Buggy Eyed Look by QuentixStarwing

Buggy Eyed Look

That glance that one feels
Eyes upon the shoulder
Taken by the measure of hope
There is a candor that should be held
Restitution being a response of it
Pardoning the soul for ever peering through
Eyes that linger or those that leer
What one shall take from the onlooker
Never was a clue had
In margin and in effort
Only the narrowed shall have a peek
Bold and brazen as the one who peer
Like a thought upon the divine
It is but a secret most relied
Taken by the measure of the thought of hope
Mass rolls shall ever make on the mark
Lagging focus shall not wane
Be them what a narrow dagger
Ever plaguing one's endeavor
Seeing the gaze of eyes of envy
Shall reveal one buddy, eye's staring

Beware of the point of nook, when given that buggy eyed look.

Buggy Eyed Look


28 September 2015 at 10:16:41 MDT

Let it have been a time, a tale to be spoken or perhaps just given, a heightened appearance, a glance that was not longing. They were the eyes of a creepy nature that sent a shiver up one’s spine.

A fun one to write! Enjoy ^^

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