Appetite (Part 3) by RaddaRaem

Appetite (Part 3)


26 June 2018 at 17:25:17 MDT

Big friends. Big appetites. Big consequences.

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. And I just keep on commissioning him and writing words with for them. So, after some back and forth with him, decided to splurge and get a whole series arted up starring a hunky squirrel guy that myself and WatchOutForDragons dreamed up! Then of course can't forget Max the husky who belongs to Sol!

Hope you enjoy!


Reaching into their shopping cart, Max peeled back the cardboard lining the top of a cereal box.

"You're not even gonna wait until-"

The squirrel's distended stomach roared in protest. Grunting, Walter rubbed a hand along his jiggling red furred gut. It sloshed, churned, and angrily gurgled at every second that wasn't spent stuffing it. "...Guess it doesn't matter when we eat it. Just so long as we pay for it."

Max casually tossed Walt a thumbs up as he parted his jaws wide and tilted his head back. Tongue lolled out, the husky held the box of cereal aloft and hurriedly emptied multiple servings of corn starch and marshmallows down his gullet.

Licking his lips, Walter plucked a loaf of bread off the shelf beside them. His bloated fingers struggled to unfurl the twist tie sealing the plastic wrapping shut.

Crinkles of plastic sounded out as Max's tongue desperately lapped up what few crumbs remained from within the box. A low and impatient growl, emanating from the husky's stomach, goaded him onward. Heavy grunts, snorts, and urfs soon followed as Max found himself compelled to shove the entirety of the cereal box, cardboard and all, into his maw. Cheeks puffed out, the saliva soaked cardboard crumbled to mush between his teeth before he forced it all down with a throat bulging swallow.

Walter's appetite proved just as powerful. The squirrel's stomach, infuriated at the delay, gurgled and groaned ominously. Without hesitation, without thinking, Walter stuffed the whole loaf between his lips. His pointed buck teeth effortlessly ripped through the plastic and rendered the darkened rye to a gooey mash between his molars.

Wordlessly, provided urfs, burps, and wet belches don't count as such, both the husky and squirrel obediently indulged their appetites. Max emptied their cart with frightening efficiency. Bundles of fruit, frozen vegetables, and even entire milk cartons just casually vanished into the husky's insatiable maw. Whereas Walter simply dragged an arm along the shelves and swallowed down loaves of bread, packets of donuts, and jars of peanut butter whole.

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of calories flooded into their swelling frames within a matter of minutes as they methodically took to emptying entire aisles one after the after. Max's shorts creaked and groaned as clung ever more form fittingly to his thighs, butt cheeks, and prominent bulge. Walter's pants simply ceased to be as they all but evaporated between his chafing thighs. His buttoned up uniform, pulling apart at the seams, struggled to cover anything past his broadening shoulders or his hulking pecs.

Then of course there was the fact that...


Each and every one of their footfalls cracked the tiled floor beneath them.


The signs dangling overhead, conveniently marking the contents of each aisle, swayed uneasily. As did the light fixtures.


Customers fearfully regarded the pair of pointed fuzzy ears slowly but surely rising up above the aisles.


Bellies bumped together and their thighs scraping against the metal shelves that flanked them, Walter and Max devoured everything in sight. Canned goods. Condiments. Customers.


Tilting his head back, Max guided a... a... hmm. He dragged his tongue along his wriggling would be meal pressed firmly against the roof of his mouth. That taste, that texture, it had to be human! Lips pursed together, Max ravenously slurped down a frantically kicking pair of legs before belching in delight. "Most filling thing I've had all day..." he chuckled.

Leaning into Walter, sneaking in an errant footsie and booty bump as the squirrel scarfed down a heaping helping of soccer mom, the husky grinned when he found his appetite stoked in more ways than one.

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