Sore Winner by RaddaRaem

Sore Winner


3 February 2018 at 10:31:01 MST

Jem's hunger is as boundless as he is. Which, while unfortunate for the planet he once resided on, is a wonderful thing to indulge and encourage for those of us who aren't! Here we see him seeing out the end of another contest of gorging with Sol. Hint: He lost.

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. Particularly ones with an emphasis on vore. Yep. I sure do keep on getting them.

Hope you enjoy!


“You technically lost the last eating contest…” Sol smarted between mouthfuls. The kangaroo’s clawed fingers carved through the surface of the Earth as he possessively clutched the planet to his chest. Fissures, bleeding a molten mixture of rock and heavy metals, spread throughout what remained of it.

“Details, details…” Jem boomed. He hmmed in delight as stray satellites were pulled into his orbit and lazily took to circling around his planet shaming gut.

Sol took to sucking at the magma coating his fingers while he glared at the gluttonous rough collie.

“Anyway,” Jem trailed off, “Enjoy it while you can! Not like there’ll be much, if anything, left for you when I’m through with it.” With a swish of his tail, and shake of his bountiful behind, the rough collie drifted off towards the deepest recesses of the solar system.

Pouting, the lemony kangaroo tucked his chin against his ballooning pecs and sighed. “Dammit,” his syrupy voice boomed across the cosmos. He poked what remained of the Earth between his lips and tucked it into a cheek. Saliva drenched the once proud planet and effortlessly stripped the tectonic plates off its surface. “Think. There’s gotta be something I can do. Some way to claw back into the lead…”

Sol took to rolling the now exposed core of the planet between his teeth while he mulled his options. The rough collie had plowed ahead by prioritizing the smallest planets first and working his way up. Venus then Mercury. Each and every planet, without fail, becoming little more than calories on top of Jem’s increasingly corpulent frame .

The kangaroo gently bit down on the ball of metal resting atop his molars. It dimpled beneath the pressure. He could… he could make a beeline for Jupiter! It was the biggest planet, bar none, and would all but guarantee his victory. …Assuming that wasn’t what Jem was already planning. Shit.

“What does that leave me with then?” Sol asked aloud. He hmmphed as the Earth’s core flattened into a molten string of metallic taffy within his maw. The kangaroo could gorge himself on literally everything else, save Jupiter, and it still wouldn’t be enough. No matter what planets he pursued the effort would ultimately prove pointless. There was simply no closing the gap.

With a heavy swallow, Sol’s bulging throat coerced the last traces of Earth, his former home, into his heaving gut. The kangaroo sighed bitterly as he basked in the warmth of the sun and dejectedly took his place in its orbit. “Wait…”

Fingers thrumming along his taut stomach, the drumming echoes dispelling the roiling storms roaming across Jupiter’s surface, Jem licked his lips and ogled the gas giant as it slowly drifted towards his obscene mass.

Having subsumed Mars, along with the asteroid belts that sought to impede him, the rough collie had casually ballooned to near incomprehensible sizes that Sol couldn’t hope to match. His padded toes and soles, so depthless and vast, could easily be mistaken for the blackness of space were it not for the plumes of fur that surrounded them. Jem silently indulged his grandiosity while Jupiter bumped against a belly as big as it was.

“Now I’m one to gloat but… ehh. Hell if I’m going to jinx this by taking a victory lap,” Jem smirked. Ahhhing wide, the canine tucked his chin against his pecs and reached forward… only for Jupiter to roll along his fat thighs and drift past him.

“…What.” Blinking, Jem twirled about in place. His eyes followed along as the gas giant found itself being tugged backwards towards the center of the solar system. Along with its dozens of moons.

The rough collie’s heart lodged itself in his throat. Something… no… someone was pulling them back in. Jem swallowed hard when, rather being the center of gravity, he found himself drawn towards it.

“Oh no.” Jem frantically took to doggy paddling in the opposite direction. A low and ominous rumble, felt rather than heard, rippled across space. The canine continued to drift backwards even as his efforts grew increasingly more fitful and desperate.

“They call me Sol for a reason, you know.” A voice, rumbling and ruinous, plainly stated.

“No no no no no no!” Jem wailed.

Lips parted, plumes of plasma carried along the cosmic kangaroo’s breath. Having devoured the stars themselves… Sol didn’t consume the solar system so much as become it. Ahhing wide and brows furrowed, he proceeded to inhale.

“You’re a sore winner, you know that?!” the rough collie cursed before disappearing into the damp and endless abyss that was Sol’s throat.