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Commissions are OPEN

on 25 June 2018 at 14:56:01 MDT

Greetings and salutations! My living situation has changed (mostly for the better) and I am now able to focus on commissions and whatnot! Furthermore, I feel like my style has improved considerably since I was last open, so hooray for that!

All that said, I'm gonna go ahead and open commissions once more, so if you're willing, feel free to commission me! :3

As always, commission money goes towards food/bills/etc as well as improving my artistic work setup (currently working on getting a better mic so I can stream commissions and not sound like a bit-crunched phone call on a bad signal)

Acceptable content:
Almost anything!

Unacceptable content includes but is not limited to:
Underage sexual stuff - I live in the US and must abide by US laws... also AUP and whatnot
Scat/Vomit - Nuff said.
Rape/torture/painful stuff - Sex is supposed to be fun. If not all parties are into it, neither am I.

Unsure? Ask! I don't judge OR bite. :3

Base prices are thus (may be adjusted up or down depending on the complexity of the order):
Basic Sketch: Pretty much just line art on a void that can be whatever color you like including transparent - $15 (background +$10) Example:

Flat Colors: A colored version of the above, but with no shadows/highlights - $20 (background +$15) Example:

Full Colors: A fully colored/shaded drawing. - $30 (background +$15) Example:

Characters: First two characters in the commission are free, but every character after that adds $10 to the price.
Revisions: Varies case-by-case, but basically if it's something simple, I'll usually just do it for free unless it gets excessive. More complex changes will be negotiated.

Other policies: For legal reasons, any who commission me agree to adhere to the following~
Ownership - I own the original artwork and project file, however the commissioner (you) has the right to share and display the artwork as they see fit so long as it is not used for hate-speech, discrimination, or any purpose that would violate US laws.

Marketing - The artwork may be used for self-marketing ONLY if attribution to the owner (me) is provided wherever the artwork is displayed. (Basically don't promote your stuff with my art unless you link to my stuff) If you wish to promote a business using my artwork, we can discuss licensing.

Modifications/Alterations to the artwork - You may modify the artwork to suit your needs provided you adhere to the rules above. You may NOT have someone other than me modify the artwork for you if money is involved. Nobody gets paid for messing with my work but me. It's only fair.

Payments - With little exception, payment works on a 50 up front 50 when done basis. Ergo: You pay 50% of the commission price up front and then the remaining 50% once the final piece is approved. Please note that you also have the option to pay in full up front if you so choose; however, you do NOT have the option to hold off on payment until the final version is ready for approval. I will not start work on your artwork until at least 50% of the agreed price is paid. Samples of the artwork in various stages of development will be provided, albeit watermarked to prevent theft, throughout the process.

Refunds - I will do refunds, but said refunds are conditional.

  • If you've paid in full and the work HAS NOT yet started, I will refund 100% of the agreed price.
  • If you've paid in full and the work HAS been started, I will refund 50% of the agreed price.
  • If you've paid the 50% up front fee, but the work HAS NOT yet started, I will refund the 50% in full.
  • If you've paid the 50% up front fee, but the work HAS started, a refund will not be provided.

Please note that I reserve the right to withhold refunds at my own discretion. (Basically if you're being an asshole about it, you get nothing. Other than that, ask and you shall receive according to the rules.)

Want in? Feel free to PM me with the details of your commission and we'll get down to business! :3

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Full Color, Two Char
$ 20.00

Digital artwork made with professional grade tools. Limit of 5 characters per-commission. Customer will receive a full resolution copy of the work in whatever format they like (JPEG/PNG/TIFF) and may also have a copy of the original project files (PSD/RIFF) upon request.


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