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I am a freelance character designer and illustrator who loves just about anything that's animated. I founded my business Ratgirl Productions in early 2010 and can be found at many conventions and gatherings around the Northern California bay area.

My business mascot is in the form of a rat named Trishcabob Ratgirl, and I have been drawing her since 1998. Thanks to my buddy Sui I found out about this place, and I really like it here. If you would like to chat with me please do! I like making new friends and even though I get extremely busy I try to reply to peeps as often as possible.

"Nice to meetcha all! Squeak~" --Ratgirl

Latest Journal

Re-introductions: A Special Message from Ratgirl Productions

Time for a new introduction. This has been about 4 years coming, but the time was needed I think. Thanks to those of you who have supported my business through the years, and here's to the future.

]Video link:

This is a personal message to all of you about myself since many changes have been going on behind the scenes, especially in regards to my gender identity. It is also a small history of Ratgirl Productions (and Pawstruck) so far, and what furry fandom means to me! Enjoy

Learn more about gender and non-binary here:

If you are LGBTQ+ and are having thoughts of suicide or are in crisis, please don't go through it alone. There are caring and trained people ready to help at the resource links below:

The Trevor Project - 866-488-7386 -
(for LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-24)

Trans Lifeline - US: (877) 565-8860 CANADA: (877) 330-6366

LGBTQ Crisis Hotlines and Services

Music Credit:
All songs used are royalty-free.

Drawn, edited, and voiced by Ratgirl Productions ©2018

Facebook: (fursuit making)

Video link:

My personal page: Delailah Delailah

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Add-ons for Custom Art Commissions (Additional pricing)

add  6"x9" size, Traditional or Digital Black and White, price per Additional Character (max of 3)
$ 10.00
add  6"x9" size, Traditional or Digital COLOR, price per Additional Character (max of 3)
$ 20.00
add  8"x10" to 9"x12" size, Digital Black and White, price per Additional Character (max of 4)
$ 15.00

Character Reference Sheet

1 Full-Body Pose + Custom Close-up
$ 30.00
2 Full-Body Poses
$ 45.00
2 Full-Body Poses + Detailed Headshot
$ 55.00
3 Full-Body Poses
$ 60.00
3 Full-Body Poses + Detailed Headshot
$ 70.00
3 Full-Body Poses + Detailed Headshot + Close-up Eye + Custom Close-up *DELUXE*
$ 99.00
add  ADD ON: Custom Close-up
$ 15.00
add  ADD ON: Detailed Headshot
$ 15.00

Color Badge

Digital fully-shaded Bust Badge - About 5" tall
$ 50.00
Digital fully-shaded Fullbody Badge - About 7" tall
$ 65.00
Flat Color Bust Badge - About 5" tall
$ 20.00
Flat Color Fullbody Badge - About 7" tall
$ 35.00
Traditional Color Bust Badge - About 5" tall
$ 25.00
Traditional Color Fullbody Badge - About 7" tall
$ 50.00

DERP Chibi

DERP Chibi Full Body (custom)
$ 10.00
DERP Chibi Head (custom)
$ 5.00

Line Art (Single Character)

11"x14" (Traditional Only)
$ 45.00
6"x9" or Smaller (Digital or Traditional)
$ 20.00
8"x10" to 9"x12" (digital)
$ 25.00
8"x10" to 9"x12" (Traditional)
$ 35.00

Sketch (Single Character)

11"x14" (Traditional Only)
$ 30.00
6"x9" or smaller (digital or traditional)
$ 10.00
8"x10" to 9"x12" (digital)
$ 15.00
8"x10" to 9"x12" (Traditional)
$ 20.00
Color Sketch 6"x9" or smaller, dual characters (Digital Only)
$ 25.00
Color Sketch 6"x9" or smaller, single character (Digital Only)
$ 15.00

Commissions that are 100% Digital come with email shipping. Physical print and mailing costs extra.

Unless noted during commission agreement, Traditional Commissions will have shipping fees separately invoiced after the piece is finished due to varying weights and sizes of artwork.

My usual commission pricing is per character and size first, then everything else (ink, color, black n white, props, background, etc) is factored into a final price quote.

All copyright, unless an appropriate release fee was paid by the client, is ©Ratgirl Productions. Until a release fee is paid, all artwork commissions by Ratgirl Productions are for non-commercial, PERSONAL USE ONLY.
Copyright release pricing can be found here:


All commission sales are final once the client pays the agreed invoice amount. No refunds on any custom artwork.

Visit this URL to read the descriptions of the different commissions offered:



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