Land Of Milk And Honey -=Patreon Comic=- 3/7 by Rabid Cowolf

Land Of Milk And Honey -=Patreon Comic=- 3/7

Rabid Cowolf

14 July 2016 at 16:49:47 MDT

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Y-you shouldn’t be back here you’re needed out on the stage! T-there’s music cues lined up and - the little donkey stammers, trying to convince her to go take her mark.

The cow-girl is nonplussed, she's won many of these pageants in the past anyway, no no, she's not concerned with that at all. She walks determinedly up to the hay bails and takes a seat.

These two have been through many contests together and our cow heroine has always noted how loving and caring the donkey has always treated her bovine sistren.

She pats her thighs beckoning him to come sit, she wants a turn to be loving and caring back. Though she can't help but giggle when the donkey nervously hops up on her knee looking stiff with nerves.

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    Soooo sweet. I love how this comic turns up <3

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      Such a tender and loving cow-girl that one ^_^

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        Indeed !!! I should say that love her very much X3 Keep going dude, you are making a sweet drawings <3

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    (belover on furaffinity) Love this!!~

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      Hehe I'm so glad you're enjoying! <3

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    Ommmg they're perfect for eachother

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      They're far too cute together, godly powers are unfair!

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        Ye ;3;