Appetite (Part 8) by RaddaRaem

Appetite (Part 8)


13 September 2018 at 18:28:00 MDT

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. And I just keep on commissioning him and writing words with for them. So, after some back and forth with him, decided to splurge and get a whole series arted up starring a hunky squirrel guy that myself and WatchOutForDragons dreamed up! Then of course can't forget Max the husky who belongs to Sol!

Hope you enjoy!


"Now what to do with you..." Sen pondered aloud as he pinched the petri dish between his padded fingers. The kangaroo, bare chested and dangerously under dressed for his laboratory, pursed his lips while he adjusted the glasses balanced atop his muzzle. His cold yet curious eyes focused intently on the speck sized planets sloshing about in the solution.

Countless other dishes, beakers, and vials decorated his desk. Homegrown planets, solar systems, even entire galaxies were nurtured from nothing, on an accelerated timeline, within those curved glass confines. Civilizations brought to bear in a matter of hours as Sen impassively observed and tracked their progress. And their eventual, if not forcefully induced by his hand, collapse.

The kangaroo turned his attention back towards Walter and Max. What were but seconds to Sen were hours to the squirrel and husky. They had long since devoured the Earth and had taken to hand feeding each other gaseous tufts of Jupiter.

Sen licked his lips. "I've devoured how many trillions by now? What's a couple more..."