Here We Come by quaggy

Here We Come


28 October 2012 at 18:52:05 MDT

Here's a sketchpage done for nomonmomo and contradictionmutt on FurAffinity!

I've done a few commissions for them and have actually come to really, really enjoy drawing their characters. This has been in the making for quite some time, and only recently was I able to sit down and finish it up, then take pictures.

I loved this commission in particular because Momo and Contra trusted me with illustrating something very special - their real memories. I was given a list of their interests and exploits that I might include, and used that list to create this sketchpage for them.

I'll probably take a better photo later and replace this, since I didn't realize how shaky it was until I went to edit it. But I wanted to upload it to show it off and finally let Momo and Contra see it. (: <3


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    Ah gosh, I would LOVE to get a commision like this from you sometime soon... What a precious idea!!

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      Ahh thank you very much! I love doing these so I'd definitely be down to do more any time. :3c