Sampling the City by RaddaRaem

Sampling the City


18 March 2018 at 15:51:01 MDT

Jem here is a hulking, huge, and very very hungry fella. Also, because it looks good on him, he is a kangaroo for the time being.

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. Particularly ones with an emphasis on vore. I keep on getting them and then writing words for them.



“Now what am I in the mood for?” Jem mulled aloud. Dropping to his knees, cracks splintering out through the asphalt beneath him, the kangaroo dragged the side of his hand along the sidewalk. Screams, shouts, and frantic yells pierced the air as he scooped up one passerby after another.

Squinting, Jem took stock of his options. At random, he pinched a motorcyclist between his plump padded fingers and plucked them free from his grasp. The kangaroo regarded his latest meal’s heavy jacket and protective leggings with curiosity. “Leather, huh?” He pursed his lips. Truth be told he didn’t have much of an opinion one way or the other towards it. “Eh.”

With a shrug, Jem ahhed wide and pinched the leather clad light snack between his lips. Streams of saliva poured forth from his maw as he noisily smacked and slurped on the panicking human. “Mmph.” Jem savored what little taste there was to be had. Tongue against the roof of his mouth, the kangaroo rolled the motorcyclist from one cheek to other. “The texture ain’t bad it’s just…” he mumbled with his mouth full.

It was just… so bland! The leather had no real taste to it as the ravenous kangaroo’s saliva simply collected on it rather than drenched it. Ah well. Tilting his head back, Jem guided his latest serving down his throat. The drenched and thoroughly exhausted motorcyclist slipped and slid down that mass of pink muscle, clambering uselessly at those tastebuds, before disappearing into the lightless depths of Jem’s throat.

“Urp!” An unceremonious burp escaped the kangaroo’s lips. With his free hand he picked at his teeth and flicked away the chewy and altogether unappetizing leather jacket that had been left behind. “Next we have some… ooh! Corduroy!” Without hesitation, Jem plucked up his next meal. Another human! Ignoring the screams for help, indifferent to them altogether at this point, the colossus excitedly parted his jaws wide and lobbed them in.

“Oh that’s the good stuff,” Jem mumbled. Clamping the roof of his mouth down against his tongue he eagerly took to suckling on his snack. Saliva steadily accumulated within his cavernous maw as that scratchy clothing grew soft and damp. His meal reduced to mush in an instant, the kangaroo unable to resist himself, it promptly became little more than a pronounced bulge in his throat.

Rising to his feet, the roads and surrounding sidewalks collapsing beneath his weight every time he did so, Jem impassively regarded his remaining, and wriggling, options.

“Denim? Ehh, I could take it or leave it.” Lips pulled flat, Jem stifled a sigh before emptying shoving a handful of humans and furs alike into his maw. His cheeks puffed out from the nearly dozen people stuffed inside. Their ticklish, and gag reflex inducing wriggles, subsided as saliva pooled within his mouth.

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