Remember this day and dance by QuentixStarwing

Remember this day and dance

This is the day, one of the fondest times
One piece of the year that merely becomes yours
Shared by a many of others in the world, it is still special
Just one day for your growth, which is a neverending thing
Perhaps one can grow by the day, hour, minute, or second
But this cannot steal from the spark of greatness that feels like an accomplishment

Not just living from one moment to another
Nor is it time after time which has it become
Nearly the enchantment that presses the dime
Never quite lost is the sacred moment within wait
Now is the time to take hold of its roots

All that remains is the memory to continue on and never to stop beating
Like a heart and even more like the shadow of that glazed focus
Never cease gathering the finest measure of hope with time's passing
Within the hands of man's fairest moment given a space to breathe
This is the taste of a dance on fire or perhaps full of steam

Remember this day and dance for me.

Remember this day and dance


26 April 2016 at 09:15:47 MDT

My birthday poem just quickly born of my rested mind's focus, it makes me wonder what I find for meaning and yet, there is only a single way to address this desire. A wish that comes from the boon of my heart: to see that there is some small method I leave a part of me here. Each year is one more time to leave the echo of myself in my wake. Another small fragment of the shadow of my old self, as we are an ever growing people. I find this to be just another hint of what I thought in that moment in time. And to that I say cheers and I hope that you like to read on.~


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