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19 February 2014 at 22:34:07 MST

GUESS WHO'S GOING TO FURRY FIESTA! ...me. It's me. You probably should have known that from the title of this~ Better give a rundown on my horrible self and some con-related details or whatever:

Name: I go by Chase usually.

pronouns: I haven't really cared what I'm called since 2005.

breed: some kind of cross between human, Blue Meenie, and ogre.

staying: At the con hotel (at least I think?). Bunking with a few folks~

suiting?: NOPE. Too hot. LOVE to, but the most I'd do is maybe a partial if I were to have a suit made.

usual attire: Eeeeh nothing that stands out TOO much. Got two green shirts with pandas on them (well, one is a logo, and another is two pandas and a polar bear painted like one). I also might wear my Frankenberry shirt. shrugs I'll try to wear my black knitted gloves, but those are pretty hot... Might wear my too-small dog hat thing though, so there's that.

can I hug you? MAYBE. I'm really not a touchy person. I'm barely a person as it is... I guess a meet-up hug is alright, but don't be offended if I don't look too keen in the idea of a hug. Sorry...

what would you like to talk about? Not sure. I'm pretty shy/quiet. I also do like it when I do get started in talking. Because I ramble. And suck at words. I might not say much out of fear of bothering folks, having nothing to say in general, or just don't want to have attention on me.

where can I find you? That'll be tough. I don't really hang out in the open for too long, and I don't go to all the panels or little parties. MIGHT hang out at the fatty party, but I might not be there too long.

do you have a DS? Yup! Feel free to add me (be sure to note me here if you wanna swap). 0404-6413-7650. I'm not into online games (don't really have many LOL), but I know this'll help with the whole Pokemon X/Y Safari Zone thingie, soooooo that'll help ya. I don't plan on bringing Pokemon X though... Taking a break from it~

where will you be dining? I have no idea. I hear an In-and-Out and a sushi place is like, a 5min walk from the hotel. Most likely will stop there at some point.

Can I join? Nooooot if I don't really know ya....meals are planned specifically...Couple people in my group have weird food things (one can't have dairy, and another is sick and has a gluten intolerance). Plus I'm am cursed being picky =c Usually when things are just "hey spontaneous let's get food!", things fall apart and there's a situation with someone not being able to eat there or a problem with who is riding with who... If the convention is having a tea party thing on Sunday, then that'll be fine though ^^

can I draw in your book? Taking a drawing case with paper. IF I had a book, I'd be alright with it though ^^

can I take your picture? NO. Not really.... I'm not photogenic. Nor like being in photos. Photos also remind me that I exist =c

how do I get your attention? .....IDK? I don't like attention =x I'm easily ignorable and missable anyways. I bet we've crossed paths and you haven't noticed out of the other times I've been to Furry Fiesta =P

can I visit your room? I guess? Our room usually has folks that stop by or we have a little mini-party thing or something. I don't know~

what're your goals for the con this year? ....not die? I'm not an artist or performer and I'm a social moth... I like to browse the con, look at the wares, and bump into new folks, but I really can't handle being in large groups of people or in the company of people I don't know X/ It's sort of...ironic... I LOVE this furry convention, but it can sometimes get to me and I need to lurk in the room for a few hours to brace myself on any panel or shopping visits.

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    Have some funs and never feel bad about excusing yourself from uncomfortable social deals.

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      No I know. I feel bad I can't stay at places as long as I'd like, but I can't help it either.