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Time that is lost by QuentixStarwing

Time that is lost

What better a way than to wait
When taken that for granted in one's life
Time that is lost is one such thing.

Never to see the light of day
Barely to hold one's breath on the live matter
Time that is lost is always one thing.

Only to whisper
To grab the unreaching
Time that is lost is quite a thing.

Heavenly desires are bond by mortal coils
Grasping for infinity and finding dirt under nail
Time that is lost is partly this thing.

Never again to borrow a breed
A breath of pain is best unseen
Time that is long is going for a thing.

Only to wheeze, then to grasp
Finding straws are lost and limber
Time can't be lost like such a thing.

When to defy the gods that break you
To shake those things that have honed you
What to embrace is whispered and told to you
Time that is lost

That's the real missing thing.

Time that is lost


What can be the whisper in the night and that thing one can only wish for? That is the thing missing form in your life. Only that can be the thing that one is to strive for. that is the set of thoughts that grasped me for this poem. Please enjoy this piece as it came to me.

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