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Field of Flowers by QuentixStarwing

Field of Flowers

A day in the field,
A cloudy morrow
Such is a day when in the flowers

This is the time
When it was the place
To be there with dancing and cake

Amidst the sea of grass
A place that gallantly gleams
Where the madness of life can be forgotten

All for but a simple time in peace
Rests the measure and merits of a place
A field that brings light to the leaden footed

Bringing a passive pace when considering sorrow
There is nothing wrong when writhing in happiness
Bring on the day and roll in the meadow

To bring the yellow and green across one's clothing
A mellow blend of bias and breath
Don't forget to find the breathing necessary to move

Continue to enjoy one's simple play
Amidst a blossoming and bustling plea
Life shall find a way to be different and at times vagrant

But never less than the time to enjoy it, in a field of flowers.

Field of Flowers


A poem that makes me think of mother's day, it is the glory of a parent to watch one's kids grow up, to find children returning to their place of birth and to sew their own seeds. Perpetuating the cycle of life and the cycle of love, to an otherwise potentially mundane existence.Sure there is more, such is the variety and the spice of life. Never forget your roots, even if they were not the best. You are here because of your parents, another flower in the meadow. Even should they be gone or there is little to no connection, it is the thought of someone who brings you a feeling of happiness. Perhaps not your mother, but someone in that field of flowers, the family that surrounds you in one form of another.

Enjoy this poem as I did enjoy writing it.

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