Munching on the Masses by RaddaRaem

Munching on the Masses


18 March 2018 at 15:53:38 MDT

Jem here is a hulking, huge, and very very hungry fella. Also, because it looks good on him, he is a kangaroo for the time being.

SolAxe draws absolutely amazing pictures. Particularly ones with an emphasis on vore. I keep on getting them and then writing words for them.



How many hundreds had he already… No no no it had to be more than that. Thousands? Tens of thousands? Jem had long since lost count. “Not like it matters,” his syrupy bass of a voice boomed. His hunger, now ravenous and unrelenting, had started off small. One person. Then two. Then ten. Twenty. One hundred. “Eventually, it’ll be all of them,” he cooed.

Licking his lips, the hulking collie roo kneaded his gut in delight. The writhing masses had already settled down. They’d be digested and subsumed into his ever swelling frame momentarily. “Mmph,” Jem grunted as he shifted his weight. The kangaroo hmmed in delight as he could feel his friends and neighbors become little more than the fat upon his thighs.

Tucking his chin against his bloated pecs, Jem hungrily eyed what remained of the town he once called home. “Home is just a word…” he bellowed. “As is deliciouUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRP!”

A monstrous, and city leveling belch, erupted from his throat. The kangaroo’s club of a tail swished behind him in delight as plumes of concrete rose around his thick feet. Nostrils flared, he drew in deeply of the city air. Exhaust, electricity, and a desperate energy crackled in the air.

Splaying his padded toes, each one comparable to a freight train in terms of sheer size and destructive force, Jem relished the sensation of the shattered roads and sundered sidewalks splitting beneath his feet. The asphalt and concrete compacting into a nearly molten mush beneath his soles courtesy of the amount of friction his increasingly obscene weight and power could produce.

“Now let’s think this through,” Jem mumbled aloud as he rubbed a hand along the back of his fluffy neck and tread forth. Shockwaves radiated out from his nearly city block sized feet with his every footfall. “Cleaning out each and precinct, one by one, is all well and good but…” He scrunched his lips. “But I can do bigger. I can do better.”

His ankles crashed through a set of train tracks without a second thought. Unconsciously, Jem reached back to scoop up a couple of careening passenger cars before they could veer off the tracks. Pinched between his fingers, their sides dimpling within his grip, the giant promptly stuffed the string of them into his mouth. The muffled screams escaping from inside the cabins were muffled by the crunch of compacting metal and sloshing flood of drool dripping out from the collie roo’s mouth.


Another couple dozen down the hatch. “Public transit, huh?” Jem mused aloud. “Now there’s an idea.” Squinting, the kangaroo hungrily eyed the winding roads that served as the beating heart of his hometown. The interstate. He lumbered towards it with a purpose.

On the approach his massive feet effortlessly trampled apartments, bus terminals, and offices underfoot. His generous thighs effortlessly bumped aside the skyscrapers, more like thighscrapers, that had long since failed to measure up against him. He’d come back for them later. For now…

Jem dropped to his knees before the raised roads that snaked their way all throughout the city. Each and every one of them clogged and congested with hundreds upon hundreds of cars, frantically honking, in both directions.

“Recalculating route!” the kangaroo teased as he leaned in close and exhaled over the cars. Licking his lips, Jem ahhhed wide and casually devoured every lane of traffic there was in a single bite. Cheeks puffed out, road signs and light fixtures catching between his teeth, the collie roo swallowed hard.


Another cataclysmic belch shattered windows, popped tires, and sent car alarms blaring. Before him, the interstate lay carved in two. Grabbing onto its sides, the concrete divides crumbling to dust within his grip, Jem lifted up one half. Bringing it up to his maw he started slurping down the roads. For every slurp there was a swallow. The roads, and the countless cars upon them, crushed to mush between his broad tongue and the roof of his mouth, all before being swallowed.

“More…” Jem grunted as he devoured thousands by the minute.


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