-=Pooltoy Chase I guess=- by Raiku

-=Pooltoy Chase I guess=-


17 March 2014 at 01:58:35 MDT

Haven't updated in a while...haven't really drawn anything I liked in a while too =\ Doodling stuff tonight (er, last night?) with manapuddingfox manapuddingfox​ and tanukisan tanukisan​ and watching them draw circles around me (as usual XP) and managed to finish this at some point. Ring collar 'quipped in case he's filled with helium and needs a means to be anchored down or whatever.

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    Not at all a bad look for you

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      Oh really? Sure you aren't bias being a sea critter an' all? ^^

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        It kinda suits your style and whatnot.

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          You think so? =O It was fun to draw, but I'm still really bad at drawing pool toys (and otters...especially pooltoy otters). Every summer though, it does always sound like a fun idea... Big, poofy, lazing in water..... I will admit it does sound like a really fun form ^^

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    But you totally won "cutest thing drawn" LOOK AT THAT FACE <3 <3 <3
    Also still not over the big feet, hips, and tail ^ ^

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      PSH noooooo XD Hahahaha you REALLY like the bottom half size~ I was digging it too, but at first thought I might have gone a bit too far (as I usually do with that) to be honest.