Thanks for the Adventure by quaggy

Thanks for the Adventure


28 October 2012 at 17:46:26 MDT

Here's a sketchpage for mary and gorehund!

The photo isn't terrific but I haven't got a good way to photograph or scan this at the moment! When I get a chance I'll replace it with something better, but in the meantime this works well enough.

These are getting less and less like sketchpages (and this one contains no sketches whatsoever) but I have a tendency to get carried away, haha. This one in particular is a combination of many of the things Mary and Robin enjoy doing together - having Dole whip at Disney, going to the drive-in, cuddling their cat, going cosmic bowling, and dancing! <3

I really enjoyed doing this one, and as always I'm honored when I'm trusted with illustrating personal events or things that my commissioners (and friends) hold dear.