Not quite Contrary by QuentixStarwing

Not quite Contrary

Never quite what it seems
Only in for what it means
Ever fitting like one steams
If only there were the keens

Lacking news is often pleather
Like a feat of shady weather
If only there were parts to feather
When considering one's dance and leather

Focus on the light of dawn
Always see beyond the fawn
Only like those who notice the lawn
Shall ever catch one's wily pawn

Dodge the seeker of the fire
Bouncing wide while seeing sire
The focus on the house of dire
Leaves cards long swaying in the pyre

Asking fitting questions limit
Only to what is a gimmick
There profoundly is a league of bold
Boastful, bountiful, beauteous, and broken

See the leverage in the light, borrow lichens from the land, never to be caught when rolling long
If ever one to see, a black book that is stained.

Not quite Contrary


14 September 2015 at 10:05:24 MDT

Finding one thing in part, the thoughts and focus about ones who might focus on words, out comes the thing from the uncovered sector. Those of which that are not quite contrary, this is exactly what it was when writing such words. A message, a lingering part of the soul. One that becomes what it is.

Please enjoy~!

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