INCONCEIVABLE! -=Patreon Comic=- 1/7 by Rabid Cowolf

INCONCEIVABLE! -=Patreon Comic=- 1/7

Rabid Cowolf

30 August 2016 at 20:00:01 MDT

Welcome to yet another PATREON funded comic! Just as a reminder Patrons not only get to see comics months in advance but depending on the tier they join they also:

-Vote on which comic I make each month
-Receive High Definition comic pages
-See in Progress sketches
-Help Plan out and make suggestions on how the comic will go
-Submit comic ideas that are then voted on
-Insert their character as a background extra

If any of that sounds fun or you just feel like supporting wacky growth comics MAYBE CHECK IT OUT! /shameless plug

Now enjoy the comic and thanks for the support! <3

The main conference hall of the Science Symposium is packed. Skeptics, nay-sayers and scientific experts have all gathered to listen to an in depth talk about the impossibilities of many “news” stories that have been recently circulating.

Random bouts of explosive bodily growth? Preposterous. Implausible nonsense dreamt up by overactive imaginations.

The tigress on stage finishes her hour long speech with a definitive statement. These cases of massive explosive growth are simply scientifically impossible and are obviously hoaxes.

The crowd cheers! Reason and science have won the day!

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