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Terror, Type, and Tempest by QuentixStarwing

Terror, type, and Tempest

One may say the loss of the branch off for the taking
To strike some terror into one's heart.

Never let them whisper a measure of time on my side
To stroke some terror into one's heart.

Find relative ease in my soul as it breathes through life
To strike some type into one's heart.

Bound at the wrists by the tying strands of duty I lift them
To stroke some type into one's heart.

Fates become academic as they placate bonds in effort
To stroke some of that Tempest into one's heart.

Gasping for the final pass as the bind breaks...freedom
To stroke some of thine Tempest as one's heart.

Terror, Type, and Tempest


12 October 2015 at 08:46:13 MDT

What is there but a few words to be shared
About a strange format that I kinda threw together (I doubt I'm the only one who has xD)
But in this vast realm of poetry, there are always new trials!
This is my shot at that, it borrows some rules from other poetry formats
While attempting to give a twist on Freestyle.

Please enjoy!

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