Intensity of the primal spirit by QuentixStarwing

Intensity of the primal spirit

It is exactly what came from the rage within
Nothing is quite so simple in the world exists
If anything, the increased depravity is but a side symbol of society.

Some believe that the more one grows as a group, the more will rage and race
The more civilized some have become, others would definitely fall by the wayside
Becoming the very vile as they revere it.

Fallen apart at the seams of society and such is the method of the madness
Such as it is one can find the primal spirit within the mantle of men
If anything the partial stance of a hominid in the piece.

There was a break in the line and all one would see
Is that something sure smells like a fitting deer
That is but the intense nature of the Primal spirit.

Intensity of the primal spirit


17 May 2016 at 12:19:58 MDT

Anyone would find the methods of a madness to be great, first a poem that starts as something becomes another thing in it together. All we can find is that meaningful grasps, I am in a good place and the primal spirit of writing can strike anytime!

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