © Patrick Reichel 2023 aka ReptileCynrik

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Nice work!

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    Good to see you again, dude.

    Also, Cynrik is being a CHAD as per usual. B-)

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      Heeeey... my best "Weasyl" buddy! :3
      Thank you for the comment. And... I was never away but I don't check this website that often. ^^"
      Still, almost every NEW artwork will be uploaded here as well.

      Thanks again and take care of yourself! ^^

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        Been a little while, friend.
        You're welcome and am glad to see you post again. :)

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    Eeeeeeeeeee gods.... YES. *laughs* Thank you for including them this time - Reppy has always had such amazing looking footpaws; strong, detailed, unique - teasing (in this case). Ha... and that look on his face too; clearly knows people are admiring those awesome toes. <3

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      You're very much welcome! ^^
      I expected you to reply on FA first... check this out, there's a personal dedication. I didn't know you were here too!

      And yesssss, I did this just for you... and other fans of Reppy's feet!
      Yep, he knows what he's got... and he likes to show off!

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        Ahhhhhh oh my, thank you! Yeah, I am on here as well. I try to comment here over FA when/if I can because Weasyl needs more love. :) So awesome though! Eeeee, I wish I were still doing the Paw-Post; this would be such a great highlight for the week!

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          Aw, don't worry. Your joy is reward enough! ^^

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            Dawww. ^_^ Well I hope this starts a good teasy trend from Reppy.