Don't Feed The Animals by quaggy

Don't Feed The Animals


28 October 2012 at 16:29:54 MDT

Sketchpage for Flir!

The pinkish image series across the top is Flir being hypnotized through the glass by Akanke, my hypnotic python character. The far right series is of Alaska and Flir going through a booth that makes you into a wax lion! (Like the little ones you can get at a zoo!) Alaska goes through first and becomes a lioness, then Flir goes through and forgets to change it to male lion!!

The bottom left is an image of Flir and Alaska trying on some animal masks in the zoo gift shop and being turned into those animals! I couldn't resist either a crocodile-Alaska OR a tiger-Flir, so it had to be done. Then I scattered a couple of sketches of Flir as a lioness ("Flioness") because I wanted to explore a solidified design for her, haha.


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    I wish there were more transformation pictures with this theme. I like the color scheme you used here, overall very cool drawing :)

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    Hello! You did a pic like this for me (marcothecat) a bit ago. If you still have it could you post it here? Thanks! :3

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      Absolutely! I'll try to get that done today. If you don't see it pop up and offered as a collection in the next day or two, just bug me via note or something and I'll be sure it gets uploaded. (:

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        It's okay! I scrounged around on my old computer and found it! :3
        Thank you very much though! Sorry if I put you through any trouble.