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Out at Sea by QuentixStarwing

Out at Sea

A whisper of the breeze speaks of travels
What is within shall come to a notable whisper
It continues to be a deed that is ungrateful
Like a cauldron of the sea that swirls
It spins, twirls, and mixes forth the salt water
Within its cold and squalls build in the skies above
In fact the trial and wrenching of the summer heat helps strength
It becomes a filler of fear

Within the hope
What the efforts growth
Twists along the faltering swells
Rising waves and brings its further deeds
If anything was lost at the wind
Just becomes the bundles of knowledge

Spiral of the wick
Paddling of the oar
Rowing through the waves
A little boat is tosse high
On its odessey to its depths
Shall it discover the locker of davy jones?
Perhaps uncover the Bermuda Triangle secrets?
Perhaps survive the Dragon's Triangle?
The possibilites are endless

With those rowing across the sea, no one can imagine what it feels like
Just taking that of the power and it allows the translation to pick up
If anything one should one is an island

Not even when they are alone
When aghast

Out at sea.

Out at Sea


It is a trial some weeks to get the poetry out when distracted
But the life comes together and brings me to a greater outcome! One like this, I enjoy what it is that I've produced here.

So I proudly present to you all this poem, please enjoy! :D

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